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Belita Clinic

I'm planning a trip to Seoul this year to have a few cosmetic surgeries because after this year, I'm going to be really busy with college work and medical school preparations.
I've been doing some comprehensive research on plastic surgery clinics lately and I think I've found the best clinic. Belita is famous among Seoulites but not internationally because they're very "scrupulous" for a PS clinic. They don't care about money and really go out of their way to make patients feel satisfied. Therefore, they don't advertise outside Korea. Therefore, I can't find any information or forum posts about this place. I've also heard two different things. One person said that the staff were very good at English and she had no problem communicating. Another said no one spoke English and she had to hire a translator. Which is it? It's not that big of a deal for me because I have relatives in Seoul, but navigating their website and having consults is a pain in the __.
My Korean is horrible and my mom isn't really willing to help me at the moment (she thinks I'm being pretentious), so I'm kind of struggling to have conversations with the secretaries there. I talked to one of their reps on Kakaotalk and they told me to send them an email...they will respond "ASAP", but I'm being kind of impatient. In Korea it's late night right now so if I get a response it won't be until it's late night in the US. I need a quote. Does anybody have experience with Belita? From what I can gather they charge very reasonably.

I'm planning on getting V-line surgery but I have to choose between a nose augmentation and revisional double eyelid surgery with epicanthoplasty. I'm leaning towards the nose job because in combination with V-line, my profile will have a drastic improvement. My eyelids were done years ago and I'm not super satisfied with them now, but they're bearable and I can wait to fix them in a few years.

Has anyone been to Belita? How much were your surgeries and are you satisfied with them?


  • hanamakotohanamakoto Kawaii asiaPosts: 17Member

    I had visited the belita clinic, cheongdam station. but have been rejected because I don't speak korean.

    It is a plastic surgery clinic awarded 3 years straigh at KGMSA. (korean global medical service award)

    that's right, they don't have english staff anymore. So if you want a consultation with the dr, you will have to come with a translator.

    I can't forget my ex.. T T
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