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Controversy Ensues After "Little Psy" Decides to Debut | Soompi

SystemSystem Posts: 44,632


imageControversy Ensues After "Little Psy" Decides to Debut | Soompi

8-year-old Hwang Min Woo a.k.a. "Little PSY" rose to fame after he made a cameo in PSY's "Gangnam Style" music video. After news broke out that the little

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  • topracer01topracer01 Posts: 176Member


    aren't there a bunch of child stars in south korea? i'm not seeing negative stories about them.
  • MiravelleMiravelle Posts: 4New Member
    Of course, any agency is going to "reap business profits" from their artists. That's not a bad thing; it's how agencies work.

    As long as Hwang Min Woo is being treated properly--according to his agency rep, he is--then I don't see the problem. I think many "netizens" are being quite old-fashioned and quick to judge simply because of his age. They want to be overprotective of a very young artist who may quickly rise to fame. He seems very mature for his age and appears as though he understands what the kpop industry demands of him. If you've actually watched some of Min Woo's performances on Star King and some of his interviews, you'd see that he genuinely enjoys performing and loves the attention.
  • TiffableTiffable Posts: 191Member


    topracer01 wrote: »
    aren't there a bunch of child stars in south korea? i'm not seeing negative stories about them.
    yeah, but those are actors who don't take on major roles, and don't get as much exposure, thus not affected as much.
  • sarangkaesarangkae Posts: 80Member


    i know he enjoy what he does but i dont think he can handle negative critics very well at that age :O
  • eddielim831eddielim831 Posts: 960Member
    Word is that it's his parents that are doing the pushing, not the agency. Very ambitious parents.
  • shanniegreenshanniegreen Posts: 100Member


    As long as he is given the time he needs to be a child, then he will be fine. He'll be working and doing what he loves. The agency needs to focus on his well-being and his happiness and hopefully everything will work out in the end.
  • mjji990921mjji990921 ThailandPosts: 6Member


    Hwang Min Woo is a child! Children should be given the time to be children (you know, going out to play with their friends, taking trips with their relatives, etc). It would be way too much for him to promote AND study (especially since he's going to learn a foreign language!). And with the workload of Korean students, it is going to be STRESSFUL. What would happen to him when the flame dies down and more and more idols will take over? Wouldn't he, like other idols, have to work harder than ever? It's not fair for him, especially at that young age. If this is REALLY what he wants, then, let's just pray for him and hope for the best.

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