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Co-Ed Fraternities

blushblush vegasPosts: 1,738Member


Has anyone joined a co-ed fraternity such as a service/leadership one, an honors one, a business one, a psychology one, etc. as opposed to the ones that are restricted to male/female only?

I recently joined a Panhellenic one, didn't like it and depledged. (Well, I was part of a founding class so it was very unorganized/new/chaotic/different)

I've taken an interest in the co-ed ones -- mainly the ones for community service and the honors one on our campus. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this that they could share, and could shed light on how co-ed vs. non co-ed is different.


  • ErnieErnie Posts: 1,175Member


    I don't know about the co-ed ones and I'm sure they have other organizations or fraternities. I was referring to the ones that you are talking about. I forgot their names at the moment.
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  • blushblush vegasPosts: 1,738Member


  • <3StrawberryPocky<3<3StrawberryPocky<3 Posts: 1,107Member


    Depends on your school and location! Some social frats are co-ed such on the west coast, Lambda is co-ed in California, but girls are only given one Greek letter and are called the "little sisters" of the bros. Most professional frats are co-ed since it would be rather counter-productive to be gender specific in a frat catering to everyone in that profession. For example, pre-med has a co-ed frat called Phi Delta Epsilon which I'm pledging for right now! 
  • lhmboylhmboy DONGBANGSHINee<33 CALIFORNIAPosts: 166Member
    I`m in a co-ed professional one right now! it`s called phi sigma pi, which is an honors fraternity. our chapter at my university is new, but i love it. i`ve heard of good things about the other professional fraternities like alpha phi omega (service) or phi delta epsilon (pre-med), too. they`re all big organizations and a lot of people are in them. they`re all co-ed, as far as i know. and some are more intense than others, but i would definitely recommend it! 

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  • DorkyMickyx3DorkyMickyx3 Posts: 82Member
    ^I recommend Alpha Phi Omega. Their main goals are Leadership, Friendship, and Service. 
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