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When Did You Start Listening to KPop ?

agashhiagashhi FijiPosts: 67Member
My story begins 3 years ago, I've always loved watching Korean Drama and loved some of the OST, but never got around to finding them out as I didn't know who the singer was, let alone know about Kpop.

But my addiction to Kpop started when I watced Super Junior's Siwon Choi first male lead drama in 2010 called 'Oh My Lady' starring opposite the cutie pie Chae Rim. Well, just like every other ELF fan out there, I loved his good looks so I started googling him and found out he was in fact a singer in real life(cause he sang so well in the drama too).

Then begin the late nights of downloading all their music videos, songs, and downloading other kpop groups.

I also found out about DBSK, but found later that the group broke up, when i downloaded their comback song, 'Keep Your Head Down'. Imagine my heart break when i found the group wasnt together anymore. Nevertheless, I support JYJ and DBSK and still hope for the day that the 5 will be united again.

So, tell me yours ?


  • MissAriaMissAria Posts: 220Member


    I think it started in 2007. I was already listening to Jpop music and watching J-drama... With google, I somehow visited a website with BoA pictures and music videos... Milky Way was the first song I listened. I just loved it. She is talented. On youtube, I found X-Men korean variety show (not related to X-Men from Marvel). It was so funny, that I kept watching and learning more about korean celebrities.

    Slowly, I found K-drama and other Kpop singers and groups... 

    I love DBSK too ! 

    Now, I watch Running Man and Flower boy next door. 
  • Lady_CougarLady_Cougar San Jose, CaliforniaPosts: 124Member


    mine was back in 1998. flipping through the tv and came across a fin.k.l video and I liked the song/video but it didn't say the name of the group and so for a whole week I searched and searched and then I found out about them, started watching a show that was called music video heaven on tv about kpop and been into kpop ever since.
  • babymichiiebabymichiie Yunyun is ❤ MalaysiaPosts: 75Member
    To be honest, I don't really remember? Probably when TVXQ debuted in 2003? LOL or maybe.. wayy before that? But one thing for sure, I was with TVXQ when they debuted until now.. so I'm like into KPOP for 10 years or so?

    I'm so sorry that I don't have the exact date.. but I believe I've started listening to KPOP before the debut of TVXQ.. it's just that I was too young to actually know/remember it? :P
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  • MusoMuso The Master Of All Pokemon! USAPosts: 2,762Member


    Whenever Wonder Girls came out with Nobody was when I began listening to K-Pop. Before then, I was listening to J-Pop but after Wonder Girls, I started to venture out to other groups and then discovered I really loved K-Pop when Big Bang and 2NE1 made their debuts.

    But even before I started getting more into the music, I started watching the dramas years before when I was looking for something to watch. I believe the first K-Drama I watched was Boys Before Flowers. I enjoyed reading the manga, so I wanted to watch the show. And I have been stuck on K-Dramas since then as well.
  • ChristayniumChristaynium Des MoinesPosts: 353Member


    About 12  years ago it was the jpop and anime craze, then Boa came out  in japan, but wow she was Korean. I started finding her Korean stuff and thus I became kpop fan. Haven't stepped back in the jpop scene in forever.

  • 1sunflower21sunflower2 in daydream land Posts: 894Member


    edited February 2013
    hmmm, i really don't remember.  >_<;;;  i used to watch music bank on tv every week, but there were no particular artist/group that i was interested in.  i just liked listening to the music and watching them perform.  then i saw h.o.t.'s outside castle performance on tv and from then on i was into kpop.  but then i lost complete interest in kpop for a while & only recently became interested in kpop again.  haha^-^;;;  
  • KikloKiklo ! ♥ ☆ * Queen * ☆ ♥ ! Posts: 1,413Member
    8 years ago, stumbled upon Super Junior on youtube. Watched all their videos, became obsessed with U and Heechul. No turning back! From there I got into DBSK and SS501...and so on and on and on as more groups debuted etc.

    Super Junior Full House....good old days :-)
    Running Man * Warrior Baek Dong Su * Ojakgyo Brothers
  • jaefanjaefan happiness ✿ SingaporePosts: 5,305Member


    The first kpop song i heard was Shinhwa's Perfect Man. On the radio. When I was very young,10? I still rmb wondering what on earth is the language they were singing but all I know was that I loved the song.

    But when I got into Kpop, its in 2006 July. Was watching a local band competition and one group sang DBSK's Rising Sun and Unforgettable. Youtubed their perfs since I couldnt get enough of the songs, saw in the comments people bashing them and saying that the originals are WAY BETTER. 

    Since I was a fan, I couldnt stand it and youtubed the original versions. Indeed. LOL much better. Became a Cassie straightaway and till now, still very much into Kpop though my music library did extend to other genres(would be too boring to only listen to kpop)
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  • KoreanCanuckleheadKoreanCanucklehead Posts: 95Member


    edited February 2013
    I vaguely remember hearing H.O.T's Candy in the mid 90's when I was a little kid. First real exposure was Kim Gun Mo's 3rd album (I still have the original cassette tape!) and remember my parents blasting that on the stereo almost everyday. After that I'd see G.O.D, Fin.K.L, S.E.S, H.O.T, and other 1st generation K-pop artists here and there, but I never gained any real interest. 

    Along comes the days of the Nonstop sitcoms in the early-mid 2000's and the 5th season (New Nonstop 5, 2005) comes around and there's this guy named Tablo who's in it. Me being at the most, half-fluent in Korean, I found it pretty cool to see an actor on the sitcom who could speak English fluently. So I search him up, and the song "Fly" starts it all and I look  through all of Epik High's albums (only 3 at the time). After that, I really got into Korean music and Epik High is still awesome today! Never really got into all the craze around Super Junior, Big Bang, DBSK, and SS501 at the time, but my interest in Epik High and Korean rap pretty much launched from the song "Fly." 
  • ErnieErnie Posts: 1,184Member


    I think I first started hearing that type of music nearly two decades ago.
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  • i/boss/topi/boss/top V 253Posts: 2,746Member


    i wanna say 1995 when i first heard 잘못된 만남 by kim gun mo~ uconfuseme_dolcee.gif
    fan fic by farorange//blinkie by dolcee.//icon by cutevietluv12
  • kevinkylekevinkyle Posts: 9Member
    CN Blue on 2010 or 2011..i'm forget
  • jjeennyy19jjeennyy19 Posts: 1,913Member


    I wasn't so fond of Kpop before.. Yeah their melody and rhythm is so catchy but I can't appreciate their vocals but in 2010 I think?? Probably later half. When I watch the episode 7 of Running man, Jung Yong Hwa was so cool in Running man that lead me to searching info about him..I found out he was Kang Shin Woo in You're beautiful and heard his english cover songs like Geek in the pink and fell in love with his amazing voice then found out he is in a band called CNBLUE which made me love him more since I prefer band music...
  • xiashenghanxiashenghan PhilippinesPosts: 1,130Member


    Around 2003 I guess.
    I watched BoA's Atlantis Princess in Arirang. After hearing and watching it, got totally hooked with her music. Then was able to discover other Korean artists like Se7en.
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    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove SHIN SE GI.


  • appleheadsappleheads Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 40Member


    I think it was around 2003. It was during that time when Meteor Garden was really big. One afternoon, my friend randomly introduced me to BoA and I thought her songs were catchy.   
  • Su-BinSu-Bin Posts: 13Member
    Technically 2007, I didn't listen to it as much as I do now because at the time I was really interested in Japanese. So that was when I first discovered. I didn't actually start listening to it religiously until towards the end of 2008. At the time the only artists I knew of were DBSK, SNSD, Shinee and BoA, of course. And then from there the list keeps piling on. 
  • prismaprisma Posts: 499Member


    edited February 2013
    I heard FinkL's song in All About Eve 13 years ago, around Year 2000.  That was the death of English pop for me.

    Then came Fly To The Sky's "Sea of Love" and Boa's Milky Way, fast forward-------->
    ---> SG Wannabe, Epik High, Clazziquai project, casker, Big Bang, 2ne1, Lessang... the list goes on and on and on... 

    Now, I only listen to Korean songs and Japanese and Chinese songs. Bye bye English songs.

    Listen to Sea of Love (still the best)


  • wingyingwingying Posts: 127Member


    first time listening to kpop is in 09. the group that i fall for is snsd&wonder girl.
  • deanpack25deanpack25 Posts: 9Member
     I found its suits themimage 
  • ThatGirlJaeThatGirlJae LondonPosts: 79Member


    Near the end of 2012. I knew about K-Pop for a while but I didn't really get into it. Then one night when I was just browsing on the internet, my friend whom I haven't seen in a year started chatting to me on facebook. We were catching up well until she mentioned K-Pop and how her new friends introduced it to her. She sent me several links like BigBang's Haru Haru and their collaboration with 2ne1, Lollipop. I got into a YG Family phase until I discovered many other bands. Then I started watching K-Dramas, my first was Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.
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