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how often do you wash your hair?

thepigsthepigs 221B Baker StreetPosts: 147Member


edited January 2013 in beauty & fashion
i have fine, thin asian hair and my hair looks super greasy after 24 hours, but i've been trying to cut down on washing my hair. i'd still wash my hair every day in the summer but since it's winter, it should be okay, right? i heard that if you stop washing your hair so often, the amount of oil your scalp produces will go down ^^ what about you guys?


  • DollicDollic U.S.A.Posts: 247Member
    It's definitely true that if you wash your hair less, less oil will be produced.
    I got obsessed with washing my hair for a week and noticed my hair got oilier quicker, and it was annoying.
    Now I just wash it every other day, and sometimes every 2 days.
    It keeps my hair healthy and smooth.

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  • xFloOwuffBBxFloOwuffBB ◦<(¦3[▓▓] dreamland;Posts: 1,444Member


    Same as above ^ I wash my hair every other day, and when I really don't need to go out I leave an oil treatment in my hair for as long as I possibly can. That doesn't mean I don't take showers, before anyone gets all grossed out.
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  • zhujializhujiali San FranciscoPosts: 1,199Member


    Lool...lool 2-3 times a week only. I don't really touch my hair or anything so it doesn't even seem oily until like the 4th or 5th day...but I usually wash it already just cause I think I should :P
  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    I wash my hair everyday and even apply conditioner every single day. I know it's bad but my hair tends to be unmanageable if I don't at least apply conditioner. It must be because I have dyed hair.
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  • lychee_poolychee_poo Posts: 623Member


    Every other day, it does get kind of greasy by the second day but if I wash it too often it'll dry out my hair, my hair and scalp is very dry so I need to leave it alone.

  • JussyJussy Posts: 18Member


    I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and they don't get greasy :o.
  • raymondc27raymondc27 CanadaPosts: 1,938Member


    I wash my hair almost everyday, remember to not use a blowdryer and let it dry itself and don't sleep if your hair is wet
  • ATRANNATRANN Posts: 66Member
    back in middle & high school, my hair was so greasy I had to wash it every single day.. which just made it more greasy =_= until one day I read online about dry shampoo and my hair hasn't been the same ever since! now I wash my hair every 2/3 days and just use dry shampoo once it starts getting greasy.. i also don't have to color my hair as often since I'm not washing out the dye as much. baby powder is also a good alternative.. as long as you don't mind smelling like a baby
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  • MeeniMeeni England, UKPosts: 137Member


    edited January 2013
    I used to wash it EVERY DAY = so greasy!!! Now I have cut down after reading the benefits of not washing hair so frequently, and cut it down to once every other day... now I leave 2-3 days space before washing it :D Oh and it's not so greasy anymore! and my hair is healthier and softer wooo
  • Jenny NoJenny No Washington DCPosts: 195Member


    Wash every 48-72 hours.
    If you really must wash, do it with water & condition - no shampoo. There are also dry shampoos you can use.

    It gives you split ends, especially if you abuse your hair like I do with mine.
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  • dy0wtx0xpxxdy0wtx0xpxx Posts: 451Member


    Everyday currently. I use hair products on my hair so I feel really unclean unless I shampoo it all out.
    Although people say it's bad, my hairs actually in excellent condition cause I have pretty strong thick hair (I have virgin hair right now) and I use repair conditioner and leave in conditioners and such.

    But when I had blonde hair, I washed every other or I mixed a bit of shampoo into my conditioner. Hair did become dry if I washed it everyday (but my hair was literally messed up from all the times I dyed/bleached & permed it). Depends on your hair type on how often you should wash your hair. If you're trying to go a few days without washing, try using dry shampoo. I personally don't like it but others seem to, so you might want to try it.
  • EXQU1S1TEEXQU1S1TE igaragarago! FloridaaaaPosts: 2,737Member
    I wash it every other day. I have dyed hair and get it retouched every month so I try to limit my hair washing because it'll make the color fade. Batiste Dry Shampoo is the best in fixing oiliness! I use it when I don't wash my hair for the day and it works wonders!
  • nikkipickynikkipicky CAPosts: 265Member


    I wash every 3 or so days, unless like I sweat like crazy. My hair doesn't get oily until after like four or five days so it works lol. But sometimes I do use dry shampoo. And when I wash I only shampoo my scalp, never the ends. It dries out your ends since your hair's natural oils don't go past your chin and my hair is kinda long.
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  • Booger FaceBooger Face processed cheese. NorCalPosts: 2,892Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2013
    Everyday! Shampoo, conditioner, and blow dry everyday.

    I need to or else my scalp will start to itch like crazy.

    I only shampoo my roots and condition my ends.

  • ebullientebullient ♥ So Ji Sub ♥ USAPosts: 2,177Moderator


    I wash my hair every other day because my hair tends to get oily easily.
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  • xssharonxssharon Santa Barbara, CAPosts: 14Member


    I wash my hair everday because I live in Taiwan and its very  humid here...and my hair will get oily if Id ont wash it everyday..
    Personally, I would wash my hair everyday anyways
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  • sooboobaesooboobae Posts: 6Member
    Once every two days or so. Washing my hair everyday makes it dry and strips it of oils, so it's best to do it every other day. <3

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  • MusoMuso The Master Of All Pokemon! USAPosts: 2,762Member


    Once every few months. I'm pretty sure I'm the odd one out here on this site since I'm not Asian or white. My hair needs the natural oils it produces and if I wash it too much it will damage my hair. Also, my hair is too much of a hassel to do once every two weeks or what have you. But when I do wash it, I deep condition my hair and later blow dry it. Used to flat iron it but I like how it looks blow dried.
  • blushblush vegasPosts: 1,738Member


    I wash it once a day because I develop a lot of flakes if I don't... My hair is pretty dry and does not become oily on the second or third day of no wash but it does become filled with flakes and it's unnattractive! :S I wish I could fix this, my goodness.
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