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♥ dolljjang says hello~ ♡

dolljjangdolljjang Posts: 128Member
edited January 2013 in members 411
Hello everyone~ ^-^ Nice to meet you.
I joined soompi just now, so please bear my noviceness. Hehe (I was a silent reader though). anyhoo, here's my short introduction:

A B O U T  M E:
Age: 20 something years old
Hobby: blogging, reading, gaming (DotA, Rose online, DDR), painting, drawing.
Interest: arts, photography, beauty, selcaing.
Education: Bachelor of Arts.
Weight: 43 kgs
Height: 167ish cm.
Bloodtype: B+
Location: South east asia, Bandung
Pets: Himalayan cats and persian.

L i N K S:
My blog: I talk about Korean style beauty, product review (mostly Korean beauty product), and circle lens review.
Twitter: @SparkleApple

F A V O R i T E S:
♡ Fashion: Casual, Gothic and classic lolita.
♡ Music: underground (Dir n grey, MUCC), Classic, Rock, Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Shimomura music piece, Japanese folk song, and a little number of korean pop music. (I like MC hansai~^-^)
♡ Colors: brown x peach, beige, white.
♡ Uljjang: Ban Nam Gyu, Lee Jung Ha, Baek Jae Ah
♡ Food/snacks: Japanese and Korean cuisine, Cassava chips, french fries, etc:3~ I just love to eat!

recent selca:


more old pic:
2012 ~look old and 'mature' without bangs hahaha


*:・’゚☆。.My Beauty Blog~♡♥♡


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