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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥



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    @vzmeiin.. you put it on.. honey.. just ROCK.. thank youuuu.. love you..

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    edited February 2013
    Hmmm about why PYC said the name of the character of LSJ and Lee Gak, maybe because both of character pretty much similar (tho I haven't watched SKKS and RP, sorry :p), like both of them not modern people.Maybe.... But I haven't watched the drama so can't say much about that.... So, enlighten me guys :)) CMIIW okay :p.

    But also the interesting part is of course the line itself. I know, HJW is a romantic guy, but doesn't mean LSJ and Lee Gak couldn't do the same romantic line rite? Hemmm wonder why ;))

    But of course I'd like to think that it is because of something that could make my nose itchy :)) Sniff sniff :p.
    No, there's a huge difference in the characters. LSJ is soft spoken and very smart while Lee Gak although he is also smart, as crown prince he is very authoritative just like what YC did in that video. As for me who watched both dramas can identify directly the characters even if he won't mention the names. 
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