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8-bit art!

jaehanjaehan Chicago, ILPosts: 103Member
edited October 2012 in arts, crafts, & home



Recently my sister (the one in the above photo) has been popping out some 8-bit art. Here are some of the ones she's done!


1. Do NOT steal any of the work and claim it as your own. My sister has worked hard on these. And that's just mean. 

2. If you want to use any of the art for any reason, please credit to Lovemi Design with a link to the Lovemi Design site. (Unless that's against the rules, for which I'm sorry!)

3. If you have any criticism, please make it constructive and not just negative. Just saying "it sucks" isn't very helpful at all my friends.

4. Enjoy!

Adventure time!


My Neighbot Totoro:


Avatar: The Last Airbender. Sokka and Momo on cactus juice edition!


Pokemon 1st gen. 3 starters:


She has some more art on her website (link below). Visit her site to buy her art on t-shirts or i-phone cases or to just appreciate the art!


btw, if I have broken any rules in this post, please tell me! I couldn't find any particular rules on how to make a correct post D: and this is my first art post! .-.


banner credits: PROJECT ORANGE & crappynco


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