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♥ MinSul ♥ Official Thread ♥ SHINEE'S MINHO AND F(x) SULLI. [Part 1]



  • ohmyminsulohmyminsul Perth, Australia.Posts: 45Member


    bananali said:
    :( How come i can't put more than one pictures in a post? This is honestly kind of frustrating..
    @ohmyminsul.. i tink u either have problems with the pic size or the source for the pictures mite not be recognized.. some pic sources like those from twitpic requires u to save to an online pic storage site like photobucket, imgur, facebook etc 1st before they can appear correctly in a post.. I hope that helps dear ;) 
    @bananali thank you for the info! :) If not i might probably pull out my hair out of frustration, lol. ==

    ''A glance could mean anything. Love, affection, you name it.''
    ''A glance could mean anything. Love, affection, you name it.''



  • ajengwooajengwoo IndonesiaPosts: 182Member


    edited April 2013
    peach20kr said:
    Chingoo, I finally found the part where Minho put back his phone. 10:00-10:41 @peach20kr, chingoo, can you help by checking if the reason why Minho smiled embarrassingly (he covered his face ) at Key was due to the scripts or coz he was caught checking his phone all the time? He put back his phone at around 10:28.
    In part 2, after listening to Lady Jane regarding "casual praising " theory of men, which caused suspicion in women, Minho sighed with a smile. Just like, "wow, women are really complicated!"

    I'm not sure about this part, either.. I'm wondering what other minsullians think about this part...

    for me, Minho is repressing his laughs by covering his face with scripts while Onew is too seriously reading his lines

    in here, Onew is too immersed into his role, but poor acting, that probably makes Minho laugh...

    and  when Minho is making eye contact with Key, he is taking out his cell phone and putting it back again...

    I also think most of time Minho is  distracted by his cell phone and is a little space-out in this radio talk show...

    p.s: anyway I read a fan account about Minho in SBS ingigayo pre-recording today

    she said she saw Kang Tae-Joon from TTBY today..

    during break time, Minho kept looking at a lighting mirror ball hanging from the ceiling and he told Key to look at it..

    as soon as Key looked at it, he started to dance as if he was in a night club..

    but Minho went to the edge of the stage after measuring the height and ran back toward it

    and then he took a flying leap into the air to touch it,, but he failed it by narrow,,he looked a little wistful(upset).

    she said it was totally just like Kang Tae-Joon at the stage....

    when I read this , it reminds me of Onew's interview..

    he said he felt a little weird when watching Minho in TTBY.. coz Kang Tae-Joon showed real Choi Min-Ho...

    does it mean that he also act like that way on Sulli? kkk~ :D :P ;))
    i hope so amen 8->

    [URL= GIF/lacus2.gif.html]image[/URL]

    anyway thanks unnie @peach20kr for the link when minho seems like drunk. although i dont even understand a single words they spoke :)) ;)
  • zeezee Posts: 2,202Member


    peach20kr said:


    This is really funny....Minho is so drunk....

    in shimshimtapa 2011,1203..Shindong made a contact with Kyuhyun in the radio show

    and Kyuhyun put Minho on the phone while they(kyuline) were having drinks together..

    Minho's voice was a little strange, slurred words after a few drinks... Minho was totally out of his mind..but very cute and humane...kkkkk

    You can hear drunken Minho's voice here..kkkk

    what he said unnie????? *curious to death* :))
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