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♥ MinSul ♥ Official Thread ♥ SHINEE'S MINHO AND F(x) SULLI. [Part 1]



  • zuhalhabibizuhalhabibi Posts: 106Member


    peach20kr your korean
  • peach20krpeach20kr Posts: 240Member


    peach20kr your korean
    Yes, I'm Korean, and I live in Korea now..
  • zeezee Posts: 2,202Member


    @chocwenz hahahhaa I'm roetlf here, hahahah dont do that,  I didnt even know his face.. xD =)) so do I. love you even more wen :x >:D<

    @zuhalhabibi you look like Indonesian, seriously.... :-?

    @gujilgujil hmmm okay verified now, hahaha thats right .... ^:)^ =D> >:D<

    @misslola annyeong there, hahahahahaa you're so funny dear.. please spazz often then, we should know each other nicely.. :x

    @peach20kr so agree with you unnie, @counsel05, @stekatta and the rest oldiest are so important figure here, I dont know what this thread will become without them.. they have a very big concern, it isn't easy to do.. and for you my dearest @counsel05, that's why we call you "captain" from the beginning.. :x :x :x

    for all minsulshippers here, lets be happy together in this ship, whether the weather is rainy or sunny, we will always be MINSUL supporter till the end!! fighting :x :x

    1800 pages already (2000+ in total from ttby thread), we've come this far, I guess it's not hard to take this ship even further :x
  • minhosulli293912minhosulli293912 Posts: 67Member


    edited April 2013
    [NEWS] SHINee Minho Mendapat Kesal Selama Kekalahan di episode terbaru KBS2 '‘Our Neighbourhood Arts and Physical Education’

    Pada episode terakhir dari KBS '‘Our Neighbourhood Arts and Physical Education’SHINee Minho bertanding melawan pemain dari tim tenis meja Sangdo-dong.

    Kedua pemain terjadi permainan sangat serius dan bermain mereka yang paling sulit. Ketika Minho sayangnya kalah dan menunjukkan kekecewaannya, MC Kang Ho Dong menghiburnya saat ia berkata, "Minho menangis karena dia harus frustrasi dengan dirinya sendiri."

    Setelah itu, Minho menjelaskan, "Aku sangat gugup. Ketika skor mencapai 10 sampai 10, aku hampir bisa melihat cahaya bersinar di atas lawan saya seperti di kartun. "

    Sementara itu, pemain selebriti lainnya juga berkompetisi selama episode ini termasuk Kang Ho Dong, DBSK Changmin, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Byung Man, Jo Dal Hwan, dan Park Sung Ho

    via: forever_shinee
    indo trans : choi mh | Minho For FLAMERSindo
    Choi MH — with Aulia Ayu Putri.

    @zulhabibi  i just wanna ask you. You said you were born in Afghanistan and lived in korea now. if so, why you can get an information with indonesian language? do you know wht your post meaning? you can speak Indonesian? or you have friends Indonesian people? or you are Indonesian people? sorry Im probably too much to ask you, coz Im very curious :|

  • zuhalhabibizuhalhabibi Posts: 106Member


    Guys I have a news
  • zuhalhabibizuhalhabibi Posts: 106Member


    And I'm not inonesian I don't know what mean it Sory guys :(
  • zuhalhabibizuhalhabibi Posts: 106Member


    SiWon&KyuHyun from Super Junior , YoonA&SeoHyun from Girls' Generation, MinHo from SHINee and Sulli from f(x) have been selected as the models for SKT LET service ‘NOOT.’


    LTE를 새로보면 눝!

    ~Admin F(SHINee)
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