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♥ MinSul ♥ Official Thread ♥ SHINEE'S MINHO AND F(x) SULLI. [Part 1]



  • nislatifnislatif Posts: 1,431Member


    cherish. alright. this comes to my mind. ok minho, i approve. your cherished dongsaeng. hehe

    I am Minsullized
  • pandora460pandora460 Posts: 561Member


    dyurika said:
    bananali said:

    And here I am assuming that "dongsaeng" is Minho's secret keyword for "real life girlfriend"?? Who's with me? :D :D 

    Count me in dear :)

    so shall we put real life girfriend in minsul dictionary as "dongsaeng"?
    ME! ME! ME!

  • teruteru_chanteruteru_chan POWER OF MUSIC Posts: 1,703Member


    edited January 2013
    ^ love the girls' candor! 
    soojung's face is epic HAHAHAH! how i love her! 

    i love you girls' sarcasm over the word 'dongsaeng' used by minho as well. that really amuses me. 

    edit: just saw the bigger version of those 2 pictures. the girls look so flawless~ ^^ 
    naichu @ lj 
  • ravissantravissant Posts: 1,593Member


    edited January 2013
    Judith09 said:
    Remember this minsul moment??? the pink ring moment This is the clear vid of uri MinSul...
    @Judith09, and did you see at 1:07 Key & Amber had that suspicious look? ;)
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  • chellaaachellaaa Jakarta-IndonesiaPosts: 487Member


    ravissant wrote: »
    Judith09 said:<br />
    Remember this minsul moment??? the pink ring moment<br />
    This is the clear vid of uri MinSul...<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    @Judith09, and did you see at 1:07 Key & Amber had that suspicious look? ;)

    Onew also try to touch the ring on minho's finger. He was like what is it dude???? Hahahahaa

    And seeing its the beginning of 2012. N they both know that they will act drama together and shoot running man the next day. I think minho try to get closer to sulli by borrowing her ring.
  • mafetmafet Posts: 405Member


    edited January 2013
    Giya said:
    imagethis is from AFF, her fanfic is supposed to be Yuri and Yesung, but looks like the power of MinSul shippers is too hard to resist

    :)) :)) :D

    @Giya: what's the title of the fanfic?


    i already seen the link... thanks!!! 
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