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♥ MinSul ♥ Official Thread ♥ SHINEE'S MINHO AND F(x) SULLI. [Part 1]



  • jhologsjhologs MinSul Is LOVE Posts: 470Member


    zee said:
    @bananali @ravissant @nislatif and for all my beloved minsullians <3
    and special thanks to @counsel05 who has been shifted our convo 'from here to there' because of crazy list username :)) love yaaa :x :x

    my gift....

    it's enough, isn't it? :))

    @zee super nice and super like!!! Nope!!! We will never get enough . . . :))

    And my new f e  begins . . .
  • ravissantravissant Posts: 1,593Member


    Good night @jhologs.  It is indeed quiet here.  My fam is watching Super Bowl w/c doesn't interest me at all.  Finished reading all updated fanfics.  Hmm.  There's one thing left to do, & know what that is?  Re-watch TTBY!  Ep. 9 here I come!
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  • stekattastekatta Posts: 2,063Member


    jhologs said:
    ravissant said:
    stekatta said:
    cmshrty said:

     Re: @Timnat2010's video of Jonghyun patting Mama Sulli's back . . . I was trying to look at the reaction of the other people around and the one that caught my attention was Key, @cmshrty @stekatta @ravissant @Timnat2010 do you think Key was teasing our Papa Minho?!?  From 0:10-0:20 :D

    Edit to add @bananali @tikah @puppy8888 . . . oh heck, edit to add all crew mates!!! 
    Hehe yeah it kinda does look like Key is trying to gauge Minho's reaction a bit. ;)
  • alecitaalecita Posts: 474Member


    [Schedule] f(x) to perform at 2013 Pyeongchang Olympic Special closing ceremony tomorrow (Feb 5) cr; nate
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