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Rewind: Boy Bands and Their First Songs! | Soompi

SystemSystem Posts: 44,632


imageRewind: Boy Bands and Their First Songs! | Soompi

We all have our favorite tracks by our favorite bands, but do you remember what song and when they debuted off the top of your head? ^ ^ I didn't think so!

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  • EmilyEmily Posts: 1New Member
    edited August 2012
    You forgot M.I.B..
  • cjduma08cjduma08 Posts: 1New Member
    it's BIGBANG not 2PM !
  • ayoyoayoyo Posts: 11Member
    2PM's debut perf is the best IMO.
  • Daniela ツDaniela ツ Posts: 387Member
    it's so cute to see how much they've changed throughout the years<3
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  • shawolmonstershawolmonster Posts: 24Member


    WHERE IS MYNAME?????????????????????????????????????
  • Chasing-A-FairytaleChasing-A-Fairytale Posts: 1,288Member


    Big Bang :') and B.A.P.! LOL and awee MBLAQ grew as singers a lot. (:
  • mivyaajmivyaaj Posts: 5New Member
    whao! bigbang really brought music alive! :)
  • maechan18maechan18 Posts: 99Member, New Member
    Big Bang, 2pm and MBLAQ <3<3<3 OMG so much energy o_O
    and they all improved so much....
  • MsSunnyMsSunny Posts: 108Member


    2PM <333 all the way, but still like BigBang, Beast, MBLAQ...
    Cross Gene La Di Da Di omg, keep spining in my head! :P
    *Credit to shura*
  • kireisnowtenshikireisnowtenshi Heaven...secret angelPosts: 712Member


    There are so many boybands though that you cant cover them all over the years. NOEL. 4MEN...H.O.T..?!!! lol totally missed that one obviously.1TYM...which Im super surprised wasnt even on the short list cuz without 1TYM there would have been no BB. JinuSean...just a few missing is all
    BoA, Utada, Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki
  • queensterqueenster canadaPosts: 117Member


    What are you taking about. I STILL listen to 'La la la'. Lol
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  • mandom19mandom19 Posts: 1,597Member
    This Richard Simmons just put a huge smile on my face :D They're all babies haha. I think it definitely started to pick up around 2005 with Super Junior lol. To this day 2PMs 10 Points out of 10 is one of my favorite songs, some of these songs seriously haven't gotten old like Shinee's Replay, and Beast's Bad Girl. CN Blue Loner, Infinite's Comeback Again, and Teen Top's Clap seriously seem like the other day, jesus, time flies. But then again that was only like two years ago... Dude I feel like B.A.P has been around for so much longer, they don't have the rookie vibe at all, like it's hard to believe they've only been around for like 7 months. Same goes for NU'EST. Wow.
  • NinatastarNinatastar Posts: 19Member
    Baby Changminnie!!!
  • disbabyazndisbabyazn Posts: 11Member
    Ninatastar wrote: »
    Baby Changminnie!!!
    LOL I know right!!! Seriously, Jaejoong looks soooooo damn pretty. And they all look soooo young!

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  • disbabyazndisbabyazn Posts: 11Member
    I also realized... SM's English still hasn't improved after all these years.... o.O

    I'm a writer and I analyze K-pop. I would love to talk with you on Twitter (@Pop_Pebbles) . Tweet me your suggestions for topics and I will try to cover them.


  • sunny26sunny26 Posts: 486Member
    big bang love it!
  • Why is the Boyfriend debut video B1A4!!!!
    WHY!!! at least get it right sometimes!!! i am really getting mad over the things that are not done well to Boyfriend!!! like the mv on page 23!!! and the one with Boys with Blond hair. Youngmin (boyfriend) and T.O.P. had to share a page and Youngmin didn't get a picture of himself and i got really MAD!!!
  • lovehongstarlovehongstar Posts: 22Member
    the same for girl groups, too ;) FT Island <3 I feell in love with them on that date immidiately <3 i didn't know U-Kiss were 2PM's sunbaes ;) kkk
  • lovehongstarlovehongstar Posts: 22Member
    oh my...beast got really big <3 dongwoon <3 handsome as ever ^^
  • olive_naTSuVIPolive_naTSuVIP Posts: 240Member


    It's so fun to see all this debut video. We can see how much they improve them self to be better just like now. Especially for the senior boyband like Shinhwa, DBSK, SuJu or BIGBANG. They already gone through a lot of difficult moment which is more harder than what the junior boyband feel now. I mean, is not easy for the senior boyband to debut and being popular in an instant like what the junior boyband can get. It's so competitive back then (for now, a lot of boyband/girlband can easily making their debut and get a lot of attention from around the world 'coz of Hallyu Wave). It's so had for them to survive and stand up as one group forever like what they wanna be (ex: SS501, DBSK).
    That's why the korean media said that the critical moment is on the 5th year (a lot of them break up after 5 years). :(
    And then, the senior can't get the great facility like what the junior can get for their debut. If you watch some video showing boyband/girlband dorm/studio/management office/dance studio/their debut history, you will know why I'm talking about this.
    That's why I'm so proud for all the senior boyband/girlband and I hope all the junior can learn a lot from them and give a respect. :-bd ^:)^
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