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How much money do you spend in a month?

ProtProt 5354NYCPosts: 666Member


edited September 2012 in the real world (20+ ONLY)

So I was just doing some math to figure out how much money I would save in a year at my current rate and broke down my expenses with averages and such on a per month level:

1) Food (daily) - 465$
2) Weekend going out - 500$
3) Phone - 30$ (No smartphone)
4) Internet - 30$ (DSL)
5) Electricity - 30$
6) Car insurance - (2k a year which averages to 166$ a month)
7) Gas - 140$

About 1361$ a month. I don't pay rent cause I live at home.

What are your expenses and breakdowns?



  • blnycblnyc Posts: 192Member


    edited August 2012
    Dang, you spend a lot on food o_O

    Based on monthly averages:

    Food - $200 to $250
    Phone - N/A (parents pay for now, at least until contract expires)
    Rent & Utilities - $650
    Car Insurance - $1k to 1.5k a year. Parents have paid thus far, but I'll soon be taking over.
    Gas - $60 to $100
    Fun Misc Stuff - $100 to $300
  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    I have a very simple lifestyle, I only go out once in a while. I also don't have a car and I pay little amount on rent, electricity and internet since I live with my parents around $300 (this also includes some of my meals). I basically spend on food but not that much only around $100 (I don't eat lunch whenever I'm busy at work which is almost all the time -_-). Because of this I pretty much save more than half of my hard-earned money :)
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  • JDM6JDM6 eye have my I on you Eastern, MAPosts: 223Member
    I have been living on my own for the past 4 years.

    Rent : $950 (includes all utilities)
    Cell phone: $95 (smartphone + one additional line w/company discount)
    Food: $160
    Credit Card : $125 minimum payment
    Insurance : $200 (auto & motorcycle)
    Gasoline: $125
    Cable: $70 (internet only. No cable TV)
    Netflix: $8
    Personal items : $100

    Monthly average : $1708

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  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,824Member


    ooo this is interesting...

    food: $80 for groceries, +$30/week eating out. = $200
    utilities: $50
    internet: $20
    gasoline: $40
    rent: $650

    total: $960

    I make $1,300/mo =X I'm so poor...

    I just realized I can't afford my credit card bill with only $340 :'( probably $950 =0 I will have to tap into my secret stash that I was hoping not to have to use...
  • whisperingwhispering FinlandPosts: 91Member


    Apartment expenses + mortgage 700e (895$)
    Student loan 100e (130$)
    food 300e (385$)
    cat food and other cat stuff 100e (130$)
    Union costs 25e (30$)
    Internet 20e (25$)
    Cellphone internet and calls 20e (25$)
    Saving 150e (190$)

    DVD's/music and other stuff 100-250e (130-320$)

    Total monthly ~1600e (2045$)  Apart from the savings, whatever i earn, i spend. So the end sum varies a bit.

  • mimoSYNTHmimoSYNTH Posts: 12Member
    edited September 2012
    My apartment rent is sky high because I live in a pretty high-demand area of town :(
    Rent: $2200
    Food: $200-250
    Pet supplies: $50
    Dance classes: $150-200
    Household items (hygiene, cleaning supplies, etc.): $100 or so
    Shopping (clothes, technology, anything fun I want to buy): $100
    Utilities: $100 for Internet and electricity (water/heat included in rent)
    Savings: $500
  • blnycblnyc Posts: 192Member


    ^ What do you do for a living to command a salary to even afford that rent? o_O
  • mimoSYNTHmimoSYNTH Posts: 12Member
    edited September 2012
    blnyc said:
    ^ What do you do for a living to command a salary to even afford that rent? o_O
    Haha. Financial services. I'm planning to move somewhere cheaper soon, though, because I'm starting to funnel a bit of my money into some personal/start-up projects.
  • ajlee613ajlee613 Bay Area, CaliforniaPosts: 4,760Member


    tuition, books, parking pass, school supplies add up to 1000 a month or a bit more if u average year round and save up that way like i do.
    gas 250
    food 300 - 500
    hulu 8
    misc spending 100

    in the end it is about 2 grand a month spending.

    i don't know how u guys spend like less than 100 dollars on food for a month, 10 dollars a day is already 300 dollars.  like, u gotta not go out to eat.. ever.. lol me and my friends realize food is a big cost, unless u go to mc donalds everyday 1 dollar for lunch 2 dollars for dinner full 1400 ish calories enough to survive easy lol. and even that would add up to 90 dollars a month... i mean instant noodle these days is more expensive than that!
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  • nighmare_carouselnighmare_carousel Posts: 72Member


    Wow, I don't even have that much money to spend o.o
    I moved back in with family just a while ago so I'm saving a lot in terms of rent but not making much means I'm not saving much.

    I probably spend at least $100 on food (which I'm trying to stop because it's on crap fast food that makes me feel just as crappy after I'm done eating it yet still I keep picking it up -___-;), $30 on gas, $10 on parking, $200 on other things. I'm trying to spend even less than that though. I have big plans for my future - I need to start saving every penny ;)

    Unless of course, I could win lottery :p
  • twaybladetwayblade Valar Morghulis Posts: 562Member


    edited September 2012
    rent: $1250
    utilities/cable: ~$100
    credit card (food, gas, insurance, activities, etc.): ~$1000

    I've actually kept my credit card spending to under $1000 the past few months which is quite impressive considering I averaged ~$1500/month last year. 
  • ayahuascaayahuasca AustraliaPosts: 1,502Member


    hmmm per month mine is about -

    Rent: $890+another $130 council tax
    Utilities: $75
    Food: $500 (I almost never go out to eat except the odd meetup)
    Internet+phone+mobile: $55, didn't buy a TV so no cable or any other costs associated with that
    Travel: $65 for bus, I decided against getting a car, so no initial outlay, fuel, insurance or maintenance costs

    Since i'm still paying off a holiday, credit card is $800 until i pay it off, which should be in another 2 months or so

    I almost never use my credit card for everyday purchases, that way I'm almost never in debt. I only use it on holidays and I make sure I clear it before going so the expenses on holiday can then be spread out for later, despite the interest payments.

    After all that I manage to squirrel away between $500 and a $1k a month to a high interest account that I hold in another country :p
  • vonnegutvonnegut Posts: 47Member
    edited September 2012
    Food: $100~$250
    Phone bill: $278
    Internet: $43
    Gas: $12~$15
    Electricity: $33
    Pet food: $15
    Gas for car: $90

    Spending only about $700/month - maybe a little less, maybe a little more. I'm glad I don't have to worry about loans or credit card bills! And I would be spending a lot more per month if my mom isn't paying for her and my car insurance (roughly $2,300/year) and house bill (roughly $1,200/month). Yay for moms (sometimes)!
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  • echoismechoism ??*:.?. .?.:*? HonoluluPosts: 295Member
    Rent + Utilities (electricity, internet): ~$800
    Food: $200-$300 (but my bf pays for me most of the time when we eat out ><)
    Phone: $30 (only pay for data)
    Going out: ~$100-$200

    Not too bad. No transportation expenses since my grad school pays for bus pass, and when I graduate in Dec., I live close to my jobs, so I'll just be walking/riding a bike. Unfortunately, my student loans will be like $500 a month once they start, ugh.

  • suomyonesuomyone Bay Area, CAPosts: 22Member

    And I thought mine was bad:

    Food: $150-200
    Going Out: $200-300
    Gas: $200
    Car Payment: $400
    Car Insurance: $133
    Motorcycle Insurance: $40
    Cell Phone: $90
    Netflix: $8
    Student Loan: $150

  • vintageousvintageous who's that?! Posts: 481Member


    edited September 2012
    i live with my parents but i help pay for some rent. they cook for me. food expenses are only when i go out with friends and bf. 

    rent : 500
    food: 200 
    phone: 80
    shopping: 200

    total: 980?

    hey that's not half bad..haha

  • kitanablade3kitanablade3 Angry Kimchi is Angry >*< Alabama USAPosts: 762Member
    Mortgage: 833
    Dad's Car: 462
    School Loans: 300
    Cable/Phone/Internet: 190 (grr...)
    Util: 100-140 depending
    Water: 12-15 depending
    Cell: 90 (Woohoo for company discounts)
    Food: 300-400 (I cook a lot and take my lunch everyday)
    Gas (car): 30 x 3
    Misc spending (clothes, shoes, paying credit cards): 100-400 depending

    Using the bad month numbers it can be about 2900 a month. I probably average about 2500 in bills/spending. I only use my CC to buy clothes and I'm pretty strict about paying it off as soon as possible and not buying more until it's cleared even with my high credit limit on that card, I see my parents credit debt issues and I will never get there! I use it when I want something now but need to see how the bills are going for the month (sometimes that cable bill gets higher, stupid AT&T). I rarely have to dip into my savings, usually only to give to my parents to help with their bills.
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  • i/boss/topi/boss/top V 253Posts: 2,751Member


    my breakdown would be 

    1) Food - $320

    2) Weekend going out - $100
    3) Phone - $197 (i pay for the family plan)
    4) Internet - $40
    5) Electricity - n/a
    6) Car insurance - $191 (i pay for 2 cars)
    7) Gas - $140

    8) Car $200

    9) Misc bills $100

    total: $1288 uconfuseme_dolcee.gif
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  • aldehydesaldehydes Posts: 101Member
    I'm a college student and I pay for these things myself with scholarships and paychecks:
    Rent - $700 (after splitting w/ apartment-mates)
    Gas electricity - $20 (after splitting w/ apartment-mates)
    Internet - $10 (after splitting w/ apartment-mates)
    Food - $500 (groceries and eating out)
    Shopping - $50 (varies..)
    Misc - $100
    Total - $1380

    Wow..I never realized how much I spend =/.
  • JiveJive Posts: 272Member


    I'm going to live on boiled eggs, tuna, V8 and it shouldn't be too much.

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