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Do you think SNS & chat messengers are slowly making SMS obsolete?

lualmlualm I remember Eonji hun's ipod touchPosts: 7,404Friend of Soompi


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  • GPanimeGPanime Posts: 9Member


    Yeah, I'm definitely less dependant on sms these days. 
    But I don't think that sms is ever going away for good.
  • jaekyung03jaekyung03 ???~ Posts: 331Member
    Not necessarily. I use Kakao and WhatsApp but I still prefer to use SMS. Maybe it's because of my crappy data plan.
    I don't think SMS will be fading away any time soon even with the growth of SNS and other texting apps.
  • AiMangoAiMango honeypunch. 519Posts: 2,197Member
    It depends on if you have a data plan or not. If you don't, then the only time you can use chat messengers is via wifi. and SNS can be accessed via desktop, so I think it's less relevant. 

    I find that a lot of people still rely on text. Not a lot of my friends use chat messengers TBH, we mostly communicate through text and SNS. I guess chat messengers are nice for those communicating internationally, or if you want to do group chat. 
  • ErnieErnie Posts: 1,182Member


    What's a SNS and SMS? I don't know abbreviation or whatever you call it.
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  • leelee.leelee. USAPosts: 1,508Member


    No. I have unlimited texting and picture/media messages... but no data plan. I do like using KakaoTalk but like @AiMango said, it's useless without Internet. Plus, none of my friends use the same IM apps that I do. None of my offline friends use Kakao; they have Kik and Line accounts instead. With texting, it doesn't matter if you're on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc because it all just goes straight to your phone number.
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  • ChristayniumChristaynium Des MoinesPosts: 353Member


    Not in the near future (~3 years). Text messages are probably carrier's best cash cow left after data plans. I do think eventually it will be obsolete once data networks become better and a new standard will emerge. Voice over data will soon become, and then data only plans have the ability to exist.

  • xstarBURSTxstarBURST no. somewhere in a box.Posts: 4,727Member


    I only use those messengers to talk to my friends in the states. I heard some places dont have international texting. I used to until i switched providers
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