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[drama 2008] Three Dads One Mom [아빠 셋 엄마 하나]

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[KBS] Eugene, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Shin Sung Rok
Three Dads One Mom [아빠 셋 엄마 하나]


Main Cast : Eugene Kim, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Shin Sung-Rok
Joo Sang Wook


Title: 아빠 셋 엄마 하나

English known as: Three Dads One Mom

Genre: Comic Melo

Broadcast Station : KBS-2 TV

No. of Episodes : 16

First Broadcast : Wed April 2,2008 (Replacing Hong Gil Dong)

Broadcast Times : Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 9:55 PM (Korea time)

PD :Lee Jae Sang 이재상

Scriptwriter :Jo Myung Ju 조명주

Official Website :-


Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband's friends decide to help them. But Na Young suddenly loses her husband in an accident and she gives birth to her daughter but does not know which of her husband's friends fathered her child. The father of Na Young's child can either be Han Soo Hyun, Choi Kwang Hee, or Hwang Kyung Tae.


Casting Character (Translate-o-cha)


Song Na Yeong (29 years old, Female) –Eugene Kim

: University Graduate. First time mom. Single Mother

She is happy being a woman!Why?Because she will be a mom!But she feels unsecure about her child.

She seemed to have a momentary relapse in her mind. Worried about her husband’s condition, she tried to forgot about it for a moment by drinking a glass of soju but she accidentally threw away her baby’s powdered milk (formula).She uses the same towel that she used to clean her baby’s diaper to clean her baby’s face. When she feels bad and sings lullaby to her baby.She has zero cooking skill. So what is the reason she is cooking with all her heart?

Actually even she herself doesn’t want to eat it and throw it away.“My daughter, I’m sorry. This is only the beginning. There is a chance that I’ll get better!”
But she feels resentful at her situation. She especially loves her daughter the most more than anybody else.She may not be an extraordinary woman (but) she is a cute& loveable woman that people want to take care of.She is a woman who tells joke and is playful all day long, and her optimism is unparalleled!

She is someone who has a lot of talent, but she is having trouble finding work because she has a child. She finally succeeded in getting employment by telling a lie that she is single.She completely doesn’t know her field of work so she studies it until she has a nosebleed.She was having trouble juggling between trying to be a good mother and raising a child when she accidentally discovered a new talent and became the apartment plan consultant.


Han Soo Hyeon (32 years old, Male) – Jo Hyun Jae

: Seong Min’s friend. Asset/Fund Manager at a Securities company.

My dream is to be the in the 1% richest men in Korea.I’m the most successful out of my friends but I still have a long way to go.Neat and tidy. When things start to pile up, he gets to cleaning immediately.Dislikes messy women and women who can’t come on time.Na Yeong represents this.

Other things that I don’t like : people with no money and people that come asking for money. Na Yeong represents this.I am interested in money, my bank book fund earning rate is top secret.Messy trash. Really bad. Parking in the rain. Also really bad.Disposable Diaper prices. Shockingly bad.I have no interest in environmental matters, I’ve used exactly a thousand diapers.I recently changed diapers and I had to keep on wiping my hands. She (the baby) spilled cookie crumbs on the seat, picked it up and threw it to the window. On one rainy day she tore a part of a newspaper.

The biggest expense: The opportunity to be with the daughter of a wealthy man. An investment for one person.I have to be broad minded.I had to wait one hour for a wealthy man’s daughter, I had to force myself to smile. He’s the most successful of his friends and has a lot of money, yet still stingy.Calculating person, always calculating in his head. But he is not a bad person.He is kind inside, hardworking, and he is not a heartless person.He can be a bit stubborn. He can endure shame for his desire.His dream is to have a perfect marriage, a perfect family, be a perfect dad, and be a perfect husband.


Choi Kwang Hee (32 years old, Male) – Jae Hee

: Seong Min’s friend. Manhwa (comic book) author.

Do not like women who want to get married.Hates babies!He wears old fashioned training pants, slippers (but still) known as a “Pretty Boy”.He appears to be a lonely man for some reason. But actually if he listens to his head/mind, it says “Should I eat Shin Ramyun, or should I eat Neoguri Udon?”

Those are some of the strange things that we can expect him to say.His fashion sense is very interesting. He has 20 pairs of shoes.Every week he gets facial treatment.He understands trend and what’s popular by using a male magazine as a guide.He buys brand name items on impulse. He is a member of a hotel spa. He has trouble with stopping his extravagant spending.His dream is to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle.Why? Because of the brand!He uses money like water. It is too bad that he is wasting his own time.

As an artist, he draws by himself only when he feels horrible/unhappy (Sorry not sure about this sentence).But the comic that he draws aren’t interesting, people won’t even read it in the toilet.Actually he doesn’t have money.Things he dislikes: The cry of a baby. Women who are clingy.Are of expertise: the mystery of the woman’s world.Playboy? No.

There’s only Park Ae Joo for him. He has met this one woman in 2 strange occasions, and he only waits for her and not other women. Being a man with sense of responsibility --- that’s the cool thing right now.When he is happy he isn’t very responsible with doing his work.Money. When I make money, mom can live with me. That way my mom can live happily.
I don’t watch to snatch my mom’s happiness away, therefore , I open my arm today. (I’m guessing he meant since he doesn’t have money now he can’t do anything yet?? )

Na Hwang Kyeong Tae (32 years old, Male). Shin Sung-Rok

: Seong Min’s friend. Police Detective. Became a successful senior police officer in 4 years.

He wants to get married and have kids.But why do women dislike policemen!
He looks like a new generation detective and has a nice body.He buttons his shirt to the last button.
Whenever a sexy woman approaches, his heart starts beating really fast and his hands start trembling and locking himself in the handcuffs.When he meets up with a woman he is always worried about his foot smell making him unable to continue.Detectives are ignorant and really hate bias views… really ignorant.

He has no time to eat dinner when he is out to catch criminals, when is there time to read books?
He is good natured and innocent. He is always interested in what people have to say and is good at stenography.
He is very confident in himself when it comes to his strength. But when it comes to his brainpower…

He wears a beat-up pair of shoes and has severe case of smelly feet.He also has a bad case of athlete’s foot.
He always wears white socks. He sticks with this even when he is wearing suits.He comes to a scrap yard and drives off in a car that is about to be demolished.He puts things that people throw away in the back seat of the car.He stores a baseball bat in the trunk of his car and a manual of detectives (I’m not too sure about the manual)

He is someone that people can be proud of. He received the 13 seals of being a good police officer. He is also at the top of his profession, making a salary of 40,000,000 won.He is not satisfied with the 30,000 won ‘danger allowance money’.Detectives should have a more expensive life insurance policy.

He dreams of promotion. It’s difficult for him to pass the examination for a promotion right now.He respects his mom the most in this world. Why? Because she is his mom.Therefore despite his father’s opposition, he puts in his mom’s surname in front of his name making it officially Na Hwang Kyeong Tae.

Jeong Chan Yeong (30 years old, Male)- Joo Sang Wook

: Staff at Construction Company

Recently discharged sergeant from the 36th Division after 30 months of service. He has a 100% perfect attendance record at reserves training. He is a strict and proper man who has never even violated any traffic rules. He looks very intelligent with his glasses, he has a lot of money and has good manners as well. He is a confident man with good sense. On top of that he has a great sense of humor.

He is into sports, music. He’s also good with electrical work and is proficient in computer.He is a gentle and perfect man much like the deceased Seong Min.He went to the same university as Soo Hyeon but they are not close with one another and only know each other as acquaintances.

Jeong Seong Min (32 years old, Male) – Yoon Sang Hyeon

: Na Yeong's husband. Architect

He lost both of his parents and became an orphan. (I think the text says when he was 2 but I'm not 100% sure).
His friends helped him a lot by being with him during that difficult time and he thinks of his friends like real brothers.
He has a different sense of value and personality from the other friends, he has lived well but bad things kept coming and going. There will come time to say goodbye when Seong Min is gone.

They may have different way of expressing things but everybody loves Seong Min, even now Seong Min is at the center of their friendship.He was willing to be a guarantor for his friend’s debts. He always leads by example.
When his friend’s father is sick with hepatitis, even as a newlywed he sincerely helped out by willingly keeping and sleeping in the store.He is not calculating at all; he is a pure person.He doesn’t seem to be influenced by the never ending storm in his life.


Park Seo Yeon (32 years old, Female) – Kim Bin Woo

: Soo Hyeon’s girlfiend. Gallery Curator.

The only daughter of the securities company’s bigwig. She is ill-bred and rude. She always lives with the motto “Whose daughter am I !” .
She looks refined and elegant. She tricks people with her elegant image. She can’t accept it when her image is ruined. She hasn’t been able to have a perfect marriage like everyone else. This hurts her pride. She is jealous of her married friends. Why is there no good man? The men around her are all there for her father’s money.


Ha Seon (1-2 years old, Female)

: Na Yeong’s daughter.

Her name means ”A gift from heaven”. A baby with beautiful eyes. Her smile can gently melt the adults’ hearts. She is the drama’s narrator. The comedy comes from the adults’ minds/thoughts as seen through a child’s eyes.


Jang Joo Mi (28 years old, Female) – Go Do Yeong

: Na Yeong’s friend. A divorcee.

She got married when she was young and now has a daughter who is about to enter elementary school. After her divorce she sends her daughter back to her hometown to live with her family. She has a tough time living alone. She is in debt because she has to send all her money back to her hometown. She doesn’t have any house so she wanders around in PC rooms and saunas. Her dream is to save enough money to rent a room. Where can she find a pot of money…? She always asks people for a loan. She’ll take any work for money.


Noh Hee Sook (39 years old, Female) – Jang Yeong Nam

Editor of the cartoon publishing company. An old maid.

Has no fashion sense with her thick-rimmed eyeglasses. She can’t seem to change her image even with her frequent transformation and serious effort. She often gazes at her junior Choi Kwang Hee. She is in charge of the prologue of new serial publications and finished product. Her wish is for Kwang Hee to never finish his job (so she can be with him); that is her strategy to tempt him. She always bothers the women who surround Kwang Hee. She will be forty next year. She is not married and she can’t put off having kids any longer.


Nam Jong Hee (22 years old, Female) – Jeon So Min

: Police officer.

She becomes a police officer despite of a lie. She is good at stealing small things. She is very stealthy. She is there one moment and then she’s gone the next moment. She has quick reflexes. She can even easily come and go into the police station without anyone noticing.


Na Yeong’s Father (62 years old, Male) – Lee Hee Do

: Song Mong San

A smooth talking swindler. He is an irresponsible father who left Na Yeong’s mom a long time ago and left Na Yeong in the care of her grandmother. He doesn’t feel any remorse over his actions. He likes to find a wife with a lot of money. He still has not lost his swindler radar all these years. Na Yeong is under stress and burdened because of her father.


Soo Hyeon’s Father (62 years old, Male) – Park Chil Yong

:Han Bong Soo

He is treated at a hospital because of his dementia. Because of his dementia he couldn’t even recognize his son Soo Hyeon. As the drama progresses, he slowly reverts back to his younger days. He thinks all the women in the world are pretty. He misses the woman of his younger days. Before he suffered from dementia he was a guard at his son’s school. During that time my son Soo Hyeon wasn’t a clever student (but) he has pride.


Kyeong Tae’s Mother (57 years old, Female) – Yang Hee Kyeong

: Hwang Soon Ja

She drives a truck when she comes to Seoul. She has a fruit store at a traditional market. Seong Min and his friends often went to a shabby comic book store in front of their high school. She thinks of Seong Min as her own son and thinks of herself as his godmother. She is affectionate, full of energy, has great talking skills and is a female warrior. She once caught a petty thief by using one hand. Just like her detective son, she has a great sense of justice.


Kwang Hee’s Mother (55 years old, Female) – Jang Jeong Hee

: Lee Jin Nyeo

She owns a jewelry store in a small shopping mall in the countryside. She has a small amount of money from her hometown. She is an optimistic and cool mom. She treats her son like a child and doesn’t mind the fact that her son draws manhwa (comic) and is unmarried. She has recently unwillingly come to terms that her son is a self-professed bachelor.


Seo Yeon’s Father (65 years old, Male) – Kim Jin Tae

: Park Dae Seok

A retired high ranked government official. The securities company’s big man. He held the majority of the shares and information. He uses this information to make himself rich. Nobody knows how much he is worth. He wants to select a suitable son-in-law whom he can trust with his property and his only daughter. He is a broad-minded man but no one knows what is in his heart.


Thanks a lot Character Translate-o-cha

Pics,Info credit-KBS,Daum,Empas,Three Dads One Mom DC Gall(Dc빠마갤)

Three Dads And One Mom Summary Of The Plot

Eugene (character-Na Yeong) is married to Yoon Sang Hyeon (character-Jeong Seong Min) but this couple couldn't have children. Her husband's friends (Jae Hee, Jo Hyun Jae, Shin Sung Rok) decided to help him by donating their sperms. Because of the sperm donation Na Yeong is able to conceive and give birth to a daughter. Unfortunately her husband died in a car accident and the daughter is left fatherless. The three guys felt sorry for the child and felt some kind of responsibilty since each of them felt that the little baby girl could be his daughter. Meanwhile after some time Eugene met another man (played by Joo Sang Wook) and she fell in love with that man. Of course not everything will go smoothly in Na Yeong's love life...she will have a love rival in Kim Bin Woo (character-Park Seo Yeon).

Summary Translate-o-cha

Three Dads & One Mom offical Promote AD& Preview Vod

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TNS Ratings

Episode(Date)/ Nationwide (Ranking) / Seoul (Ranking)

Episode 1(2.4): TNS Nationwide [5.4%, #] - Seoul [8.8%, #]

Episode 2(3.4): TNS Nationwide [5.7%, #] - Seoul [, #]

Episode 3(9.4): TNS Nationwide [14.5%,#5] - Seoul [15.2%, #3]

Episode 4(10.4): TNS Nationwide [11.9%,#8] - Seoul [12.3%,#7]

Episode 5(16.4): TNS Nationwide [7.8%, #] - Seoul [7.9%, #]

Episode 6(17.4): TNS Nationwide [7.2%, #] - Seoul [%, #]

Episode 7(23.4): TNS Nationwide [7.3%, #] - Seoul [%, #]

Episode 8(24.4): TNS Nationwide [7.7%, #18] - Seoul [7.8%, #16]

Episode 9(): TNS Nationwide [7%, #] - Seoul [%, #]

Episode 10(): TNS Nationwide [7.1%, #] - Seoul [%, #]

Episode 11(): TNS Nationwide [7.8%, #] - Seoul [8.1%, #]

Episode 12(): TNS Nationwide [7.7%, #] - Seoul [8.2%, #]

Episode 13(): TNS Nationwide [8%, #] - Seoul [8.3%, #]

Episode 14(): TNS Nationwide [7%, #] - Seoul [%, #]

Episode 15(21.5): TNS Nationwide [9%,#16] - Seoul [9%,# 17]

Episode 16(): TNS Nationwide [9.1%, #] - Seoul [8.9%, #]


Three Dads One Mom OST

Official OST D/L links

01 그게 사랑이야 - 주 (JOO) - JOO

02 Everything - 김세헌

03 사랑해주세요 - 이경선 (By Heritage)

04 느낌 - 오상은

05 Crazy! (2008 Ver.) - 오상은

06 Baby In Wonderland

07 Tama & Vagabond vs. Kingstonrudieska

08 Rebirth

09 Night Traveling

10 Baby Walker

credit:lovekoreanstar&hye091(Thanks post to Link)

Eve(이브) -Everything (Three Dads One Mon OST) Mp3 file Dowanlod Link
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Ental (xvid)

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Shinhwa (x264)

Episode 01 : Part 01 / Part 02
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Episode 03 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 04 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 05 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 06 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 07 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 08 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 09 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 10 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 11 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 12 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 13 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 14 : Part 01 / Part 02 fixed part 02
Episode 15 : Part 01 / Part 02
Episode 16 : Part 01 / Part 02
720p HD 1.5GB Episodes

Episode 01 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 02 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 03 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 04 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 05 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 06 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 07 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 08 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 09 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 10 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub *revised sub

Episode 11 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 12 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub

Episode 13 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub

Episode 14 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub
Episode 15 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub

Episode 16 : Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Sub












credit KBS, Carpediem ( )

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