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Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles

chlorinechlorine Posts: 188Member


edited August 2012 in beauty & fashion
Hello everybody :-) 

I have recently been interested in finding the best product for eye wrinkle prevention. I'm 25, and I hear it is about this time that aging is starting and I would like to prevent eye wrinkles from coming on, especially because I don't think I get enough sleep.  = n = ... 

Anyways, what are your eye cream recommendations? I'm looking for a high-quality one that does not contain any cancerous ingredients. 

An interesting thing I saw on youtube was that you can even make your own!  However, I am unsure just how much better this is than the store brands.

Thank you for your advice.


  • Tart06Tart06 Posts: 69Member
    Hello! I've been wondering the answer to your question too! I decided to do a little research, however I am eager to hear personal experiences too! It's funny that you posted this because I just started wondering where I put my eye cream and if I should be using any- and of course the answer is yes! We're in the same boat! I dont get enough sleep and we're nearly the same age!

    This link might be helpful- Livestrong did a review.

    At one point I was using Clinique's All About Eyes cream. I also tried the All About Eyes Rich cream. The links are from Sephora and there are also reviews from other customers.  I may or may not go back to the Rich version (my skin is very dry by my eyes- or so I've been told). But I was also thinking of trying some other products on the Clinique line, if not maybe trying a whole new brand.

    Hope this was a little help!
    ~Make today a beautiful day~  

  • chlorinechlorine Posts: 188Member


    Hi Tart06~ It's reassuring to know there are others like me, lol. The reviews from Clinique's All About Eyes Rich cream is pretty good. Thanks for the pointer. ;-)
  • Tart06Tart06 Posts: 69Member
    No problem! I'm thinking of trying the Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream or the Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream if I don't go back to the All About Eyes Rich cream... Well, I'm leaning on the Repairwear one right now. Oh also, I might consider Origins Plantscription  Anti-Aging Cream because I have tried a few of their products and liked them. I'm having a hard time deciding though >_< too many options. 

    Oh, I can't say how well the All About Eyes Rich cream works- I just felt that my eyes were more refreshed at the time. But since it has been a while, I'm really not sure... Though my dark circles that I had at one point did get better, but again I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't sleeping well or not. Ugh! I'm afraid of getting them again though since I haven't been sleeping well and school is going to start up again pretty soon.. 
    ~Make today a beautiful day~  

  • stylebubblestylebubble ????? ?? chuu ! Posts: 649Member
    i like pai echium eye cream (: actually i love all their skincare products! i'm 16 and i never sleep, but it really soothes your eyes and makes you look really fresh; i just can't go without it. i'm sorry i can't vouch for its anti-aging properties because i'm using it for prevention too, but it's designed for anti-aging!
  • faielafaiela Posts: 68Member
    Retin - A
    Vitamin C Serums
    A good Sun Screen

    = best anti aging.  Bar none.  Backed up by science.  Everything else is just fad.
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