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Pin pops out of woman's pregnancy bump

sugarplum892sugarplum892 USAPosts: 11,029Moderator


edited July 2012 in current events
A pin has popped out of a mother-to-be's pregnancy bump.

Kelly Donegan of Buckinghamshire looked down at her bump to see the pin poking out, only inches away from her unborn baby, Metro reports.

The 26-year-old had been feeling some discomfort for a while and had also noticed a bump under her skin where the pin must have been. The pin is thought to be from an operation in 2009 to remove Kelly's appendix.

Kelly was reassured by her doctor that the pain was nothing to worry about but the pin popped out just six weeks before the birth.

However, the pin remains sticking out of her bump and Kelly must wait until the end of her pregnancy until surgeons can remove it for safety reasons.

She said: "They can't even do an X-ray to see how much of the thing is inside me because X-rays are dangerous for pregnant women."

Professionals have reassured Kelly that her baby will remain unharmed but have told her that she may need an operation to remove the pin after the baby is born. Until then the pin can only be trimmed of the sharp end so that it doesn't catch on things. 



  • superhumanchichisuperhumanchichi Chichi~licious New YorkPosts: 2,427Moderator


    Yet another case of lazy surgeons "forgetting" objects inside of people after surgeries. I remember reading about someone who had a scalpel in their lungs one time. Crazy!
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  • MOOVERDOSEMOOVERDOSE I'm usually sane. Beautiful British ColumbiaPosts: 9,916Member


    Oh my goodness, that's terrifying!

  • TeaHouseTeaHouse Posts: 380Member


    its ok, she will be a rich mother after her baby pops out and she gets the pin removed as evidence. 
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