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When others cheat

MannosukeMannosuke Posts: 12,760Member


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Suppose you just wrote an exam that was worth 50% of your course grade.
You studied very hard and managed to pull a 95% off.

The week after your prof announces that unfortunately, it was shown that the class average for the exam was 88% and half of the class cheated on the exam.
Fortunately, a couple students decided to snitch, and now the exam was going to be scrapped and a re-test was to be administered at a later date.

How would you react, if you were that honest student that worked really hard? Would you sue? Would you drop out? Would you pick up a gun and go ballistic on your cheating classmates? Perhaps it's those no good snitch rats that should pay the price.

Is the professor's solution the right thing to do? Or should he have put in more effort to identify exactly who cheated and who didn't and deliver the appropriate punishment for the real cheaters rather than just treating everyone the same way?


  • hyeongyhyeongy CanadaPosts: 59Member


    I don't think you can sue lol. But that's an awful waste of time and I can't see how that's fair to the students who already did really well! Hopefully a bunch of you will complain and maybe they can weed out the cheaters instead of making everyone redo the test, that's just idiotic.
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  • Don DolceDon Dolce Posts: 8Member
    Unless there was a way to prove you didn't cheat, which is hard, it's unfair :(
  • <3StrawberryPocky<3<3StrawberryPocky<3 Posts: 1,107Member


    There's nothing much the professor can do since it's hard to prove whether or not you cheated. I would honestly just take it again. I already studied, did well on the first test, and should know the material by now. I just can DESTROY THE CURVE THIS TIME for all those cheaters. =]  
  • raymondc27raymondc27 CanadaPosts: 1,938Member


    When i was young i would probably find the snitchers kick their Richard Simmons but eh there's not much you can do about it 
  • crackers&cheesecrackers&cheese EarthPosts: 1,093Member
    I'd be furious but you just have to suck it up. I'd study again and try to do just as well.
    I don't think there's any way for the professor to check to see who cheated and of course, nobody would signal that they had cheated. 
  • CountMcAwesomenessCountMcAwesomeness Belgium, Western EuropePosts: 66Member


    I'd pick up a gun... If I had one and if I'd be interested in several years of prison. (':
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  • thedaebuthedaebu Queens, New YorkPosts: 9Member
    I dun think this would happen because I dun think anyone would have the balls to snitch.
    Besides, there would be no time for a re-test so the professor would have to check personally would cheated.
  • BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


    edited November 2012
    I'd be damn pissed, and I would complain. But unfortunately in most instances - you have no other choice. You are gonna have to re-take that test.

    But on the other hand, in most universities - professors don't have the time and the school certainly doesn't have the money to fund another round of test materials. I have been in classes where the professor has announced that he or she was aware of cheating going on and in some instances, they (professor and TA's) were able to track the individuals and punish them, but there have also been cases where the professor was unable to to do anything; thus, he or she would give a verbal warning.

    Also in most cases (I know yours is a WHAT IF, but I'm just saying), it's rare that half a college class would cheat on a test, so no one would really have to worry.
  • xDMarzxDMarz Posts: 97Member
    I wouldn't be very upset. The cheaters messed up the curve anyway. I'd just retake it since I already know all of the material. There was a fire drill during one of my finals and everyone had to leave, That was the perfect chance for any cheating to occur before we were back in our rooms to continue with the test. I was worried how it might affect the curve and how the teacher would handle it. In the end, I got the grade I wanted so it wasn't a big deal to me.
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