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Class of 2014!

OoOoKaioOoOOoOoKaioOoO Posts: 19Member


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I was looking around through the pages and I ddidn't see any threads for Class of 2014 (unless I'm wrong and so then you guys can delete this) so I wanted to make one for us! :) We're going to be junior's this upcoming fall and I'm so excited because that means only one year left until senior year, woop woop! XD So yeah I just finished school i think three weeks ago and so summer has started for me, what about you guys? Are you guys ready for junior year? What classes are you going to be taking? Do you regret anything you've done in high school yet? Anything you want to do before you graduate? Do you know what you want to major in college?

I hope to keep this thread running until we graduate so lets do this guys! ^.~



  • Love_LightsLove_Lights Posts: 621Member


    I will be taking AP Lit 11, Math Analysis E, AP Environmental , AVID, Spanish II, and I think an art class 
    Honestly, I feel like I'm not ready to be a junior, let alone graduate. *sigh* I still don't know what I want to major in because I keep changing my mind 
    So far the only thing I regret is not participating in more clubs/not volunteering often

  • OoOoKaioOoOOoOoKaioOoO Posts: 19Member


    I will be taking AP Lit 11, Math Analysis E, AP Environmental , AVID, Spanish II, and I think an art class 
    Honestly, I feel like I'm not ready to be a junior, let alone graduate. *sigh* I still don't know what I want to major in because I keep changing my mind 
    So far the only thing I regret is not participating in more clubs/not volunteering often

    I'm definatley ready to be a junior I mean maybe because I just haven't had the best hs memories :-$ I think I'm finally okay with the major I picked (a translator) but if you look on the things you're interested in and narrow it down from there I think you'll find out what you want to do and where we're taking the same AP classes except I'm taking APUSH too ..... I'm going to die! lol but doesn't  it seem that we were just freshmen's and now we're about to be junior's time really goes by fast.
  • -littlemochi-littlemochi Posts: 53Member


    Wooo 2014! 
    I will be taking Algebra 2, PFR (forgot what it stand for), AP Chinese, Ap Psychology, Chemistry Honors, Physics Honors, American Studies English Honors, American Studies History AP, and I think that's it. 

    *sigh* I'm not ready to become a junior, I still have a feeling that I'm still a baby but I'm not~ SAT tests to take, college apps, preparing for senior project, they all equal stress. 

    As of now I regret not engaging with the people in my grade more but it's not to late to start



    Taking all APs except for orch :P
    I feel that it'll drag down my grade though D:

     I feel like I haven't ACCOMPLISHED anything/// I have no idea where I want to go in life...yet graduation is only a year away....aasdfjkl; stressssssssssss

    I think I regret being too snarky to everyone lol 
  • nikkiex33nikkiex33 Posts: 1,086Member


    ahh, some of you take such good classes!
    taking ap psych, ap bio, chem h, us history 2 h, mandarin 4 h, precalc, and english. 

    as of right now, i am def. not ready to be a junior. 
    please don`t make me take the sats, look at colleges, decide a major, and all that fun stuff yet! ;____; i honestly still feel like a spoiled baby...

    i really regret not trying hard enough in some classes cuz it really dropped my gpa/class rank this yr
    &&i`m already regretting choosing ap bio and ap psych since the teachers aren`t very good ><;
  • OoOoKaioOoOOoOoKaioOoO Posts: 19Member


    Waa you all are not ready.... eh maybe I'm just wierd then... :-\"  because I'm definately ready and my gpa's actually better than freshman    year                    (I was a slacker -.-) but my ranking is not where I want it to be yet bleh! But hey I'm scared of taking the SAT's and ACT's too but if I study hard enough I can do it and so can you guys!

    @littlemochi  your taking two science classes wow you're amazing I'm so glad I finished Chemistry last year because I hate it blah and lets not even get started on physics but then I suck at science soo... ;p

    @FORTISSIMO  O.o all AP's if I did that I think I'd die I'm already freaking out with just taking three and the snarky thing for me I don't regret cuz well they deserved it ^.~ but that accomplishment thing.. I feel the same way. >.<

     @nikkiex33 you're not a spoiled baby listing all those things you said makes my mind burn ahh it hurts to think about it @.@ and well maybe people in your class will help you understand the work for your AP classes. Don't give up yet, you can do it! \(^.^)/ Oh but my friend used the princeton book for AP Psych and she said that even some of the sample questions in the book were on the exam so you should get that it will probably help.

  • xDollarsxDollars New YorkPosts: 347Member


    I'm taking APUSH, AP English, Algebra 2/Trig H, Chemistry, Morality, and Spanish 3.
    Psychology, Forensics, and Photography are my electives too. :D I'm excited for those.

    I kind of wish my school offered more courses, so I could've taken some AP classes this year. >___>
    My dad would love it if my school offered Mandarin as a language too, lol.

    I sorta regret not volunteering more, like Love_Lights. Oh well, never too late to start right? xD
    Annnnd, I have absolutely no idea what I want to major in. Definitely something Science or English related though. ..I think.

    Junior year's going to be tough. Asdfghhjjh. x_____x
  • ZOMGITzHibariZOMGITzHibari San JosePosts: 404Member


    So far in high school, I've regretted not caring about my grades and wasting my freshman year over a guy and sophomore year was like my "whatever" year so my GPA is pretty low for an Asian -___-;; LOLOL. I'm kind of worried for junior year though because it's like your most stressful year in high school. This upcoming year, I'm taking

    1) APUSH
    2) AP Literature/Composition
    3) Pre-Cal/Trig
    4) Viet 3
    5) Chemistry
    6) Guitar 1 <- elective

    Before graduating, I want to go to a school dance. Ever since I stepped into a high school, I never went to a dance. Back in middle school, I went to almost every one and just missed one per year. But in high school, I've never been to one. Aside from prom, I hope to be able to go to just ONE SCHOOL DANCE. Haha. && as for college, I hope to major in East Asian Studies as I want to teach English abroad and also do another major so basically I want to double major but I have yet to find something else I'd like to major in.
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  • smileformeeesmileformeee Posts: 14Member !! 
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  • OoOoKaioOoOOoOoKaioOoO Posts: 19Member


    @xDollars  ah you're also almost taking the same classes as me and your electives seem pretty fun I don't even have any electives because I wanted to take dual enrollment classes instead -.- yes a stressed over achiever over here woop woop!

    @ZOMGITzHibari I'm sure you can bring up your grade if you just push your self I also want to double major East Asian studies but thats because I want to be a translator ;p but I also haven't been to a high school dance yet... hmm maybe I'll go to homecoming... or not ^^'


    Since you guys are pretty much taking the same AP classes as me do you know any recommendations on AP Prep books to get and is anyone taking the first ACT's in September?

  • tiannietiannie you greasy namtree. Posts: 350Member

    I am NOT ready to be a junior..I can't believe there's just one more year before we become seniors. ]:

    I'm taking AP English Lang, MST (signifies a magnet class, which is a little bit harder than honors at our school) Precalc/Calc AB, AP USH, Honors French 3, AP Chem, MST Bio, AP Psych, Philharmonia (orchestra).

    I definitely regret slacking/procrastinating, quitting lacrosse, and not being able to adjust quickly. This upcoming year is going to be so stressful, but we can all do it! :D Before graduating, I want to be accepted into GSP or the CIEE exchange program, and I want to at least make it to ISEF. High hopes, but.

    @OoOoKaioOoO sorry for jumping in, but Princeton Review is always a good prep source. It may seem a little lengthy and full of information, but most of the time that information is really helpful, especially in the history department. It really depends on personal preference though, since each book is written in a different style.. I suggest going to a bookstore and skimming through the different books for each subject, because some books cover certain subjects more thoroughly than others. ^^ sorry if it wasn't the kind of answer you were looking for, but that's what I discovered after a few AP tests~

  • juniferjunifer US of A.Posts: 332Member


    oh god junior year. I don't even want to think about it
    I'm taking AP Chem, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Stat, APUSH, AP Lang, post-AP DNA/Genetics, and Spanish 4
    my school's on block schedule, which is why I'm taking both calcs back to back.

    hahaha I don't know if I regret anything. some days I obsess about what I'm going to do and some days I just blow it off. if anything, I suppose I regret taking orchestra bc it dragged my gpa down, but honestly I don't think I really care anymore. there's tons of kids who compete, sigh. or I wish I took latin instead of spanish. or I wish I didn't take ap human bc I wasn't really interested and it wasn't required. blah.

    and I'm so jealous of you guys - I wish my school offered Asian languages. we have spanish, french, and latin. and german upon special circumstances. 

    @xDollars what's morality? :o is it like a philosophy class or something? or do you attend a religious school?
    @OoOoKaioOoO I always use Barron's - it's pretty trustworthy. if you read the whole review book and retain most of the information, you're set for the tests.
  • OoOoKaioOoOOoOoKaioOoO Posts: 19Member


    edited July 2012

    @- - eunnieboo I don't mind you jumping in ^.^ I really appreciate your suggestion and I will do that because I'm pretty sure I'm going to need them this year and I also want to be accepted in an exchange program but for next summer =] but is it just me or are we all procrastinators~ XD

    @junifer O.o you're schedule scares me! OMG are you going to be okay your schedule sounds like its going to be really stressful. I agree with you on the stupid AP human geo because even though I passed it has nothing to do with my major, a waste of time I'd say! :-/  I also wish my school offered Asian languages but I just take an online class for Mandarin  because well I suck at Spanish and French~ ;p and thanks for the tip about Barrons!

  • xDollarsxDollars New YorkPosts: 347Member


    @OoOoKaioOoO: Turns out I was put into Journalism instead of the electives I wanted. D:
    Haha, it'll all be worth it eventually. Good luck!

    And, I plan to take both the ACTs and the SATs in the spring. :3
    I'll probably end up at a college on the east coast, but you never know.

    @junifer: Yeah, it's a religion class. I go to a Catholic school. xD
  • juniferjunifer US of A.Posts: 332Member


    @OoOoKaioOoO haha, I go to a magnet school so there's this a group of kids who make everything so competitive @~@ my schedule is like the norm for the competitive ones ;__; I WILL SURVIVE!
  • lovelight.lovelight. Posts: 116Member


    Class of 'Awesome. <3 

    I feel kind of old now. ; u; ~

    I'm taking AP Bio, AP Music Theory, APUSH, AP Lang, AP French and a non-elective/irrelevant class. LOL.
    I took AP Calc AB and BC in Sophomore year, so NO MATH FOR ME. YIPPEEEEE. I'm so done with math. \o/
    I should have taken a math course anyway though. I know it's gonna kick my Richard Simmons later. BUT OH WELL. YOLO. (/shot)

    @junifer I still have to say it though--your schedule is so scary. I HOPE YOU DON'T DIEEEE.
    My school only has Spanish and French. They took out German a couple years back, which is a shame, 
    considering I know how to speak German. B| ;; That would have been less work for me. I wish they offered Asian
    languages at my school though, then it'd be seriously be a lot easier. :U 
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]
  • juniferjunifer US of A.Posts: 332Member


    @lovelight. haha I hope so too ;__;
    I took bio and theory last year~~ bio is pretty easy and theory was really fun - even though I'm tone deaf hahahaha
  • OoOoKaioOoOOoOoKaioOoO Posts: 19Member


    edited July 2012

    @xDollars -Nu uh you were put into journalism instead that blows! >.< Well even so journalism should hopefully not be too bad. I'm sure you'll be fine and hopefully the teachers nice! ;) Though concerning colleges I have no idea where to go yet I want to major in Korean but my state doesn't offer it boo! T.T So I might have to major in Japanese instead which let me tell you only one college in my state offers that major and its a hard school to get into. Ou my luck sucks~

    @junifer-Yours is the norm..... I'm scared what there schedule even looks like *shudders* but thank goodness my school isn't so cimpetitive because the stress would definatley drive me crazy and let me tell you in the middle of the year I already get a little crazy because of the AP exams that are coming up~ But anyways I cheer for your survival!  :)>-

    @lovelight XD! We are the class of awesome aren't we!~ ;p But I was just like you I was like is no one really not going to post something for our class I mean we're are definatley important! :\"> And so this couldn't go on and I took it under my wing this summer to post it and I'm happy I did although I was scared that no one was going to answer it but I was soo wrong.Happy that I'm worng =] Wow you took AP Calc in sophmore year~ you must be super happy being done with math. I wish I was done I have to take stupid Trig and I'm super scared (math is my worst subject). I didn't even know AP French existed O.O and I wish they offered AP Music Theory at my school, poo!~ >.<

    Ok guys did you reiceive your AP scores? I did last week and I passed WHAP with a 3 sooo happy!! Although alot of people I know failed..... Did you guys do good on your AP exams??



  • ZOMGITzHibariZOMGITzHibari San JosePosts: 404Member


    Dude, I failed my WHAP exams. LOOL. The essay screwed me over so badly. That score will forever haunt me. XD! & AP books, I only use Baron's but I heard 5 Steps to a 5 is good. A lot of APUSH students in my school use the crash course book to study prior to the exam itself. & I'm contradicting over whether I should take the ACTs or not... Are you? I'm definitely taking the SATs some time before the year ends & take it once more in the Spring before the school year ends. Will anyone be taking the SAT subject tests? Would you recommend it?
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  • tiannietiannie you greasy namtree. Posts: 350Member
    I passed AP Stats and APWH with 3s haha. Slightly disappointed, but T^T Oh well! 

    @ZOMGITzHibari Omgoodness, my friends were talking about the essay recently, and they were flipping out because it was on India, and they're Indian. All I heard was "OMG INDIA I GOT THIS." haha
    The crash course books.. I didn't find them extremely helpful, since they were so broad. I ended up speed reading the Princeton book the morning of the exam haha. 
    I'm going to be taking Chem, Math II, and possibly Literature and Chinese w/ Listening next year... blech. I would say it's beneficial to take the subjects that you've done well in. There's no harm, so. The only reason I decided to was because the university/program I want to enter has those as a requirement. 

    When does school start for you guys? We have to go back August 21st~
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