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[Drama 2012] Answer Me 1997 응답하라 1997



  • CaRoLiNaaaCaRoLiNaaa romePosts: 58Member


    i am still waiting for the Chinese subs to come out, but i guess they were pretty awesome episodes
    I've never doubted that yoonjae was the end game, because there is just one truth: shiwon never loved tae woong
    while in these two episodes she confirms that the one she loves is yoonjae
    can she brush off her feelings for yoon jae and realise she loves tae woong instead in the final two episodes? i am very skeptical, because i cannot imagine a reason why shiwon and yoonjae should split if they've confirmed their feelings and yoonjae finally realised that he cannot give up on shiwon, even though it means hurting his brother.
    As for Tae Woong... can't you just see that in her heart there's no you?
    we have a nice parallelism of unrequited love: JoonHe and Tae Woong. JoonHe realised that there's no way YoonJae can like him back, not just because he's straight, but more importantly, his feelings for Shiwon are no undeniable that any other girl has a single chance with him. He loves him and this is way he must see him happy, whoever he is with.
    Tae Woong instead, is the unbeatable hope, that one day, Shiwon will love him back. It seems rather odd that given his maturity and age, he cannot realise what is clear to everyone, but I guess some people are just dense when it comes to feelings, no matter their age.

    Can we have in the finale episode a one-to-one conversation between Tony oppa and Shiwon??? he should know that there was a time where a girl liked him so much that she was uninterested in any other boy, that she got into college thanks to him etc etc It could be just heartwarming!
    The people who make us happy are never the people we expect
  • oc-caoc-ca Posts: 302Member
    Omo Omo! Awesome pair of episodes. Am happy they have enough material for extra 1 1/2hr but I want my happy ending now. It's getting a little annoying the both bros Reacting same way to further misdirect us to as who sw's hubby is. But I think everyone can see the lady doc as a better fit for TW. She has the refreshing guileless ness TW loves about sw but more his intellectual and professional equal.
  • she-smilesshe-smiles ♥♥♥ Posts: 3,929Member


    Music video for Yoonjae & Shiwon <333

    (contains spoilers from episodes 1-12!!)

  • wildcherrywildcherry Posts: 85Member
    Just wanna share my 2 cents abt Joonhee-Yoonjae-Shiwon relationship...

    Honestly I'm one among the conservatives who dun approve or understand love affairs between the same gender...However what I like about JH, as much as he loves YJ he's aware that YJ sexual orientation is different from his, thus he never push the issue. He just content staying by YJ's side as a good friend & supporting each other. I'm sure he's also aware sooner or later YJ is going to meet a woman & have a relationship with her, thus rather than him being with an unknown woman who doesnt understand JH, it is better for him if YJ's woman is sumone who knows & understand him (JH) well. And SW understand him the most, even better than YJ, and she sincerely loves & cares about him as a friend & family.

    And I also loves the way YJ handles JH after finding out he's gay, instead of rejecting him completely he make sure JH knows how important his role in his  (YJ's) life even if he has no romantic feeling for JH, that he is a friend whom he cannot loose.

    And the best part of YJ & SW being together, there's no doubt JH wud be a part of their family, an uncle to their children, sumone important in both their life...and for sure both YJ & SW will be there for JH during his ups & downs in life...
  • MrsSoJiSubMrsSoJiSub Posts: 397Member


    Dear K-Dramas,

    Why don't my ships ever work out? I want/wanted Yoon-jae and Junhee together sooooooooooooo bad, why must my ships never be? Just the way Junhee loves him warms my heart so much. It's so pure, and unselfish and beautiful, and loyal. When I think of the Junhee's feelings for Yoon-jae I am reminded of Pablo Neruda poem XVII especially these lines 

    "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
    in secret, between the shadow and the soul. 
    I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
    I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
    so I love you because I know no other way"

    Ash drama you gave me such lovely (abet one sided) moments between the two. Junhee's explanation of why he likes Yoon-jae in ep 10, the ear whisperings, the wake-up call, the bromance, the way Junhee is always silently and not so silently there. As much as I enjoy Shiwon and Yoonjae's chemistry and will be perfectly fine with them being end game; I need to see Junhee confess his feelings and see Yoon-jae's response. I know that they remain friends in the future but is Junhee openly gay and his friends still love and support him or is it still something only Shiwon knows? Also if my OTP doesn't workout (it ain't over till the last credits roll) please let Junhee have a great boyfriend or husband that adores him and be in a happily committed, mutual relationship.

    Much Love,

    Love is a journey through waters and stars, through suffocating air, sharp tempest of grain
    Han Yeo Reum Kang Tae Ha,  Discovery of Romance
  • MarchyMarchy Posts: 998Member


    News regarding this drama

    Could BtoB’s Yook Sung Jae be Seo In Guk’s Son in ′Reply 1997’?
    2012-09-04 16:20
    Photo Credit: BtoB’s Twitter

    Why BtoB’s Yook Sung Jae turned up at the set of tvN’s Reply 1997 has fans boggled at all the possibilities.

    On September 4, a new tweet was posted on BtoB’s official Twitter saying, “Reply melody,” and “WOW.”

    Two photos were included, one with Yook Sung Jae with A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji , who plays Sung Si Won in the drama.

    The second showed Yook Sung Jae posing with both Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk (Yoon Yoon Jae in the drama), who were making ‘Wow’ signs with their fingers and mouths, promoting BtoB in its upcoming endeavors, which will be revealed on September 12.

    But with Yook Sung Jae wearing a school uniform and known for being the doppelganger of Seo In Guk, it is being speculated that he will be making a cameo appearance for the drama, perhaps as Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk’s son.

    Upon seeing the photos, netizens asked, “Is Yook Sung Jae Seo In Guk’s son?” “Does this mean that Yoon Jae marries Si Won?” and “Father and son?”

    Source :

    Ps. I'm so into this drama...:)
    make me cry ang laugh at the same time. The writer is daebak...
  • ZarraJaeZarraJae I♥JYJ Posts: 2,763Member


    Not sure if this has been posted before but I find it so hilarious. It's the scene when YJ did his circumcision.

  • pink_gomdoripink_gomdori Posts: 53Member
    edited September 2012
    thank you thank you thank you pinkblossompatch!! I was DYING to get my hands on an ep summary / subs for the 13/14.... and so far you're the earliest to come out with one - thank you thank you thank you AGAIN, coz i swear i was all about to pull my hair out! 

    ep 13/14 had me on a high. i well and truly laughed out loud, punching fists in the air and basically carrying on like an idiot as i watched it ( even though ididn't understand what 99% of what was said ) i was so friggen anxious when i watched 11/12 , wanting to know how SW&YJ turned out after they met again 5 yrs later, and i'm glad the writers didn't disappoint. 

    Although, what in the world- why did the writer add in the part about daddy long leg's ending??? why is she still making us doubt how things are going to turn out? & the ending to ep 14 .... WHY DO THEY BOTH HAVE TO BE ON THE PHONE AT THE SAME TIME ??!??!?!?!? >O< & THEY BOTH HAVE THE SAME PHONES IN THEIR HANDS TOO!! KYAAAAAAA!!!! * pulls out hair * 

    now, the waiting game starts all over again.... *sigh* there wasn't even a preview to wet our appetites *pouts* 

    the preview shows tells us nothing!!! but i'm still happy coz FINALLY YJ is going to fight for his love ... * happy dance * 

    totally fangirling Gong Yoo
    Answer Me, 1997 FTW
  • dapinaymrsdapinaymrs Posts: 457Member, New Member


    Aha. I knew Shi Won confessed in the that old car. "I like you. I'm saying I like you. Not as a friend, but as a man"

    Thanks to @pinkblossomspatch, I now have a bit of confidence of my understanding of Hangul (even if it's this teeny tiny~~kekekekeke).

    Rewatching Eps 13 and 14 :)
  • kdramafan43v3rkdramafan43v3r Posts: 624Member


    Btw, first time posting on this thread. I'm so deliriously happy over the last episode. So many revelations and done just right without the exaggerated dramatics usually kdrama hands out to us. It was so honest and heartwarming. Other kdramas should learn from Answer Me 1997 that revelations and confrontations doesn't equate to shouty hysterics. 

    Given that we are already rejoicing about that kiss, there's still room for more celebration as episode 13-14 got an amazing 3.7% on average and a peak of 4.7% even higher than their previous episode 11-12. 

    '신드롬' 된 <응답하라 1997>, 또다시 최고시청률 경신


    tvN <응답하라 1997>이 다시 한 번 최고시청률을 경신했다. 

    CJ E&M은 5일 "13화와 14화 방송분이 평균시청률 3.7%, 최고시청률 4.7%(TNmS 케이블 가입가구 기준, 이하 동일)를 기록하며 7주 연속 케이블TV 동시간대 1위를 차지했다"며 "이 수치는 지금까지 방송된 화수 중 평균시청률, 최고시청률 모두 최고에 달하는 것"이라고 밝혔다. 

    특히 여자 20~30대 시청층에서는 시청률이 9.1%까지 치솟기도 한 <응답하라 1997>은 방송 후에도 뜨거운 관심을 받으며 인기를 증명하고 있다. 또한 극중 윤태웅(송종호 분)이 성시원(정은지 분)에게 선물한 책 <키다리 아저씨>의 결말이나 태웅에게 적극적으로 대시하는 주치의로 깜짝 출연한 애프터스쿨의 주연도 커다란 화제를 모았다. 

    한편 4일 방송된 <응답하라 1997> 13·14화에선 2005년으로 시간을 옮겨 사회인이 된 주인공들의 모습을 담았다. 결말까지 단 2회가 남은 <응답하라 1997>은 각각 11일과 18일에 15화와 16화(최종화)를 방송할 예정이다.
  • camr_jemrcamr_jemr SeoulPosts: 24Member
    just wanna share... as i cant get over from yesterday's episode.
    hahah seems like is going crazy over it..
    as it shows in IMEDEO that the top video is the KISS and the 5th one is when ShiWon said she likes YoonJae inside the onata car
    kya kya kya!!
    Im sooooo happy for this drama...
    here's the screencap

  • knutsknuts Posts: 2,077Member


    did you know about this:

    "Shi Won and Yoon Jae" will be on Go Show on 7 September 2012

    “Acting-Dols” to Be Guests on “Go Show”

  • knutsknuts Posts: 2,077Member


    edited September 2012

    A Pink’s Eunji and Seo In Guk to hold a special stage on ‘M! Countdown’

    will be shown tomorrow Thursday, I think
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