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The most embarrassing thing that happened to you during class

WolleyishWolleyish SwedenPosts: 64Member
edited May 2012 in school zone
We all remember those moments were we really wish we could become as tiny as Stuart Little and just be lost in a black hole and forever forgotten. And we probably all got more than enough of embarrassing moments in our lives. Some happened at home, some at friends house but worse are probably those that happened in front of your classmates. People you barely know yet have to spend several hours everyday, year round. I thought it'd be fun to read other people's and at the same time letting go of your own embarrassing moments. So I guess I'll start off with my own.

This one happened last year actually. I was in my first year of High School and the first year was coming to an end. I was sitting at the front with my friends and more or less being bored. But still listening to what the teacher was saying, I think it was during a biology lesson. Anyways, I was lost in thoughts but still more or less recorded what the teacher was saying and suddenly the teacher said something I did not agree with. She mentioned something about Power Plants not being built to sustain aerial attacks (plane crashing in it). But I had recalled reading something different the day before (yes I'm a nerd and like to inform myself on useless stuff). Before I knew it I had practically yelled "No!" everyone stopped talking and I could just feel how everyone was looking at me. The teacher was just staring at me with big eyes. I didn't know what to do since I rarely try to speak during class. I could feel how everyone was expecting me to explain myself so I practically muttered "I mean, not that I know of, I recently read something stating the differ..." and well the teacher started explaining that she knew better "blabla..." and so on. So yeah I'll never forget the silence that settled when I raised up my voice like that and the stares. I still can't believed I talked back XD

Anyways, what is/are your embarrassing moments(s) that happened to you at school or during class?

"You cannot step in the same river twice" - Heraclitus "Seeing the world from a different point of view than the norm doesn't make you an idiot, not wanting to see it from others' point of view does."


  • Posts: 513Member


    In high school, we had to wear a school dress in summer, and one time, I was walking with my dress and school jumper on, with my bag ontop of my back. Our school bag was pretty big, and it would touch my bottom when I walked. What I didn't realise was the bag had slowly pulled my dress up so that my dress was so short my underwear was being exposed while I was casually strolling ... by myself. When I realised I was just a tad bit embarrassed.

  • KeyKey EnglandPosts: 2Member
    Hmmm once in school i fell asleep in class  because i was up all night watching a k-drama  XD but the teacher realized and thought she would be cool and get right behind me and scream in my ear good morning!!!!! i screamed and almost head butted her when i woke up and the whole class was staring at me ... i will remeber to never fall asleep in her lesson again.EVER! XD 
  • simpleangelsimpleangel Brooklyn, New YorkPosts: 2,095Member


    Farted in class, it was dead silent too.

    While sleeping, I hit my head against the desk. Fck.
  • `SWEETMEL0DY ;`SWEETMEL0DY ; Posts: 99Member
    omg. i've actually had TOO many embarrassing moments in school. 
    but i think the worst one is when I was in history class with my friend who
    sits right next to me and we sit waaaaay in the back but anyway,
     we were just trying to whisper to each other
    while our teacher was giving us a lecture (which we were supposed to be taking
    notes on). 
    I remember telling Riley (my friend) that the song 'Single Ladies' was stuck in my
    head and I legit started just dancing to the part where Beyonce sings the chorus
    and my teacher stops mid sentence and looks RIGHT at me and the WHOLE class looks
    and I freeze and she's like "what're you doing, Emma?" and OMGGGGGG.
    it was so embarrassing cuzz Riley burst out laughing and my face got tomato red...
    plus it didn't help that the kids were pretty much laughing at me...

    IT WAS BAD. 
  • zer0mgzer0mg Sunnyside, Up EggPosts: 536Member


    Sophomore year in AP World History class, I sat at the front of the room but behind my best friend. The teacher, not too far away from us, was giving a lesson.

    That day I was wearing a red plaid shirt, and the teacher just so happened to be wearing something similar. (Also note that I'm female, and the teacher is male.) Suddenly my best friend turns around and hands me a note that said, "You and teacher's name are wearing the same shirt today!" Instead of writing back, I immediately blurted out (and quite loudly, too), "NO, I'M NOT!" The teacher notices, stops the class, and comes over to us, asking what we were doing and what the note was about. My friend refused to show him the paper, so he just shrugged it off and continued with his lesson. He did chide us for writing notes during his class in general though.

    Maybe that was more embarrassing for my friend, since the teacher confronted her rather than me. I remember she also called him "pretty" one time--an apparently offensive word to tell a man--and he responded by calling her a "fat girl", just as a joke though. It was a moment we would keep bringing up to him, even years later.
  • ape123ape123 Posts: 42Member
    I'm a SAD person, and Someone talked to me in class then I started sweating hard and to make matters worse, I did weird things to make me stand out even more and I was dripping in sweat literally. This was just last year too and I'm still not really over it. Oh and I'm a girl which makes it even more worse! help mee how do I make a new topic
  • lunastellelunastelle California, USPosts: 1,176Member
    One time I fell asleep in class and I was dreaming that I tripped or something random like that and I woke up spazzing out in the middle of class...-_-
      Let`s take it to the s k y
  • Sun HappySun Happy Posts: 13Member
    Ooh.. in my school we have a piano class with those huge electronic pianos everywhere, and you usually wear headphones so no one else hears you. Well there's a cord that plugs into the piano, and if you unplug it, it plays SUPER loud.. Well I had my headphones on and was going at it, and someone unplugged my piano without me noticing. I was just so into it that I didn't notice and was playing everything out loud, the entire class was staring at me, but I was so focused I didn't realize anything. SEVERAL MINUTES went by, and finally my friend poked me on the shoulder. EVERYONE was laughing their butt off at me. I went totally red in the face (I could FEEL the blood rushing to my skin) and just shut the piano off and put my head down and cried the rest of the class period...

    This happened not once but several times. I got so paranoid about it every two minutes I would just stop what I was playing and look down to check the cord. Needless to say, I hate most people that were in that class with me now. Only a select few were mature enough to realize I got pranked and take it in a way that wasn't "She's so stupid!" way. Sad memories, but oh well :c
  • cinnachuucinnachuu Ontario,CanadaPosts: 57Member


    Last in year in English I ended up falling asleep in the middle of a lesson, and my friend thought it'd be funny to jab my side to wake me up, and I let out a sound that was somewhere in between a gasp and a scream.. The whole class and my teacher ended up teasing me about it for the rest of the week.

    And then there was one time where I ended up tripping in front of my whole science class while getting up to write an answer on the board. 

  • ladyofspringladyofspring Posts: 17Member
    One time I had arrived at school quite late,so I decided not to hurry because I was going to be late anyway (or so I thought) so I was walking calmly to my classroom when I heard the final bell ring ,so I began to run to be on time (because if you're late you need to show up at school an hour earlier the next day =/) so as I entered the classroom, I hit my knee against the wall and I tripped. My classmates laughed their heads ofXD
  • nejingemerregnnejingemerregn Posts: 15Member
    Walked in first day of school into my classroom just took a random seat next to some random guy, after 40 min of wait I noticed that the guy was my ex and that he had tried to talk to me, but he failed since I was listening to music with my in-ear headphones.
  • douxleurreedouxleurree U.SPosts: 26Member
    edited November 2012
    During a meeting I accidentally hit this girls butt... I hit it really hard till this day she thinks I'm a lesbian -.-
  • veggiefoodveggiefood Viet NamPosts: 8Member
    I was like a mad man when I was playing the role of a thief in a drama in the university. I always feel ashamed about this.
  • JustchillinJustchillin 영원히 Posts: 1,775Member


    Most embarrassing got to be when me and my classmates had this chance to tell jokes in front of the whole class and when it was my turn, i cracked a joke and grinned after while everyone remained silent and i can hear those "kroo kroo kroo" in my head and then suddenly my guy classmate shouted, "that was corny." :C
  • Yasunori ShionoYasunori Shiono Posts: 97Member
    Once upon a long loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng time ago on a hoooooooooot day.... I was jogging behind some hot girls during physical class with their nice sweating body.  So close, could practically smell their warm smeltering aromatic bodily fragrance.  Next thing you know, trying to compete to be the number one at the finish line was getting harder and harder and HARDER............ had no choice but to jog slowly in a hunchback position cleverly concealing myself in my oversize sweaty sticky uniform til I finished at the very end as the very last.........  I tried I tried, guess couldn't compete with the babes.  ^:)^ :-??
  • DollicDollic U.S.A.Posts: 247Member
    edited January 2013
    It was during 5th period when I started feeling like I couldn't breathe.
    So I went to the bathroom and took off my bra, then shoved it into my bag.
    No big deal.
    A little while later I had to get some makeup from my bag, so I unzipped it and my bra stuck out.
    A girl next to me gave me a really weird look, but I ignored it and continued on with my business.
    I could already tell what was going through her head....nothing good for sure.

    Another embarrassing thing that happened to me was when I was in the bathroom and all the locks to the stalls were broken.
    I really needed to go so I just kept the door closed with my hand.
    Some random girl SHOVES the door open and I'm like...half naked practically. Panties are on but jeans are off.
    She starts apologizing rapidly and slams the door shut. There were other girls in the bathroom to witness everything, so I was pretty horrified.
    Maybe she was more horrified, though.

    There's more...but I'll stop. :I

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