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Welcome back, Soompiers!

We are excited to present the open beta version of Soompi 3.0! Our new site has been built from the ground up to give you an improved experience in terms of stability, speed, and design. We hope you will find it to be faster and more stable. We also hope you will enjoy all the new features we have to offer, such as autosave drafts, tags, badges, and better integration between the main site and forum content.

The site is still in beta mode, and as such, there are still a few problems we need to solve. The most significant issue is that users cannot edit their forum posts. (During the closed beta, it seemed that users were able to edit their posts, but when we were migrating the data, we noticed some problems for the first time. At that point, it was a choice between keeping the site offline until we could fix it, or opening up the site but not allowing people to edit their forum posts; we went with the latter option because we thought you would prefer it.) Other issues are that the old reputation points do not currently show up on the posts (though they do in people's profiles), and there are also some problems with formatting in certain posts and signatures. We expect to solve these problems within the next few days and weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Those of you who are having trouble logging in may need to try accessing the site through the left panel, as shown below:


Other than that, please let us know if you find any errors or have any questions! You can reply to this thread or start a new topic in this forum, or you can email with your input. For technical issues, it helps if you can provide screenshots as well as tell us which operating system and browser you use. Your input is necessary for us to be able to identify and fix the problems, so please help us by letting us know what we need to improve!

Thanks for all your patience and support! Our staff has worked very hard to bring you this site, and we really hope that it's been worth the effort!

- Team Soompi



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