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Girls: Guy With A Cartilage Piercing?

techniquetechnique Jersey 201Posts: 281Banned
i was considering getting a cartilage piercing. im a guy.
only if my parents approve.
but what do u guys think?


  • NamineNamine chu chu kya kya ? Posts: 4,534Member


    (: i think it should be fine.
    i like it when a guy has a cartilage piercing, just not TOO many piercings though.
    do you already have any other piercings?

    but only if your parents approve!
  • addickshunaddickshun ?:emki. ♥:hidden location.Posts: 12,449Member
    one is fine. more than one is ugly image
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  • techniquetechnique Jersey 201Posts: 281Banned the hell do i convince them?
    i already got one lobe
  • treehunnytreehunny 티파니 CaliforniaPosts: 2,016Member
    i like it, it's hot. you could just wait until you're 18 and do whatever the hell you want.
  • angelcadexangelcadex USAPosts: 2,580Member


    lol i told my guy he'd look sexy with one=]
  • JuliaJulia IllinoisPosts: 1,869Member


    i think it`s hawt :]
    unless yuu have a bunch of other piercingts too ...

  • crackednutcrackednut MassachusettsPosts: 5,562Member
    cartilage piercings a LOT more manly than lobe piercings, so I don't see a problem with it
    then again...I have a thing for guys with piercings and tatts, so yeaaa image

    an industrial would be super sweet
  • meena pwns ? wonderful-land.Posts: 3,168Member
    it's nice
    especially with 1 lobe piercing ^^
  • desertseatingoceansdesertseatingoceans ????? Toronto, CanadaPosts: 6,584Member
    As long as you don't have too many, it looks fine.
  • SanochiSanochi HK+UKPosts: 170Member
    QUOTE (Sanochi @ Feb 13 2008, 02:35 PM) »
    I think having the top cartilage pierced on a guy is hot, normal lobe piercing are overrated on a guy image

    EDIT: inner tragus piercings on a guys even better image

  • JoannaJoanna ☆インテツ☆ Posts: 10,102Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2008
    i dont mind as long as the guy can pull it off and then it looks hot xD
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  • aliceeealiceee Posts: 402Member


    I knew a guy who had his cartilage pierced... along with both ears so it blended in pretty well. He was known to be quite the metro guy though... nontheless he was also really hot and pulled it off really well. Just wear it with confidence and I'm sure it'll look great :]

  • HemeraHemera Posts: 4,350Member


    conch area, yes

    avatar ~ thiisgiirL
  • Lemon_Retard_<3Lemon_Retard_<3 Posts: 212Member
    i think you should get an eyebrow peircing image they look soo hot on guys!
    but obviously, it would have to be on the opposite side from your cartilage peircing if you get one! image
  • bebe.junnifurbebe.junnifur AsiaPosts: 153Member
    i think it looks hot image
    but i hear it gets infected easily.. so please take care of it well =]
  • MaipcrkiylMaipcrkiyl Lee Jonghyun <3 Posts: 1,962Member


    Only if it fits with their looks. o.o
  • janetjpgjanetjpg californiaPosts: 523Member
    you gotta have the right look to pull it off
    & if you can pull it off, that's hottt (:
  • deppstardeppstar SingaporePosts: 3,375Member
    it's fine with me.

    I have one too, so i can't say he can't has it =)
  • STAR_x.STAR_x. Posts: 6,724Friend of Soompi


    i like it ^^ hahah, i think its hot.
    avatar by Haejin
  • YEHJIN.YEHJIN. ??? ?? <>< NJPosts: 2,222Friend of Soompi
    i loveeeeeeee guys with cartilage piercing.
    idk why, but a lot of piercings on guys are REALLY attractive, even though i think it looks ridiculous on girls.
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