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I Just Dyed My Hair A Very Dark Brown, How To Lighten It To Light Brown?

I just dyed my hair to lavender brown. It looks like black.

Other than bleaching to achieve light brown, is there other way?

I don't wanna bleach as it's VERY damaging to hair.

Pls advise!! image
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  • m&dlm&dl Posts: 7Member
    QUOTE (vivianlly @ Feb 13 2008, 07:35 PM) »
    I just dyed my hair to lavender brown. It looks like black.

    Other than bleaching to achieve light brown, is there other way?

    I don't wanna bleach as it's VERY damaging to hair.

    Pls advise!! image

    I've seen a lot of girls walk through my salon with the same problem!!

    If the color that you dyed your hair is darker than your natural hair color, then there is no way you can make it lighter other than bleaching it. if you try to color it lighter with a different dye, the color will most likely not show up or it'll only work on the new roots coming out....

    you can try to remove it with a remover (i forget what it's called...but they have it at drugstores) but that's also damaging...probably not as damaging as bleaching, but it's going to be a lot of work.

    if you really want to change it, seek professional help...don't mess with it because it'll just be a pain in the Richard Simmons in the end.

    good luck! image
  • nayrevolinayrevoli Posts: 129Member
    edited February 2008
    lol, i was going to say bleach it first. but if you don't wanna do that, i guess you could try using a reallyreally light color, like blonde, and then dye it again to the color you want. the only thing is you have to wait a couple days, lol, cause dying your hair right after another is bad. even though i've done it haha

    oh and i agree with the person above me, go to a salon or something cause they probably know what to do
  • agiriagiri makeup, how i love thee! CAPosts: 807Friend of Soompi
    Your only option is pretty much dying your hair w. a color that as bleach in it. Regardless of what you do though, you're going to incur noticeable hair damage. D:
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  • forgottenmemoriesforgottenmemories Under the same blue skyPosts: 3,589Member
    Your only option is probably bleaching it. When I dyed my hair for the first time last month, the hair color didn't show up on my hair either. I actually had my friend (who goes to beauty school) dyed my hair, and she told me the only way to get it lighter is to bleach it, so she bleached it for me. And let me tell yah, it wasn't fun at all. The bleach made my skin burn/itch. But its actually not as damaging as you think. My hair is still way nice, soft and shiny like it was before I dyed it. You just need to take care of it correctly. I usually mix my color care shampoo with honey and massage my head everyday, and then I use color care conditioner afterwards. It looks great, its like as if I never bleached it, my hair is still way healthy. As long as you don't bleach it too often, your hair should be fine.
  • bobo_vivibobo_vivi bobo~ AustraliaPosts: 23Member
    you dont really have to dye your hair again thats to damaging try not to use bleach cause it makes ur hair really bad >.< what i do is have a base color for your sake its dark brown then i just highlight my hair with blonde or natural blonde streaks taht realli work well ^^ trust me after few washes eveythings combined making your hair look like its lighter than before ^^
  • dipNdotdipNdot Posts: 75Member
    ooh ooh I'm dying my hair to a really dark brown right now (waiting for the time to pass by)

    you should always wait a week or two to change the color otherwise your hair will get burn

    in the meantime, you can always wash your hair and see if the color change. I've noticed that when I wash my hair after getting it dyed, the color gets lighter.

    after the 2 weeks period you can get a lighter shade like a blonde shade will most likely work for you if you leave it on your hair for at least 25-45 minutes.

  • Fascination StreetFascination Street everywhere&#33;Posts: 440Member
    don't spaz out, just wait like two weeks. The colour will have lightened by then. The same thing happened to me when I dyed my hair, I freaked out because I was used to my red hair and then BAM....dark brown hair. I wanted to dye it again, but I waited and I got used it (plus the color faded a bit).

    you never know, you might end up liking it. but if you do decide to dye it, wait for a bit and then get it done. also invest in a really nice deep conditioner
  • je_amourxje_amourx THINK BIG Posts: 3,391Member


    Continuous washing would be my only suggestion OR use lemon to lighten it up.
  • daisiedaisie EnglandPosts: 517Member


    like people have said, after you wash it it will lighten up a bit.

    and also, bleach is not as bad as it's made out to be. people act as if all your hair will fall out/the world will end if you use a bottle, but it doesn't take long for your hair to return to normal. just use an anti-breakage mask before and after.
  • addickshunaddickshun ?:emki. &#9829;:hidden location.Posts: 12,449Member
    you can only bleach it to make it lighter
    plus you're only bleaching once this time
    the damage wouldn't be that visible :x
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  • ketchup?ketchup? I'm going to give you candy. Posts: 1,771Friend of Soompi


    this probably will work for you since it did for me.
    when i was younger and i'd die my hair alot, it wouldn't turn out the way i wanted it to.
    so i went to the store and bought a product called LIGHTNING GEL.
    with every use your hair will become lighter. i suggest using this at night and showering in the morning so the gel can sink in.
    but yeah it should work!
  • EGLxEGLx Northern VirginiaPosts: 252Member


    keep shampooing it, everytime i color my hair black, when i shampoo it it fades and im stuck with brown again... shampoo a lot!
  • fragilyfragily Your closetPosts: 412Member
    Well, when I went to the salon, they dyed my hair dark brown, then they used this machine to make my hair lighter. So, everyonce in a while, they would ask me if it's light enough etc o_o
    But that's their special machine. To do it at home, no idea =X
    Sorry D:

    -Anitatata :D
  • tashaisasiantashaisasian n00bpwn3r ColoradoPosts: 273Member
    Squeeze lemon on your hair and let your hair soak up the juices. It's a natural bleach so don't worry.
    It'll lighten up your hair color in no time =]
  • missinumissinu ???~ ? Posts: 782Member
    wash it?! my brown turned to blonde -_____-. but i guess it's because i bleached it. and i don't really see any after effects of bleaching. my hair's still the same as before. =__________=
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  • joolee.joolee. i <3 l e e h y o r i ! Vancouver, BCPosts: 11,349Member


  • Michiyo Yakito-chanMichiyo Yakito-chan Little &quot;Red Dot&quot; on the map.Posts: 487Member
    No worry! When i first dye my hair brown, it turn out so dark. After a few wash, it starts to fade and turn to a light brown ><! Too bad i had to dye it back black.
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  • RainFan4everRainFan4ever USPosts: 1,132Member
    That is when you need to seek for a professional help. Don't attempt to fix it, it will only get worse. Although I have done that before dying my hair way to dark maybe like dark brown, and it didn't look good on me at all, what I want was light brown, but with a blondish look to it. I didn't go to professional, but I waited for at least a week before I used a blonde color and then it turn out the way I wanted it, not too brown nor too blonde, but when the light hits it, it looks a little brown-blondish so I was happy the way it turned out, and it didn't damage my hair since I have a good hair, I do deep condition after than so my hair won't break.
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  • SUPER.NANASUPER.NANA Posts: 2,193Friend of Soompi


    I don't think it's that hard to get sorta a light brown color.

    I used Miss Clairol 6R Red Compliment . It was red at first but then after 2 days it faded into brown. From there, I used Sun-In Spray-In Hair Lightener. You have to use the Sun-In through out your whole head, and make sure it's evenly sprayed on.
  • lindawg102lindawg102 Posts: 20Member
    Try the color glaze by John Frieda (available in most drug stores). I tried it once, when my hair was naturally black, and it lightened it to a medium brown. Good luck =]
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