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Nu Skin Acne Product

does anyone use it?
my mom just got me this acne product today and i want to know if this actually works. i've already used proactiv and many other things but it never actually helped so im just curious if Nu Skin is good from other peoples point of view


thanks a lot =]


  • chiuuychiuuy the bayPosts: 435Member
    i used it for.. a year or two. although expensive. it does work.
    however. different people different skin types.
    i changed to another brand because nu skin does take some time- leaving the bubble foam on and what not.
    tingly feelings. and the night cream works wonders overnight.
    i do recommend this product.
  • lostlost une Your MemoriesPosts: 1,338Friend of Soompi
    My mother also ordered this for me last year, and though I was hesitant about using it at first, I absolutely love it now. It does take awhile though, but you can gradually see your skin improve.
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  • emily_91emily_91 Posts: 565Member
    i love works really well..i still occasionally get random pimples but most of the time my skin is good when i use this
  • perfectperfect Posts: 550Friend of Soompi
    I am getting this product soon, and I feel so much better after reading that it works.
    I was a little iffy about buying it but my mom convinced me.
  • ashleybabyashleybaby Posts: 82Member
    i use those exact same products
    i tried a lot of products before but they never worked
    but this one has definitely shown great results =]

    one of the problems, though, is that i always finish the first one really quickly
    and im left with the remaining three
    and then i'd have to buy the whole pack again =_=

    yj moment
  • inn0centxsm1leinn0centxsm1le Posts: 48Member
    ohhh awesomee~=]
    i'm glad it works
    how long did it take to see the results?
  • jasmineteajasminetea Posts: 1,404Member
    I also tried it though it ran out (T_T)!!!

    It does work! I love this products and I've tried everything from over the counter medicines to actually getting a product from a dermatologist and this one worked the best so far! I actually tried Proactive like you but got zero results. The only bad thing about this product is the price. I can't afford it anymore!!! I wish I could. ^^;;; Just try it and remember it does take awhile for anything to work. Stick to it for months.
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  • strawberrii chuuustrawberrii chuuu ㅜㅜ Posts: 1,300Member


    i'm wondering if anyone else has been using this recently?

    i've been using the night treatment & the face wash.. but lately, my skin is flaking up like crazy... and i have two-three huge under the skin pimples...
    i'm not sure if i should continue the products or notttt
  • teaispinkteaispink TaiwanPosts: 1,586Member


    QUOTE (d o l c e vita @ Feb 28 2010, 03:06 PM) »
    i'm wondering if anyone else has been using this recently?

    i've been using the night treatment & the face wash.. but lately, my skin is flaking up like crazy... and i have two-three huge under the skin pimples...
    i'm not sure if i should continue the products or notttt

    For some people when they use this product they break out a lot even before, that is only because they have a lot of dirty stuff under their skin that you can't normally see. Once you use this product for another month or two your pimples will slowly go away. So don't worry, just continue using it.

    However, if you sleep late, stress a lot or eat unhealthy food (fried, oily, fast food and etc) then its definitely not because of the product but because of your health.
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  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    edited February 2010
    nu skin is a good brand.
    i haven't tried these type of products of theirs because i don't break out very easily.. its only when i cant wash my face for one day for some sort of reason. or eat A LOT and i mean a lottt of junk food on that day image

    i have their basic cleanser for combination to oily skin, and their moisturiser with spf. they both work really well, but i have to say the moisturiser leaves a film(shininess) behind that takes a while for the skin to absorb. but i think thats ok because it only happens during very hot and humid days.. it moisturises very well but i cant comment on the spf haha image, but people HAVE been saying my face is very pale compared to the rest of my body.

    their products are pretty expensive though. but a little of the stuff do go a long way, so dont put too much.

    PS. it took a while for my skin to not be acne-prone. it slowly calmed down as i used my cleanser & moisturiser.. for about 1 yr or so. however, thats not the aim of the product i used so thats not too bad =)
  • I'm happy with their hair products... It made my frizzy hair manageable.. image my mom uses their skin care products and she looks good...
  • low3131low3131 moscowPosts: 245Member
    my mom got this for my birthday present... the only skincare products that worked on me..i've tried clearasil,chanel,skinfood,kose,shiseido and biotherm and loreal but nothing works and i've actually given up with skin care products... when i put this on the pimples slowly dissapeared but i can't say the same about the scars ( 2 years to completely get rid of the scars). but i've stopped using this products as my skin is pretty dry now. i switched to ponds and olay for mosturising..
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