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What Kind Of Headphones Do You Have/use?



  • hamster428hamster428 Posts: 1,002Member


    edited February 2008
    UE 3's... radio shack version. heaps cheaper than original colors of black, white, and clear.

    here's a user image with the case:
    sorry for the crappy pic, but my old camera's been loosing its focus >< if you can make it out in the fuzzy pic, you can see that the double-flange tips have been cut off, bootleg-style. UE definitely didn't make their stuff for ppl with small ears. i found that the top flange of the double-flange tip is smaller than the smallest single-flange tip, so i chopped them down to the correct height and snapped them on. would've liked to try that with a triple-flange, but UE don't make those.

    ppl complain they stick out of their ears, which looks funny. but my hair covers them up anyway image good noise isolation. ok to good sound quality, depending on what you're plugging it to. my shuffle- eh~, my speakers - woah!
    <3 Yoon Kye Sang, Im Joo Hwan, Chilbong
  • foreverxloveforeverxlove ^ earth &lt;3Posts: 1,675Member
    Panasonic RPHS6S earphones!

  • PogichinoyPogichinoy I &#9829; SydneyPosts: 7,272Member


    I have standard Ipod ones. I've neglected getting the nice looking Bang and Olufson chunky headphones because it'll ruin my hair. image
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  • 0oyokisuo00oyokisuo0 ? ?MUSIC? ? La JollaPosts: 5,124Friend of Soompi
    use to have sony earbuds and headphones. one broke (the right ear sound was sooo light oO) and the other one got chewed by my cat...=_____________= now i use cosonic stereo headphone (i dont use it that much thought) and just regular ipod headphone. hmm im thinking of getting new earbuds and the mix-style stereo headphones =D
  • apparitionapparition Future Imperfect Posts: 1,270Member
    edited February 2008
    got 2 pairs. nothing special really, but they're way better than the stock ipod earbuds.

    imagesony mdr-ex51
    imagesony mdr-q22

    i wouldnt mind some nice full headphones for home use, but i really dont know which ones to get. image
  • jello24jello24 Surrey the City of Weed, BCPosts: 439Member
    edited February 2008
    Sony MDR-V6... my first true set of cans, bass-heavy, if you complain about lack of bass in your iPod, put these on. they're a walking bass amplifier. they are also damn durable. I sleep in them actually. and i havent felt any crushing frames yet.
  • spirit uhweyspirit uhwey Room No. 3Posts: 112Member
    Sennheiser HD 485
  • SquirrelySquirrely to your beat san,friscoPosts: 165Member
    i think the regular ipod earbuds look nice and clean, but that's about it,,
    i use skullcandy w/s lowriders, probably gonna buy a white hesh
    i have these pink iLuv ones i never use (cheap but actually better than ipod ones imo)
    and i have a pair of swimmer but i lend it to friend.. who moved to ny and never got chance to give them back to me LOL =w=``
  • hungrycollegeboyhungrycollegeboy Orange CountyPosts: 2,089Member


    I have skullcandy and logitech wireless
  • kokichikokichi San Jose, CAPosts: 1,539Member


    I use the regular ipod ones, which suck.
  • kYukYu springfield, vaPosts: 39Member
    i got the bose in ear headphones and sennheiser hd555


    its the woowoo family
  • x`aNNiie.x`aNNiie. AustraliaPosts: 3,505Member


    I just have the normal ipod earphones, i go through 1 per 4 months.
    I can't stand the squishy ones for some reason.


  • Raito!Raito! Posts: 2,008Member


    i use vmoda headphone, out of all the headphone i used, they are the best. Very comfortable and very nice music output in my opinion

  • simplejoysimplejoy Posts: 1,354Member
    hrm the headphones that came with my Juke.
    *credits to my fellow LLJer <3
    Lalla Shoppe <3
  • bigfatPANDAbigfatPANDA I'm not really a panda. Bay Area, California Loves: 2PM&amp;SHINeePosts: 2,162Member
    skullcandy lowriders in blue.
    or the earphones that came with my ipod & mplayer.

  • djc89djc89 USA: NC, MNPosts: 55Member
    edited February 2008
    QUOTE (djc89 @ Feb 12 2008, 03:11 AM) »
    The only pair I'm using right now is a pair of Audio Technica canalphone/IEMs (ATH-CK5).

    For my purposes, they work well. Isolation is adequate. Sound is good, except for the bass (but that happens with all earbuds/IEMs right? I mean you can only pack so much power in something the size of a fingernail). I really like the support loop things. They really do help keep the earpieces in the right place. Plus they were fairly inexpensive.

    That said...I'm not much of an audiophile.

    So a couple of days after I posted this, the left side of my AT's went kaput. It was probably just a bad connection somewhere, but I decided to save myself the hassle of fixing it and opted for a new pair. Bought a pair of JVC FX-66s canalphones...All I can say is wow. The bass is incredible for such a cheap IEM ($18)...even right out of the box, w/o burn in. It also comes with a variety ear tips, 3 sizes of rubber pairs and 1 foam pair. The foam pair provides the best isolation and sound, but is too fussy for me when I'm out and about. So I bring the medium rubber tips with me leaving the foamies back at the dorm in case i need the extra silence. The support loops I loved so much in my AT's were replaced by these air cushion support things. They work fairly well, although at this point I still like the support loops. Once I get used to them, they'll probably end up being more comfortable then the loops.

    They're highly regarded as the cheap IEM to get at head-fi and the rest of the audiophile world.

    image I am a minor audiophile after all.
    ( ^∀^)411(゚Д ゚ ;)
  • bokaboka MelbournePosts: 2,753Friend of Soompi
    shure se530s - they're quite durable, they've been out in the rain countless times (i'm having bizarre weather here), and i've ran over them a few times on my chair aswell. sound quality is good.
    ^ pic is from my review in the MP3 subforum from last year
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  • TangalanGTangalanG UKPosts: 251Member
    QUOTE (cathyy_ @ Feb 15 2008, 08:45 AM) »
    iPod earphones..

    lol yah..XD me too.

    i was thinking of getting some new headphones when i go to hong kong. i dont want them to be too oversized? those ones with a star one the side looks cool, but is the sound quality good?
    can anyone recommend any to me?
    any help would be gud. thankkss =]
  • Yuna N.Yuna N. an epik state of mind your fridge`s iceboxPosts: 2,006Friend of Soompi
    Sony MDR-710LP (Hight Quality & Ultra-Compact Foldable Headphones)
    Skullcandy Lowrider (Silver)
    Skullcandy Smokin Buds (Black)
    Bose On-Ear Headphones

    My babies <3 ~

  • NO NAME?NO NAME? Posts: 5,932Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2009
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