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☜♥☞~[official] Kim Yoo Bin 김유빈 Picture Thread~☜♥&



  • lilf4ntasylilf4ntasy australiaPosts: 1,112Member


    i love yoobin ^^
    she a great rapper hehehe
    i hope to hear her sing more tho
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  • aleenaaleena singaporePosts: 714Member
  • Ass3navAss3nav Posts: 463Member
    OMG I LOVE YOU!! I'm so glad some one finally made a Yoobin thread ^__^
    Thank you, thank you, thank yooooou image

    I seriously can't get enough of this sexy rapper, I'll definately be stalking this thread for suuurrre. LOL.
    The gifs of her are soo cute, altho I can't see alot of them due to my slow comp image

    Oh, did I forget to say thank you and I love you for making this thread. LOL. Don't mind my craziness, I'm like this when I'm excited image
  • hypocritehypocrite Posts: 964Member


    YooBin....puahahahaha...that picture of her legs just cracked me up! She's so lovely, and she in wonder girls just so perfect !!! I cant imagine Wonder Girls without YooBin...
  • I<3SunSunYeMiI<3SunSunYeMi Posts: 4,411Member


    she's the real deal image
    yoobin hwaiting! image
    JYP Smiley Girlz
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  • arcoirisarcoiris Posts: 191Member
    ayyyyyyyy~~ YooBin <333333

    I love her!!!

    she's soooooo aweome ^ - ^

    thx a lots~~~~~
  • jinjin<3jinjin<3 ?? USAPosts: 967Member
    I always thought I was the only one who thought Yoo Bin looks like Shin Ji. I'm glad I'm not alone.
  • *lyrynne**lyrynne* 내맘깊은속에서~바로 윤리더 있는 곳이다~♪♫ &#44284;&#52380;&#49884;, &#44221;&#44592;&#46020;Posts: 4,554Member


    yey!! there's a thread!! thanks for the pics...
    love her...
    she's really pretty and SEXY~
    i thought she got a tan but lol it's natural...
  • koreangirl143koreangirl143 ??.Jihoo, UR my man.?? BIGBANG.ISLAND.Posts: 2,979Member
    yoobin has got to be my 'soul sista' image
    i love LOVELOVELOVE... =)
    fOur.One.One.&BEAUTY BLOG
  • HanMaiHanMai ? ? ? c r a z y l a n dPosts: 235Member
    edited January 2008
    l0vel0vek0rean I love you : D
    thx for created very good thread like this
    i love yoobin image

    i do need to know where is this pic from ? cuz i haven't see before TT TT could u plz tell me ~


    credit for ai0no0ff
    credit : mirima2244
  • Manyhx3Manyhx3 Wonderful <3 Wonderland ^_^Posts: 6,114Member


    I love Yoobin's unnie spam ^^
    It's fabolous... - fantastic ^^ !!!! Really I love to see all of these love for her and her amazing pictures!!!
    I prefer her with her real hair!!!

    lol on the cap where she doesn't have make up! that really reminds me of the self ca they took.. where the camera guy told her she's sweet potato and she told him to not call her sweet potato but black bean!
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  • xCookiesxCookies ? Posts: 2,194Member
    AHh a thread on YooBin, I think she's ad pretty. I contribute if I have some pictures of Yoobin, btw loving all the gifs image
    Icon © psychedelic @ LJ
  • XlYesterdaYlXXlYesterdaYlX San FranciscoPosts: 1,979Member
    thank god she's 18. she can be my favorite out of the group now haha.
  • Booger FaceBooger Face processed cheese. NorCalPosts: 2,896Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (XlYesterdaYlX @ Jan 23 2008, 11:11 AM) »
    thank god she's 18. she can be my favorite out of the group now haha.

    She's 19/20
  • XlYesterdaYlXXlYesterdaYlX San FranciscoPosts: 1,979Member
    QUOTE (Booger Face @ Jan 23 2008, 11:13 AM) »
    She's 19/20

    19 if we have to be ever so precise.
  • c i e l`c i e l` Paris &#9829;Posts: 3,205Member


    Yoobin is so HOT!
    I LOVE YOU for doing this thread! haha XD
    I LOVE HER !

    Soo pretty >< cute and hot at the same time haha

  • ddalgi<3ddalgi<3 Posts: 489Member
    love herr
    hahahaha OMG! whoever made that huge collage of yoobin's legs/butt/ crazyyyyyy xDDD h'omg.
    shocked me.
    haha thanks for sharing
    love the wondergirls

    & 2PM ,baby !

    avatar by beautifulxmess :)
  • miyama21miyama21 DBSK?WG BIG BANG&#9829;SNSDPosts: 157Member
    yoobin is so pretty and good rapper..!! she's my favorite in WG.

    thanks for the pictures..!!:D:image

  • JennifaJennifa New YorkPosts: 215Member
    She's hot, I prefer her with long hair rather than short hair.
  • Mr.SaturdayMr.Saturday Posts: 373Banned
    She's so pretty, but her voice sometimes makes me laugh.
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