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Hair Dyed? How Many Times Can I Dyed In A Month?

MizzprEEETyMizzprEEETy Posts: 4,652Member


I had recently died my hair a week ago.
I am planning to dye it again sometime this week. I'm thinking about using two bottle.
Will my hair fall out? I heard if you dye your hair three time in a month it's not good....So I was wondering.



  • sglolligirlddsglolligirldd Posts: 652Member
    no it wont fall out ahaha
    my friend...hez a model in japan...n he once had his hair dyed 3 times a wk...ewww it was dry
    but other than that nothing else...jus damages ur hair
  • `LANE`LANE ? ???? philadelphiaPosts: 8,227Friend of Soompi


    it'll become dry and extra damage. thats about it.

    i've dyed my hair 2 times in a month.. heck in 1 week.

    but normally, i like to wait 3 months.

    but beforehand, i will let you know i bought this brand new for almost $400

    http://i41.Richard Simmons/33kvj15.jpg
  • PogichinoyPogichinoy I ♥ SydneyPosts: 7,272Member


    So long as you condition and use hair treatments weekly, your hair should be fine if you dye it weekly or every few days.

    Keep in mind that everyone's hair is different and if you sense yours is dying, obviously change your routine. image
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  • MizzprEEETyMizzprEEETy Posts: 4,652Member


    Thanks guys=]

    I think I'll just use one bottle first, just to lighten up the color=]
  • forgottenmemoriesforgottenmemories Under the same blue skyPosts: 3,589Member
    I just dyed my hair literally 3 times this week. Lol. The first time I've EVER dyed my hair was last friday, I got it done by my friend from beauty school but the color didnt' show up cause my hair was too dark. And then the second time was today, I actually bleached it and then dyed it. But this time it was too blonde, so my friend re-dyed it to a darker shade. I'm so scared my hair is gonna fall out! But my hair still feels healthy right now. Heheh. So you should be fine. [:
  • NanaNana ??? IllinoisePosts: 2,784Member
    Your hair won't fall out but it will get extremely damaged.
  • posh_spiceposh_spice Posts: 52Member
    I bleach and dyes my hair 4 times in a week last year...huhu...dont like the result tho..
  • skye.skye. top's heart. Posts: 1,849Member
    edited January 2008
    No. Your hair won't fall out. You'll just start the damaging process of your hair.

    I dyed, bleached, dyed, dyed, bleached, dyed my hair in one day. I think just 7 hours. Yeah.
    So I use hair products so my hair won't damage.
  • JaroroJaroro Le FOBtographer the PhilippinesPosts: 638Member
    aaa id id this haha! XD, sicn ei was in modeling and stuff ive to change and dye my hair like more than 3 time sin a month XD
    u can see the dates i put in there, >__<'

    to be honest i knew it would damage my hair. so yeah afetr a few months i then get my hair rebonded and i get treatments during the proces and stuff. to avoid too much damage that it wud really fall out XD

    the thing is dying is not that much HARMFUL than BLEACHING, u can bleach only once in 3 months!!!! PLS REMEMBER THAT ><' cos you'll have a tremendous hair fall going on there.. ~_~'

    hair dyes are a very very mild process than bleach. so its oke, JUST MAKE SURE YOUR GOING TO DO HAIR TREATMENTS TOO.

    and soem tips for ya ^^'
    - try mixing a small amount of your hair dye (make sure the dye is mixied with its oxidizing lotion already) with your conditioner. so u can keep your color and i twont fade out so fast
    - i only use conditioner, like for ever XD, i only use shampoo like rarely when i really feel itchy on scalp, make sure your shampoo doesn't contain MINTS! OAO, it'd really fade out your VIBRANT RED to ORANGE after using that mints 7x! OAO;)/
    - its really optional to wrap your hair on foil right after applying the dye/bleach. ^^'i really dun feel the diff, but when u wrap it with foil right after, i think it'll get more radiant on colors.
    - make sure youll be usign the right oxidizing lotion ^^; hehe the higher % the darker the color will show the lwoer the lighter.

    umm thats all i know for now. ive learned it form my designer XD so credz to her
  • mAy0_xYo0jmAy0_xYo0j MaySheng! MinnesotaPosts: 193Member
    Yeahhh, i heard your supposed to only dye your hair every 3 monthes.
    Becuase itdamages your hair. >_<
  • addickshunaddickshun ?:emki. &#9829;:hidden location.Posts: 12,449Member
    you can dye as much as you want but you're gonna damage it bad.
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  • monchichimonchichi ?Muh-muh-muh My Shirota? Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 3,494Friend of Soompi
    Your hair will become dry and brittle if you do it more than once a week.

    My mum's a hairdresser and she says you always should wait at least 1 week before redying your hair again to avoid serious damage.
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