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[drama 2008] Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생 (la Dolce Vita)



  • reddynamitezreddynamitez Posts: 364Member


    i just started on this drama.i'm on episode 6 right now. So far it's really good. it's a very mature drama. hopefully they'll get recognize for their acting...
  • lililili Posts: 583Member


    QUOTE (jtranla @ Jul 12 2008, 05:42 PM) »
    Hi lili - I just checked the link, everything looks correct to me.

    helooo 'jtranla'.....
    sorrie and thanks....
    l got it right already........ image
  • blue_roseblue_rose Posts: 115Member
    edited July 2008
    hm........I am not sure what exactly JS is up to now but he seems to make things worse for HJ?? Ok, I was stunned he just showed up in the kitchen and pretended he just came back from a long pleasant vacation. Did he forget what transpired the last time he was with this woman in his apt and what he said to her in his semi delirious state of mind??? Ok, did he get upset when she start asking him about the 'revenge' thing again during dinner? She has the right ask if that was all about revenge right? Hm..........I hope all this will make sense and I will not hate JS at the end because his behavior is really confusing now.

    I think JS is trying to trick Da Ae to go to Paris by telling her he is coming. That woman is so clueless........... image

    I don't understand this part either, if JS is tyring to keep her away until he resolve things or whatever why did he keep showing up at her place?? The minute she arrive at home after DW & JS went at each other at JS's apt.............guess who waited outside her apt?? What was JS doing there?? trying to explain his behavior at his house?? or to hurt her even more?? I find JS really unstable and semi psychotic sometimes. As for DW.........I think DW was making a big bafoon of himself today (as always).

    I know the ending is going to be tragic.........if the first ep is not anybody's imagination or fantasy, but I just hope it will be a satisfying one.
  • baduybaduy UKPosts: 2,958Member


    edited July 2008
    QUOTE (lili @ Jul 14 2008, 01:16 AM) »
    can we hv more links please........for episode 21 and 22
    somehow...l just cant get in to Aigoo...
    anyone of you encounter this problem....
    perhaps, its my unlucky day....... image

    Kokchong ma! I don't think President Kang has turned his sights on you instead of JS. Especially since, despite what Detective Park believes, I suspect Kang hasn't quite finished with JS yet...

    There are no downloadables on Aigoo itself: just links to where the heroically devoted and tireless Aigooers have put the goodies on Megaupload. And over the past 16 hours or so, the Megaupload servers have been doing a Joon Soo, though as yet they haven't jumped off a high building, though many of their frustrated users are coming close to that.

    So give Aigoo+Megaupload another chance a bit later. I think you aren't likely to get any more bigmail download links for 21 and 22 now. People post these on a first-come first-served basis, and for this drama in particular there are a lot of first-comers who grab them before you can blink, hitting the 100-download limit very soon.
  • baduybaduy UKPosts: 2,958Member


    edited July 2008
    QUOTE (blue_rose @ Jul 14 2008, 06:19 AM) »
    hm........I am not sure what exactly JS is up to now but he seems to make things worse for HJ?? Ok, I was stunned he just showed up in the kitchen and pretended he just came back from a long pleasant vacation. [snip] Ok, did he get upset when she start asking him about the 'revenge' thing again during dinner?

    I think JS is trying to trick Da Ae to go to Paris by telling her he is coming.

    I don't want to get drawn too far into bits of spoiling before I've been able to get my head round all the latest pieces of the puzzle that were in this weekend's scenes. Not that I'm arrogant enough to think I could solve the puzzle(s) then TADA!! them into a post; the best I can do is try to describe the shape of all the troublesome pieces as far as I can make it out, so that other people can head-scratch with me about how they are going to fit together when all is revealed next week. But I do want to avoid hasty mis-descriptions of the pieces because that would do nobody any good.

    But since I can see you've latched on to some very important things here, just a couple of remarks. What causes the misery in the second part of the JS/HJ scene in her apartment that spans the 21/22 cliffhanger is precisely HJ's deep unease at the way JS tries to pretend he's just been away having a bit of fun, nothing that would interest her.... What she's insisting on knowing is why he keeps on lying to her and concealing obviously important things about his life from her, and expecting her just to go along with that. And once more his reponse is in effect "that's none of your business, stop hassling me". And when that doesn't work, he again moves into serious heartbreak-causing mode. Where before, he drove her away from his apartment with his "vengeance" confession, now he claims he came to break up with her and proceeds to do just that, walking out and leaving her in despair, though she's still saying "No! I can't believe it" (not because she's stupid, but because, as she said to DA in the cafe, she believes her heart when it comes to JS, not his words -- let alone DA's words about him).

    And as for JS tricking DA about the Paris trip, there's an important clue to that in this same scene. As his parting shot, JS tells HJ that he's planning to leave soon for Paris with DA [So that's not an invention or plot of DW's, as viewers who can't follow the Korean might perhaps assume from the video alone]. He'll take DA up the Eiffel Tower, where she was too scared to go with Seong Goo [!!!], then probably on to Milan and to Spain to take in a few bullfights. Then he adds that he may never come back from Paris. Maybe he'll meet someone he can love there and settle down. Grotesque as this seems, there's a pattern here. On that previous traumatic occasion, JS told HJ had been motivated by a desire for vengeance against the man who ruined DA, intending her to misunderstand that as a confession that he had callously targetted her (HJ) to get back at DW, whereas he was "secretly" confessing to murdering SG, who in his eyes was the real "ruiner" of DA. And so now, he's telling HJ what he thinks "he" will do in Paris, but what he really means is that its what he hopes DA will do when she goes there without him...

    But I have to earn my keep for a few hours now. Hope to be able to do more substantial postings later in the week.
  • Jesw_21Jesw_21 Posts: 390Member
    edited July 2008
    thanks so much baduy for the korean lyrics! your help is very very much appreciated!

    and here's my contribution for the romanized lyrics based on the korean lyrics. (hope my standards is passable image)

    사랑꽃 - "Flower(s) of Love"

    사랑할까 몸부림치며 눈물을 흘려도
    sa-rang-hal-kka mom-bu-rim-chi-myeo nun-mul-uil huil-ryeo-do

    어느새 매말라 꼼짝도 없이 차갑게 시들은
    Eo-nui-sae mae-mal-ra kkom-jjak-do eop-si cha-kap-ke si-duil-uin

    사랑아 다시 별 보렴 사랑아
    sa-rang-a da-si byul bo-ryeom sa-rang-a

    눈부시도록 아름다웠던 그날의 추억도
    nun-bu-si-do-rok a-ruim-da-woss-deon gui-nal-wi chu-eok-do

    빛바래버린 꽃잎이 하나 둘씩
    bich-ba-rae-beo-rin kkoch-ip-I ha-na dul-ssik

    널 사랑하고 행복했었던 그 모든 기억이
    nyeol sa-rang-ha-go haeng-bo-hae-sseos-deon gui mo-duin-ki-eok-i

    내 마음 가득 가시로 돋아난 듯 가슴이 아파
    nae ma-uim ka-duik ka-si-ro dod-a-nan duis ka-suim-I a-pa

    내안의 꽃처럼 자라던 사랑은
    nae-an-wi kkoch-cheo-reom ja-ra-deon sa-rang-uin

    너와 나 그 누가 못지켜 꺾었을까 그 누가
    neo-wa na gui nu-ka- mos-ji- kyeo kkeokk-eo-suil-kka gui nu-ga

    널 사랑하고 행복했었던 그 모든 기억이
    nyeol sa-rang-ha-go haeng-bok-hae-sseos-deon gui-mo-euin ki-eok-i

    내 마음 가득 가시로 돋아난 듯 가슴이 아파
    nae ma-uim ka-duik ka-si-ro dod-a-nan duis ka-suim-I a-pa

    널 위해 꼭 한 번 피었던 사랑이
    neol wi-hae kkok han-beon pi-eoss-deon sa-rang-i

    어느새 천천히 내안에 시들어
    Eo-nui sae cheon-cheon-hi nae-an-e si-duil-eo

    frankly speaking HJ's husband DW and HJ's friend are getting on my nerves. her so-called best friend who claimed to understand HJ well is making things worse as it is . and the poor kids who suffer when their parents' marriage on the rocks/divorced.

    as for JS, he was alone all the while since from young, w/o someone to turn to...i guess he wants to protect HJ that why he dont want to tell her so much about that incident or his past at all. he still not the type of normal guy who will react as per normal guy toward their girlfriend as in telling them their whereabouts. yet HJ is a woman who need assurance/verbal promise from SJ even though she knows it in her heart. But i think in coming epi ,definitely he and HJ wont last even thought they want so much to be together and have a new beginning as there's still so many obstcles around them still not even solved. haizz...
  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    edited July 2008
    QUOTE (barneyashley @ Jul 14 2008, 10:02 AM) »
    Thank you Koalar Bear for all the caps . Do you have the link to the previews of episode 23 ?
    JS is very desperate now but he creates such a mess that even himself can get out easily ....
    This is getting so intense now .

    yup, it's getting intense already..the drama preview is not out yet until Wednesday or Thursday, the days where I usually post the links here

    I'm doing a quick scanning of the posts so I 'll re-read all of them later

    anyway some news about the PD and the Scriptwriter of this drama, Kim Jin-min and Jung Ha-yeon


    it's an article about their collaboration in this drama, they collaborated first in the drama Shindon aired in 2005. Kim Jin-min went on to direct the drama Time of Dog and Wolf in 2007 and JHY wrote other dramas such as KBS' Wife (2003) and The Last Empress (2001);newssetid=83


    Scriptwriter Jung Ha-yeon tells us that LDV will have a Happy Ending;newssetid=83


    and about the OST which Kang Hyun-jung of Bubble Sisters participated in. The OST was 80% complete last March, 2 months before the drama began airing;newssetid=83

    Jesw_21 thanks for the romanized lyrics and to Baduy as always for keeping us in sync with the episodes. bilib talaga ako sa'yo ^ ^

    another news article regarding the leakage (?) of LDV Last Episode Script;newssetid=83
  • baduybaduy UKPosts: 2,958Member


    edited July 2008
    QUOTE (koalabear @ Jul 14 2008, 09:57 AM) »
    anyway some news about the PD and the Scriptwriter of this drama, Kim Jin-min and Jung Ha-yeon

    Thank you very much for these items. I think there's an important message in the large central image of that first collage you posted. If we don't like the ending: don't blame the writer, don't blame the PD, BLAME THE DOG who is the secret master-mind here.

    QUOTE (Jesw_21 @ Jul 14 2008, 09:07 AM) »
    and here's my contribution for the romanized lyrics based on the korean lyrics. (hope my standards is passable image)

    I'm sure all those dying to sing along will be blissful, thanks to your efforts.

    And you've applied the standards OK. My grouse is with the romanization standard you (and other pop lyric romanizers) are using. It's a variant of the official Korean Ministry of Culture scheme promulgated in 2000 and since deployed at massive expense by way of redoing signage and reprinting books nationwide, though it is widely disliked by the international linguistic community, including many Korean specialists overseas. It it isn't really "fit for purpose" when the purpose is to let people who can't read Hangeul sing along with KPop (not that its inventors had that in mind anyway...)

    Let's just take the last two words of the first line. Ask a Korean what nunmuluil huilryeodo (reading that as an English speaker would naturally do) is supposed to mean, and they may well ask you what language that is (and to be fair, a strictly correct application of the 2000 standard wouldn't come out quite like that anyway for the words concerned). Listen carefully to what 강현정 actually sings. You will hear something a lot more like "nunmurul hullyodo". In other words, the first "l" in the first word has come out, to English-speaking ears, like an "r" and the "r" in the second word has apparently disappeared (in fact it's had the effect of doubling the adjacent "l"). To sing along properly, those need to be the sounds you make, not the ones the romanization suggests.

    I do urge anyone who likes KPop or KDrama to learn to read Hangeul. That way you can forget about romanization, all forms of which are problematic in one way or another. This is not the same thing as learning Korean, of course. Its simply about learning how to convert Hangeul symbols into sounds, and most people can learn the basics of that in a weekend, then pick up the various "extras" (like the rules that do those apparently odd things to the "l" and "r" sounds) in a fairly short time after that.

    Not only does this give you instant sing-along capabilities with all the new and old releases using the lyrics readily available on and similar sites, but you'll find that quite a few buttons and labels on "Korean" sites aren't really Korean at all, but Konglish whose mysteries are revealed to anyone who can convert the Hangeul characters into sounds. Sounds like "daunuhloaduh" or "papupoindoh" that suddenly make sense when you listen to what you are saying.

    I happened to take a look at the script for the episode of LDV where DW is doing a spot of Karaoke before I viewed the raw. And I was head-banging in despair at what appeared to me to be evidence that I obviously didn't understand Korean at all, since I could make no sense of it. The line concerned reads:

    동원: 예스터데이. 올 마이 트러블스 씸 소 파 어 웨이.

    Then I tried just converting the Hangeul to sounds instead of trying to read it as Korean. Which produces:

    Yesuhtodaei. Ol mai turobulsuh seem so pa a waei...

    And light dawned. So you see, a little Hangeul learning can take you a long way...
  • issaissa Wookie wonderland!^^Posts: 277Member
    edited July 2008
    More Dong Wook screencaps from Epi. 22! ^^












    credit: DCinside
  • issaissa Wookie wonderland!^^Posts: 277Member
    Plus, behind the scene pics! imagev

    Oppa, are you texting me? image






    image image



    Credits: DCinside, baidu
  • baduybaduy UKPosts: 2,958Member


    edited July 2008
    Took an extended lunch break so I can start my ramblings a bit sooner than usual this week, though as you'll soon see I didn't really manage to ramble very far into ep 21 up to now...

    SPOILERS throughout from here on.

    ep 21 cliffhanger from ep 20.

    Well, this turned out to be a very strange week-spanning cliffhanger break. In retrospect, the break at that specific juncture does makes some sort of sense, because the freeze-frame that concluded ep 20 did indeed mark a point of intense dramatic transition within the scene, though I for one was completely wrong about where the exchanges were going to go next. But all the same, I'd strongly recommend anyone who wants to appreciate the full, and momentous, dynamics of this latest encounter between DA and HJ not to start "cold" from the first frame of ep 21, but to go back into ep 20 to watch the first part of DA and HJ's conversation in the café, then follow seamlessly on with this week's opening lines. I feel that putting the break here rather distractingly reminds us of the demands of program scheduling at a point where the drama was in full and intense flow and would have been better left with its own uninterrupted momentum, if only that could somehow have been squared with that remorselessly ticking director's clock...

    Anyway, the production team had something else up its sleeve as well as a surprising turn in the dialog. As with so much that is best in Kdrama filming, it's a very simple but striking device. I mentioned last week that at the point where the gloves first really come off in the encounter, we get a new camera angle, with both women in profile, facing off across the table. The first couple of seconds are a reprise of DA asking whether all this stuff about abandoning everything for passion isn't just the stuff of dreams (or Kdramas, we might have added), and the way that question gives HJ pause for serious thought. Then we are into this week's new material with another in-profile facing-off shot, but this time from the other side of the table so that DA and HJ appear to have swapped sides on our screen, with DA now being visually more dominant. It risks killing the effect stone dead to comment that the camera has found a remarkable literal translation of the cliché about "turning the tables" by means of turning the camera round instead, but the signal that in this complex game the advantage has shifted, for a moment, to DA is very powerfully conveyed.

    And now, if we thought that the two earlier exchanges between DA and HJ in the playground were a triumph of two superb actresses giving of their staggering best, we realize we hadn't seen anything yet. I am maybe a bit skewed here because thanks to the mishap recorded a few posts earlier in the thread, I got to hear the soundtrack of this episode before I saw the full raw, so I had followed this scene through without being able to see how Park Si Yeon plays DA's (mostly) silent reactions to what HJ now goes on to say, and that made the video, when I got to see it, all the more impressive. I know that when the final casting for this drama first emerged some people were a bit doubtful about whether PSY was of the right caliber to play in this sort of drama against someone of OYS's skills and stature. After this scene, not to mention many others earlier in the drama, I doubt if anyone (apart from card-carrying anti-fans) will ever express such doubts about PSY again.

    (After the two lines repeated from last week and a long pause with that new camera angle...)

    HJ: I'm sorry. I see now I must have disrupted your life without realizing it. ... (For gawd's sake, is this woman real, DA's look says. But HJ carries on without resenting her mocking skepticism) I'm not trying to be sarcastic when I tell you that. It's what I really think. (By golly, she does too, DA realizes. But why the heck is she telling me this??) Strange, isn't it, how life connects people together in so many ways? If what happened hadn't happened just when it did ... If I'd met him either little sooner, or a little later... (DA is getting drawn in even more now, but at these words she checks herself and gives a little half laugh as if to say 'this is all an act, it has to be, don't let it fool you' before once again being unable to shut out the sincerity and intensity of what HJ is saying) How differently my life might have turned out in that case. Maybe life is just a chain of coincidences, don't you think? If I hadn't gone to Hokkaido when I did... If Joon Soo hadn't gone there as well and met me... then your life might have turned out differently, too. You might have ended your affair with Dong Wan and maybe made a fresh start with Joon Soo. Maybe I would have wiped the slate clean about your affair with Dong Wan, gone back home and returned to living an apparently happy life with my husband. (At this point, though there's still skepticism mingled with scorn on DA's lips, a tear suddenly rolls down her cheek) But can it really be just co-incidence that governs our lives? If that were really so, life would be a very sad affair.
    DA: So you mean it was fate when you met Joon Soo in Hokkaido?
    HJ: No, that's not what I mean.
    DA: So what do you mean, then?
    HJ: Rather the opposite. It was my own free choice. (DA is back to her 'I just can't believe I'm hearing this' laugh. But HJ merely pauses before carrying on with even more conviction. She too is now on the verge of tears, but her voice is if anything firmer and more confident than before) Neither inevitable destiny nor avoidable accident. It was something I deliberately chose. Was it something worth abandoning my family, my husband, my children for? For the sake of loving someone? Yet without that love, could I have found the strength to leave my family, my husband, my children? I'm not claiming that what I did can be justified. After all loving someone isn't about doing the right thing or the wrong thing is it? ... Yes. ... I love Joon Soo. (Are you crazy, stupid or what?? DA's eyes are now asking) I love him enough to give up my husband, my children and my home. If I lost him, nothing would have any meaning for me. Not my family, not my husband, not even my children. Not even life itself.
    DA: Oh please, pass the Kleenex! How can it be right for you to love someone his age?
    HJ: In a dream, maybe, just like you said? If that's so, I never want to stop dreaming till my dying day. ... (DJ sees the look on DA's face and realizes how it must hurt her to lose out to an older woman. She almost seems to wish it didn't have to be this way. She tries to give DA what credit she can.) I'm grateful to you. Thanks to you, I understand again just how important he is to me.

    (HJ knows there's nothing more to be said: she gets up without any further words and goes out of shot: we hear the sound of the till as she settles the tab) [So it was her heels on the soundtrack: I never did manage to sort that one out by ear alone] Then we see her leaving the cafe while DA still sits dumbfounded. But not defeated: she pulls herself together and rushes out to catch up HJ in the street in a further -- equally self-defeating -- attempt to rub her nose in it by reminding her that she and not HJ is in possession of the secret of where JS has gone and why. [We will see later that she's right to sense that this is a very sore point for HJ; but it's not the killer blow DA hopes it will be]

    DA: Do you have any message you'd like me to pass on to Joon Soo. ... After all, I want to play fair by you [Maybe when I've watched this scene a few more times it will be safe to put the plastic bucket I have positioned next to my keyboard back under the kitchen sink].
    (But the "message" HJ has is for DA herself. Not as a challenge, but as a certainty grounded in her heart's knowledge of JS of which she spoke with quiet confidence in last week's episode)
    HJ: He'll come back to me, that's for sure. If I keep waiting for him.

    Wow a lot ot typing for me (and reading for you folks) and yet less than four minutes run time there...but I don't honestly think this stupendous scene could be adequately handled more briefly.

    post-supper EDIT-UPDATE , with another 10 mins or so runtime.....


    HJ, walking away from her meeting with DA, and no doubt inspired by DA's remark that it couldn't be right for someone her age to be in love with JS, has a flashback to the night outside her apartment (after JS had come back from drinking with DW) when she'd been a bit bashful about embracing JS out in the street
    - You're a bit strait-laced, ajumma"
    - 'Ajumma?!'
    - So what am I supposed to call you: 'Hye Jin Shi'?
    - Or just "Hye Jin" like way back, when you were a naughty little girl?
    - Behave yourself!
    And then their long kiss.

    Recalling that, and what nonsense it makes of DA's insinuations about the age difference, HJ bursts into unrestrained laughter. Passers-by think she's a crazy woman, but she doesn't care.

    DA's store. Unseen but certainly not unheard, DA is trashing the contents of the back room as MJ is trying to close a sale.
    "We've got the builders in" says MJ, but the customers plainly decide this is a dangerous spot to hang out and say they'll come back some other time.

    MJ goes in back and sarcastically wonders why DA doesn't carry on and smash up the rest of the place. But DA would plainly like to break HJ's bones rather than her own business assets. "That woman!!! How can she have the nerve to say she loves Joon Soo!" "Maybe she really does love him" remarks MJ truthfully, but unhelpfully.

    Relief comes in the form of Detective Park tapping on the window (MJ has locked the storefront door to prevent scaring any more customers away)

    We cut to DA and Park in an eatery, with the detective gulping down his seolleongtang, beef broth with rice, explaining he hasn't eaten all day. DA simply remarks that if he's hoping to get JS's whereabouts out of her, he can forget about it. Not at all, Park says, he was just worried about JS, leaving the hospital like that. "So the cat's worried about the mouse's health, is it?" quips DA, [but she's the truly catty one, though she's no match for this clever old teddy bear]. He has good news, he tells her. The autopsy report on Seong Goo is on its way from Japan. When it arrives, it will establish JS's innocence [Strange how selective KDramas are about technology when it suits the plot. Fax machines aren't allowed to exist when they might speed things up too much...] If she gets in touch with JS, she should tell him not to make a run for it. That would make him look suspicious. ["If" indeed, you crafty old bear, you. But we also guess that Park doesn't know about JS's mother or he would have tracked him down himself]

    At the seaside restaurant, JS unsurprisingly (to us) gets a call from DA.
    -Listen carefully. The autopsy report is on its way from Japan. When it arrives it will clear your name. So stay put and don't budge from where you are. Seong Goo's father mustn't find you before then. There's no way of knowing what he'll do if he catches up with you again. Oh yes, and don't try to get in touch with Eun Hye Jin. That might help them find out where you're hiding. I'm using Myoung Ja's cellphone to make this call, in case mine's being tapped.

    JS's mother, seeing the look on his face, asks "Was the call bad news, then?" to which he says "Oh no", but that's certainly not what his general expression says.

    We cut back briefly to DA's store, as she hands MJ back her cellphone and MJ asks "What was all that nonsense about your phone being tapped?" "I just wanted to give him a bit of a scare," DA explains, "I didn't want him trying to call that woman". And she laughs at her own supposed cleverness.

    But now, dear fellow-threaders and puzzle-solvers, you're on your own with the few minutes footage that follows next. I've done as much as I can to help those without Korean understand what the call JS gets from DA says. But as for his reaction, my eyes are no better than yours, so I won't try to report, or interpret what we can all see about JS's reactions... I will just spot translate as best I can what JS says in such obvious torment as he crouches on the shore, gasping for breath (though translating fragmentary ramblings from Korean is always something of a challenge, because it's so easy to make incorrect guesses about bits that aren't explicit in Korean but need to be present in English. Hence the question marks and square brackets where I simply can't make up my mind...)

    - Can't you just let [?me?] go, Seong Goo? My [??your??] life has become like trash anyway. ... Your wish came true. You got your way. So please set me free now, Seong Goo, I'm begging you!


    HJ sitting on what look like the brick step-terraces of some sort of open-air auditorium or stadium. She brings up JS's number on her cellphone, and it looks as though she presses Call, but what then happens I'm not sure, because I can't read the cellphone message without grabbing a 1.5Gb download. It's not readable on the XVid compressed version I'm using. I think she cancels the call before it can be set up... There's certainly no ringtone or "phone switched off" audio message. It turns out that she's waiting for the old friend who got her the translation commission, and she's meeting to hand over her typescript. We get to see the cover, but I can't read Japanese, though the title of her Korean translated version is 고즈넉한 삶 "[A?] Tranquil Life". She asks her friend about someone he used to know in the Japanese police when they were younger.
    - Is he in quite a high-up position by now?
    - I expect he probably is, yes. ... But why do you ask?
    - If someone commited suicide in Hokkaido, would the Japanese police require an autopsy?
    - I guess so, yes. To make sure it was indeed suicide rather than homicide. Buy why do you want to know?
    - Could he get hold of that sort of thing, that friend of yours?
    - What, an autopsy report?
    - Or just find out its contents
    - Maybe... But it might prove a tad difficult... ... I'll see what I can do, though, since it's you that's asking.
    - Never mind. The police here have put in a formal request already, so I'll find out if I'm patient. Bye now.

    (They part. Plainly the guy would like to ask her out, and not just for old times sake, but his nerve fails him, and she's not about to encourage him).

    A final EDIT-UPDATE. the last for today (UK time)


    Oh heck! We're back at DW's office. Time for me to sit on a cushionless chair, prop my eyes open with toothpicks and try to stay awake long enough to get and pass on the gist. The things I do for you guys!!! Why can't I be bravely honest like ay-link and admit that I fast forward through all these bits...

    DW comes out of the elevator and spots his piggy-faced rival having a great laugh with his [DW's] trusty -- or maybe not so trusty now -- sidekick. DW clearly thinks his sidekick has changed, err, sides. And this despite the sidekick warning DW, when he first tipped him off about his rival's impending promotion, that he'd have to pretend to have swapped allegiance to gain his rival's trust so they could more effectively stab him in the back. [The reassuringly weak point of nasty scheming swine like DW (or breathtakingly pretty scheming swinesses like DA for that matter) is that they always believe everyone else is schemeing against them, and thus tend to make enemies out of their friends...] Enough said on that segment, I hope. Right, where did I sling that comfy cushion?...

    HJ, returning to her apartment, is astonished to find the kids and DW waiting for her in the car outside. As HJ drops her shopping bags and hugs her daughters, DW emerges from behind with a smug grin on his face. Though she was delighted to see the girls after the initial surprise, she is plainly less than pleased to see him, and guesses what he's up to by bringing them.

    Cut to inside her apartment. While the girls play with some tour guide flags in the bedroom, DW has made himself at home on the sofa while JH is chopping vegetables in the kitchen area.

    - Don't bother cooking, we can go out to eat
    - The kids asked me to make them some curried rice (I imagine that's what the Konglish 카레라이스 must be).
    - Seong Sook is fed up of the kids asking her to make curried rice. And so am I.
    - Don't bring the children here again. I don't want them to see me living here in these surroundings.
    - What's the matter with what they see here?
    - Just don't bring them here again.
    - They need to get used to it. If this is where you're going to be living. (HJ stops her cooking preparations, suddenly aware he's up to something) They live in a huge house now. It's going to be hard on them living in these cramped surroundings.
    (HJ comes and stands leaning against the kitchen divider, staring at him mistrustfully and angrily)
    - What do you mean by that?
    - You aren't really going to give up the kids, surely? Just think about what that means. How you always said you couldn't live without your kids. ... I realized I was being too cruel. We ought to make a completely clean break.
    - And you're saying you'll give me the kids? ... You really mean that?
    - We'll work out a system. Nari and Narae will sleep here, eat here, you'll see they get dressed and take them to and from school, and sometimes I'll take them out to eat somewhere. I'll provide the cash for that. Beyond that, you'll work to earn your keep. ... Why are you glaring at me like that? It was you that wanted to split up...
    (The girls come running in. The younger one, Narae, goes up to DW pleadingly)
    - Daddy, can we sleep over here at Mommy's
    - Of course you can
    (Narae turns triumphantly to Nari) -"You see? I told you we could!"
    (Then to HJ) "Mommy, isn't there a playroom in this apartment?"
    "You can go outside to play" says DW.
    "Mommy, Nari and me will go outside and play" (She goes over to the door to put her shoes on, but Nari stands looking at her father, plainly very uncomfortable about all this).
    "Why are you standing there like that, Nari?" he wants to know. "Go outside and play"
    "Yeah Nari, come on, hurry up" pleads Narae.
    "I'll show you how to open the door" says helpful Daddy, and he does. As the children go out, HJ turns away in disgust at the mind games he's playing with her using the kids as his tools (Narae blissfully ignorant of how and why she's being used, but Nari deeply unhappy and hurt to be forced into this situation, which she understands only too well, as HJ can see, but DW either can't or doesn't want to see).

    Brief intercut to SS and ajumma in kitchen, as SS tells her she can go home early today. "What about the kids?" the ajumma wants to know. Oh, they'll be sleeping over at their mother's, explains SS, showing that she's in on this phase of the scheme, too. Presumably she planted the idea of asking to sleep over in Narae's innocent little head, and that's part of what is making Nari, deeply suspicious as she is of "Tokyo auntie", so upset.

    The girls are ready to settle down to sleep in HJ's apartment. Narae is puzzled at why her big sister is so gloomy. "Isn't it great sleeping over at Mommy's?! Why don't you like it? Come on, tell me? Why don't you want to?" Nari is saved from her predicament by DW coming in to say goodnight and take his leave, saying he'll be back early tomorrow to pick them up for school. Nari gives him a parting look asking how can he possibly do this. He appears not to understand the reproach in his clever daughter's eyes. Maybe he really doesn't. Any more than he understands why HJ looks at him in a not very different way.
    - Cheer up. It's not asking too much of you to put the children first.
    - When I've got things ready, I'll come fetch them.
    - Narae hasn't been at all worried and she's fine, but Nari is more of a problem. She's been very gloomy lately. I'm not really cut out to raise kids. Anyway, I'll be off now. I'll come back in the morning.
    (He heads for the door, but HJ, without looking at him, asks)
    Are you really sincere about this? (He turns to look at her in a show of surprise) I'm asking you: do you really mean it about letting me have the kids?
    - What sort of a woman are you? I brought the children, didn't I? Now you do your bit in turn.

    (Once outside, he grins all over his face, delighted at the problems he thinks he's creating for HJ)

    (Back in the apartment, Narae runs up to HJ) Mommy, can we draw some pictures?. If I've any crayons, HJ says. TaDa! I brought my crayon set from home!! Narae replies. "OK, let's go then!" says HJ, running off with Narae into the bedroom, unsure quite what to do about Nari's continuing gloom.
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    koalabear wrote on Jul 14 2008, 03:57 AM:

    Scriptwriter Jung Ha-yeon tells us that LDV will have a Happy Ending

    What is a happy ending for this drama ? I wonder ? The only thing that I wish for is for Jun Soo is free from his past and not dead so he can get on with his life . Apart from that , I do not think it is possible to have JS and HJ together as it will be heartbreaking for her 2 daughters . Nor to have DA and JS together in Paris either as it is not right somehow . I hope that the writer will give this a good ending that is satisfactory and cleverly written not an open ending nor a dissapointed one like others .
    Any thoughts on this , silent lurkers and fans of this drama ? Please share your thoughts as I really want to see how it end but could not think of a good ending for this ....
    Thank you Baduy for your witty translation . It makes so much more sense of the scene between DA and HJ in the coffee shop . HJ is forver confident with her gut instinct - He will come back to me ... Yeh , in the end , he was back with her in her apartment cooking dinner ... Yay , that is the best part of all .... Fighting , HJ ....
  • Yellow_RosesYellow_Roses Posts: 57Member
    I believe that the reason that the oldest girl is unhappy is because of her father's action with her mother's best friend, The girls seem to like and get along with JS, but no child want to see their parents breakup. But to see their mother living like that while her best friend has taken over their household and trying to replace their mother. Must really hurt, and confuse her. The oldest daughter sees and understands a lot more than the youngest, she knows that her father is using them to hurt their mother and she's not happy about that at all. That man just doesn't get that his actions are not just hurting HJ but also hurting their daughters as well. He doesn't seem to care about anyone else's feelings but his own, I truely hope that he gets with HJ's best friend and give the two girls to HJ to raise, I believe those two deserve each other.
  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


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    ^ I agree with you, in her tender age she now understands the pain of her parents going thru a break-up...I'm really hoping for the same for HJ to get her children back...I'm actually thinking a possible ending but I'll keep it to myself first..

    goodies for the day...I lurked on Oh Yeon-soo and Park Si-yeon's Cyworld minihompies and I got these...









    and a surprise appearance of Gong Hyo-jin on the set of give a brief background, GHJ played Oh Yeon-soo's younger sis in the 2003 drama Snowman and GHJ also co-stars with Park Si-yeon in the upcoming movie Dachimawa Lee


    and OYS wrote on her board



    2008.07.14 22:27

    내일이면 혜진이와 이별이다.....

    달콤한 인생과 이별이다............

    내일이 오는게 싫다....................

    진짜 싫다.........................................

    she writes about the end of the drama....that it's hard to say goodbye yet that she didn't even want to go to shoot (but actually the pics were already released by MBC...will post it later)

    not hotlinking please!

    issa...thanks for the pics...^ ^
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    Here comes my first batch of SPOILERS for today. They don't cover very much run-time, but I think those of you with no Korean will find that the the scenes concerned are very meaty, especially where JS's motives and feelings are concerned, and help a lot with some of the main puzzles...

    [ep 21 00:25:49]

    Cut to SJ, still sleeping in his mother's bedroom, but awake and leaning against the wall, plainly still very disturbed. His mother wakes, realizes he isn't lying beside her, and sits up to look at him.

    JS: I don't know how many times I've felt like dying. What saved me every time was hatred of the world. (The music begins. His mother sighs and looks away) I hated it, this stinking world. I wanted to get back at it some way or another. By living in a way that made some mark. ... Then one day when that hatred had brought me even lower than usual, I met that woman. Her face, wet with tears of grief, touched me beyond words. Like being held to a mother's breast, her pain dissolved and cast aside every last shred of hatred within me. (He crawls across the room to where his mother is sitting and continues, close up to her) So I started to want to live. The urge to live was so strong it took my breath away. I wanted to shout out to everyone: I've found someone I love. I've found someone I love!
    Mother: Joon Soo, dear!
    JS: Ridiculous, isn't it? I wanted with all my strength to live. I really and truly wanted to live...
    (He sinks down to lay his head in her lap)

    Intercut back to HJ's apartment, where she lies watching her sleeping children. Her left hand is gently drumming on Narae's chest, a gesture of both tenderness and frustrated powerlessness which we'll see again very shortly, before moving to smooth her hair. She leans up on one elbow to tidy away the crayons, and the sound wakes Nari, but she quickly pretends to be asleep again. HJ's eye falls on the picture the girls have drawn (it looks like Narae's basic sketch with some help from an older hand, either Nari's or her mother's). The two girls on either side of their mother, each holding one of her hands. Then, a wonderful touch, as HJ leans up to reach across to Nari, the lower right edge of the drawing is revealed, and there, drawn at Narae's feet, is Bok Soon, completing her picture of happiness. HJ now caresses Nari's face, but, still pretending to be asleep, Nari turns over on her side, her back to her mother.

    Cut back to where JS is now asleep, still with his head on his mother's lap. She pats him gently with exactly the same gesture we just saw between HJ and Narae.

    [A truly magnificent set of shots, beautifully edited together, their essential unity of theme and feeling underscored by the music, the camera angles, the expressions and gestures... Televisual Kdrama at its very finest]

    JS getting a ride to the train station in his mother's husband's truck (it would seem odd to call him his father-in-law...)
    They have been driving in silence, but, after several attempts to broach some topic or other on the way, he suddenly asks JS as he is undoing his seatbelt: "Would you like to meet your father? (JS looks astounded at this question) Even though of course he's not a guy you would want as a father... Your mother's been at death's door three or four times through the anguish he caused her. I didn't listen to her, however often she told me to stop trying to find him and vent my anger on him. When I managed finally to track him down he was in jail. That was why I couldn't settle accounts with him with my own hands."

    Joon Soo takes this in, then turns and says "Please don't ever abandon my mother" and gets out of the truck. "Don't leave it so long before you come home again next time", the man calls out after him before driving off.

    Then, as JS first waits on the tracks for the train, then is in the train back to Seoul, his voiceovers. [So now, non-Korean-speaking ladies, you get to know what he's thinking during those gawp-worthy screencaps by the tracks... And I think my rare male co-threaders will find what comes up next pretty revealing, too.]

    My mind was easier when I believed that the world was full of nothing but vile things and people. (Now he's inside the train, looking for a seat) Then it meant nothing to me whether I lived or died. (Now standing by the window, watching the landscape go by) Now it's different. I've become afraid of living and less and less peturbed about dying.
    (Flashback of DA) Da Ae... I thought to begin with that the reason I had come into the world was to protect you[her]. Because I loved you[her]? (Further flashback of DA) No, that wasn't why. I just wanted to free you [her] from the clutches of Seon Goo. (Flashback of SG pointing and laughing his crazy laugh: this is a fragment of that ''strangulation' scene. Then flashback of HJ by the ocean at Oraru.) Then I met the woman I loved. Not because she was beautiful. But because I could see she had within her a deep ocean of sadness. I wanted to bring her happiness. To make her happy I would gladly die. For the sake of making her happy, I have to force her apart from me. Away from my gloom. Away from my despair.

    Powerful stuff, eh folks? I'll try to get a bit more done later today...
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    QUOTE (barneyashley @ Jul 14 2008, 08:40 PM) »
    What is a happy ending for this drama ? I wonder ? The only thing that I wish for is for Jun Soo is free from his past and not dead so he can get on with his life . Apart from that , I do not think it is possible to have JS and HJ together as it will be heartbreaking for her 2 daughters . Nor to have DA and JS together in Paris either as it is not right somehow . I hope that the writer will give this a good ending that is satisfactory and cleverly written not an open ending nor a dissapointed one like others .
    Any thoughts on this , silent lurkers and fans of this drama ? Please share your thoughts as I really want to see how it end but could not....
    .... Fighting , HJ ....

    The ending I like to see is -

    for JS to restart his life after faking his death with the help of old cop. At current state, he is in no position to
    give happiness to either woman;

    for HJ, I like to see her standing up as her own woman, not just a housewife in a loveless marriage. Her kids
    will come around if she stays as a good mother. The love she found with JS to me looks like a dying person
    finding support from another terminal ill patient. Is it for real, I have doubt;

    for DA, I like to see her maturing and independent;

    for DW, I like to see him wising up and realizing what an emotional cripple he has been. There are things
    that money can't buy....

    I'm waiting to see what sort of ending on writer's mind. The script isn't perfect but far better than most in
    recent dramas. LDW gave a heck of performance as JS.
    : < unchanged heart >


    51 is the number I like.

    It exceeds 50 on the way to 100. --- SJS
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    Last batch of SPOILERS from me for today...

    [ep 21 00:34:40]
    JS comes back to his apartment in a taxi. Park is waiting for him outside
    Inside the apartment, after a bit of banter ("Your're a lucky guy. I can't get a woman at all and you've got two of them chasing after you), Park says JS probably already knows that he's expecting the autopsy report from Japan any time and that it should clear matters up. JS makes light of it, saying that's fine by him, so long as it doesn't end up with the Japanese police hassling him as well as Park and Kang.

    Park sets off to leave, but JS follows him to the door and asks him what precisely it is he hopes to find from the autopsy report. Park explains that if, as JS claims, SG clung on to JS hand after he fell over the edge of the cliff until he lost his grip and fell to his death, there should not be any wounds or abrasions on SG's wrist or the back of his hand where he had been forced to let go. But if there were such abrasions, that would point to a different explanation. "Bravo!" proclaims JS. But still not conclusive. "There might be marks of my finger nails on the back of his hands just because he was accidentally scratched as his hand slipped out of mine." "Touché" responds Park. So, JS resumes, it still might not be possible to prove his innocence or guilt definitively, lacerations or not. Well, says Park, let's just wait for the report and see. Fine by me, says JS, I'll behave myself and wait for the outcome.

    HJ, escorting a tour group, calls DW on her cellphone to tell him she'll be late home from work today, so the children won't be able to come round to her apartment. DW immediately goes on the offensive, calling that a feeble pretext and claiming that the real reason is that the children are getting in her way and stopping "that guy" coming and going as he pleases. [DW of course doesn't know that JS was out of town until today] HJ abandons her tour party to meet DW right away on neutral territory by the riverside and find out what's behind his hostility. It's plain enough that he has been waiting for the first sign of any difficulty she might have combining work with looking after the children to pounce on her. So, you get your wish about living with the children, then you try to wriggle out of your responsibilities, he taunts her. Focus your attention on the kids instead of having affairs with young men.

    She wants to know why he still can't treat her like a human being. For years he regarded her as an item of furniture that he'd installed in the house and could place and use as best suited him. He's only ever looked out for himself.

    He doesn't dispute that: looking out for oneself is the most important thing in the real world, he claims. She can't live that way, she responds and goes off, with nothing resolved except the confirmation of her suspicions that his apparent change of heart over the children was merely a ruse to get her into an impossible position and force her to abandon her attempts to support herself and bring up the children.

    JS and DA in an outdoor café

    DA asks after JS's mother and how his leg injury is healing. She had been tempted to come out and meet his mother properly this time, but she hadn't wanted to intrude. She tells him she met HJ and gave her back her bag and cellphone. So did he not get a call from HJ? He did, says JS, presumably lying because he doesn't want her to jump to unhelpful conclusions or think her latest trouble-stirring move is working. She doesn't like to bring this up, DA says, but she hopes JS is aware that DW doesn't have the slightest intention of divorcing HJ. Just so JS realizes that and doesn't get hurt later on. JS just sits back and smiles at DA, refusing to be drawn on that matter. What's he smiling about, she wants to know.
    - Go find yourself a good man
    - And what if I do? [Translation problem: in Korean this is the same as "And what if I have (already)?, which is what DA means. But JS deliberately takes the other possible meaning in his answer, a mover that can't be made to work in English]
    - Then let me know. I'll take you out for a drink
    - Thanks very much (She pauses, then) Do you really think it's going to come to anything?
    - What
    - With Eun Hye Jin (again refusing to be drawn, he just smiles) Why don't you give up on that? She simply won't be able to leave Ho Dong Wan.
    - Stop worrying about me and put some effort into finding that good man instead.
    - Supposing Dong Wan won't let me go, what do I do then? Come on, I'm asking you: what should I do then?
    - As if you didn't know! Aren't you the cute one?!
    - Stop teasing me!
    - Da Ae... Look at me
    - Just tell me anyway. It won't be anything I want to hear anyhow.
    (JS looks at her and laughs. This has the desired effect of getting her to look at him anyway, first with a sideways glance, then full in the face)
    - What is it?
    - I'll tell you again. Go meet a good man.
    - Don't you worry. I will.
    - But one who's really right for you
    - But supposing I don't and I go crazy, what then? (JS laughs again) What's so funny?
    - The world isn't such an evil place as you think. You shouldn't feel so full of hatred and anger. Don't damage yourself in that way ... Live your life to the full, Da Ae.
    - And what's in store for you? ... Just living from day to day?
    - What was the happiest ever moment of your life?
    - The happiest ever moment of my life? Uhmmmm... I know when! It was when I had broken up with Ho Dong Wan and bought a plane ticket to Paris. When I look back on it, that really was a great moment. Selling the shop, heading for Paris with lots of time for shopping, then coming back to meet up with you and confess that I loved you...
    - Then go back to that point in time and start over. ... Sell your shop, but a plane ticket to Paris and go away. Then come back again and start your life over again afresh. ... And you never know, in Paris or Milan, you might meet that good man.
    (DA responds with a bitter edge to her voice and a revived tinge of jealousy and resentment)
    -Like you did, you mean? Like you met Eun Hye Jin in Hokkaido?
    - In life ... I can say things like that with a smile, because when you put everything you have into living, life unexpectedly presents you with gifts. Gifts of money even, or wisdom, or love. Start over again from where you went wrong. And this time be determined not to fail. See you again -- if we get the chance.
    - Why are you saying goodbye this way? It means you don't intend to see me again, doesn't it? I can't bear to hear a farewell like that.
    (But bear it she must. JS just smiles again, and leaves)
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    The writer said it would be a happy ending. Well, it all depends on his definition of "happy". After Hong Gil Don's ending, I'm predisposed to being wary when I'm told that the ending will be happy. image (But, that's only my cynical self.)

    I do have one factor to point out. Technically, JS is responsible for the death of DA's girlfriend because he was driving. And, he did left the scene of the accident. (I'm still not sure how he got back to the accident scene on his motorcycle, in order to be a witness.) So, he would be guilty of that as a crime.

    So, the "happy" ending could be that JS does not die, but goes to jail as the responsible party for the accident and leaving the scene.

    Meanwhile, DA does take the money and plane ticket to Paris knowing that JS may not have loved her the way she wanted. But, that he cared enough for her to stake his life on saving her from SG and DW.

    As for HJ, she is contently doing her tour guide and translation jobs, waiting for the day that JS will be released from prison. She is confident in JS's love for her. She and DW share custody of the girls. DW totally supports the living expenses of the girls because it feeds his ego to do so. The girls alternate living with DW and HJ. DW is still the megalomaniac and top-notch hedge fund manager, who makes loads of money.

    Tokyo Auntie is sent packing back to her husband. image

    SG's father finally accepts the SG died as a result of an accident and was also partially to blame for the death of DA's friend; as well as the death of the old lady for which Det Park sent an innocent man to death.

    Lastly, Detective Park dies as a result of emphysema. (That's why he stopped smoking and always chewed gum.) Knowing that he was dying, he wanted to, as much as possible, make things right for the innocent man's family and to see the real killer brought to justice.

    As Porky Pig says, "Tha...tha...that's all Folks." image

    As always, I don't know what we would do without Baduy's translations, commentaries, etc. They are enlightening and fascinating. (My attendance in the threads and watching have been helter-skelter. So, I haven't caught up in reading the posts of the last few days. But, I always look forward to everyone's comments, recaps, etc. ) Thank you so much. image
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