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Vocal Range Of Kpop Singers

If you know, tell us the vocal range of each singer.

I would like to know what's Boa's vocal range. I would also like to know what's the vocal range of each SNSD and Super Junior member.


  • krizzamartinezkrizzamartinez philippinesPosts: 51Member
    ^^LOL nice question..

    i never thought someone would think about the same thing..

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  • kOoHIIkOoHII varies depending on the time of the yearPosts: 1,638Member


    edited April 2008
    boa's never said in guess is that it can't be more than 2 1/2 octaves. she begins to shout and "arch" her voice OR she will use her throat voice when going on the high notes (which is natural when you're going above your comfortable range)...and she has trouble going more than half an octave below middle c.

    as for taeyeon (and the rest of the snsd girls)'s still a bit hard to tell because she hasn't really sang any song that's shown off both her high and high range in on sitting. from what i've heard...i don't think she can go very high (she begins to sound a bit...course? which means she's towards the end of her range) but it's her very good voice control that makes her a good singer. snsd hasn't really sung any majorly challenging songs so yeah it's bit hard to tell how good or bad they really are
  • M&M'sM&M's Posts: 588Member
    KCM I saw on TV has 5 octaves.
    is that possible?
    that is what Yoo Jae Suk said on a SBS variety show called Miraculous Victory and Defeat.
  • insigniainsignia BostonPosts: 293Member
    KCM can supposedly go up 4 octaves.
  • love-yunlove-yun where i belong Posts: 2,999Member


    edited April 2008
    kim kyung hyun (the cross) - 4 1/2 octaves
    son ho young - 3 octaves
    kim kyung ho - 4 octaves

    KCM I saw on TV has 5 octaves.
    is that possible?

    tim storms went up to 8 octaves, so i'm guessing it is possible

    does anyone know lena park's?
  • BijeongBijeong Posts: 35Member


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  • maxsmaxs Posts: 21Member
    KCM's voice can range from 5 - 5/and a half octaves. It's been metioned on TV a few times already.
  • ` k s` k s Posts: 788Friend of Soompi


    I don't think KCM has a five range octave. Like LeighF1 mentioned, most singers' ranges are exaggerated for that whole 'Wow 5 ranges!' factor. KCM is definitely one of more gifted Kpop singers when it comes to range but I don't think he's got 5 octaves. That's like.. whistle register and etc. Most Kpop singers have pretty good ranges though compared to say.. US artists. Like most guys sing at at least a B key according to my karaoke machine.. rofl. I find myself able to sing a good amount of American songs but alot of Korean songs are a little too high for me.
  • AhMinAhMin Posts: 37Member
    no one gave a decent answer!
    BoA's Vocal Range is from D3, during Tree, the very first note, up to F5 in Girls on Top....and her Falsetto is C6 in...i don't remember the name of the song, but it's a B-side of Dakishimeru's single

    SNSD & SuJu? that's so many vocal range
    I'll give you what I kinda know

    Kyuhyun goes down to C3 or lower, I dunno, and chest voice, up to B4?...
    DongHae up to A4, I guess, and down to G2
    Heechul can go up to G4 easily, so I guess he is kinda high...dunno how low
    Ryeowook goes up to C5, i'm sure...and down to...C3?
    Yesung for sure up to A4 and down to B2...

    SNSD: I can only say how high I'v ever heard
    Sunny can go up to A6...which was scary, she did that during All I want for christmas is you when tiffany sang it on the radio...hehehe
    Tiffany: A5 during Because I'm a Girl on radio
    SooYoung: maybe some F5?...
    Hyoyeon: E5?
    Yuri: E5?
    Taeyeon...G#5 in Because you loved me....but i'm sure she also went higher, not sure when..
    Seohyun: F5 in Because you loved me
    Jessica: F5 during Into the new world, but, I'm sure she sang sth in the C6 or around sometime
    Yoona: Hopefully E5
  • maesormaesor Posts: 131Member


    what about DBSK? i'm pretty curious since they can go all the way up like Jaejoong in Tonight or Changmin in Mirotic. Especially yunho, since that guy's the bass and he can really sing in his scarily low bass voice and sing high pitched songs as well.
  • AhMinAhMin Posts: 37Member
    actually, yunho never was and never will be a bass....he is a baritone...i dunno how low he goes...but not that much, i think, yoochun goes lower....but he can go as high as a G4 at least and with a falsetto he went up to some note in the 6th C6?
    Junsu highest note was some note D6? or maybe higher
    Changmin is hard...I know in TriAngle he goes up to some G5...i'm not sure if it's full voice or not....and as low as C3...very Mirotic...his note was a E5...
    Jaejoong goes up to C5 in tonight it's B5
    Yoochun D5 in Unforgettable
    I'd rather talk about full voice notes... scale..they can all probably go up to the 5th but chest voices...
    ChangMin: E5(?) Mirotic
    Jaejoong: C5 Balloons
    Junsu: B4 Mirotic
    Yoochun: A4 My Little Princess/Holding Back The Tears
    Yunho: G4 Wrong Number

    they can probably go lower and higher...I'm sure...Yoochun can go down to a least...and Jaejoong down to a B2...Changmin may go as low as in the ice....yunho A2? or sth like that on a whole new world...jaejoong some B2 or C3...and junsu...he has a narrow chest voice range...
  • OnlyOne20OnlyOne20 Posts: 3Member
    edited May 2010
    Anyone know the vocal range of wheesung and park hyo shin?
  • -maverick--maverick- Posts: 44Member
    edited May 2010
    I wanna know gummy's!

    and wow I never realized how high some of these guys can really sing....I was always under the impression that a lot lf kpop singers had really limited vocal ranges. I was watching Jay's (ex2pm) covers on youtube and he was really struggling with e's and f's (e3 and f3's), but that could just be because of the way he delivers his note - he can make stuff sound strained even when its not...his range is probably a lot bigger than what appears. Surprising, to say the least. These guys are belting out high c's with ease....I thought my friend hitting a high b with authority was pretty sick...but he's been singing since he was like 5..

    For comparison, my range..
    I mean, I pretty much consider myself a baritone but I sing tenor in choir and my effective range is up to G#4, and I can hit A4 but its hit or miss depending on the day, if I"m just going up a scale then I can do that most of the time, but hitting it and holding it can be an issue a lot of the time. I can 'sing' B4 and C4 but sound doesn't really come out clearly lol. Falsetto I'm not sure probably E5? idk. My lower range peaks out at E2/D2 though, so I have a bit of low range, but I don't think its particularly effective because I rarely use it. E2 is comfortable 24/7 though, if a little bit soft? Anyways that was just background on how I"m evaluating comparing them to mine (which is nothing special btw)

    Anyways, back on topic. I think I can help out with approximating (guessing) Big Bang's ranges

    G.D. - A#4/B4. We've never seen him belt but the majority of his songs/bb songs are sung comfortably in the E-G range so I feel like he can probably do this.
    Taeyang - B4 around the same as above probably, GD's probably a half step lower though. You can definitely hear the strain though when he belts.
    Seungri - A4/A#4? I feel like it's lower than GD's but at the same time he sings BB songs comfortably which are in a higher register, than say, 2pm songs. Haru Haru, Last Farewell have them constantly on e's f's and g's throughout the song, so if they can sing those comfortably then I have to believe they can sing higher when needed.
    Daesung - C5+ for sure. He can get up there, this is evident in their latest Japanese album. I'm not sure if its full voice, it might be 'mixed' voice which is basically...full voice depending on your viewpoint.

    I"m just guessing so I could very well be wrong, but this is just based on me singing along to some songs and my vocal range, so yeah.
    Oh and heres a cool tool I found if you dont wanna run to your piano.

    also @ ahmin
    I dont think I know as much about vocal stuff in general as you, but aren't you underestimating the guys' lower ranges? I'm sure they can hit lower, they may not sing it during the songs but hell even in choir the basses have to hit D2's sometimes..and some (like two) of them can hit A4's. Actually, I'm almost sure that some of them can hit lower. Am I measuring this wrong? I used the above link just now and just matched pitches on the low end until I couldn't, the high end I already knew my range.
  • eosineosin wonderful Posts: 615Member


    I wanna know Yeeun's!!!
    Wonder Girls + Super Junior
    image image
    banner credits to lainey025
    I 13elieve. I love for 6 wonders
    Wonder Junior
  • Dracolicious13Dracolicious13 CanadaPosts: 99Member
    So...saying someone has 3 octave range or whatever or that the lowest note they can sing is this and this and highest is not right at all. People can hit really high notes and really low ones..but that doesn't mean they can hit whatevers in between those two. I think trying to figure out vocal ability LIKE THIS is completely retarded. Also if you truly want to judge a persons vocal ability its really'd have to hear them do vocal warm ups and such and we never really hear that.
    Point is if you like the sound of their voice and they seem to have good control over it then the rest really doesnt matter.

  • Grey.DropsGrey.Drops United StatesPosts: 1,454Member, Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2010
    Does anyone know K.Will's?

    Edit : Dang,this topic post is old.
  • AhMinAhMin Posts: 37Member
    @Dracolicious13 u r right in the sense that, it doesn't really matter how high or low u go, if u can't sing the notes in the middle and make it a melody or a nice's just, we all expect our k-pop be we all know they can we are just curious to know what their ranges that sense of liking a voice, u r right...Junsu has a narrow range, and i just love his voice the most~...also, Tiffany doesn't have exacty a good high range or lower, she can sing beautifully with headvoice and stuff and makes up for it though, so i also love her voice

    @-maverick-...nah, i dun think so, we are about the same in knowledge, u have a very similar range to mine actually...the thing for me is that, since i'm 17, my voice is not fully developed...but I can also sing sustained G4's...sort of...G#4's come once in a while...and A4's are luck...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ...but i keep practicing, and i can also go as low as a D2....i'm mistaken for a tenor by most people...but i'm like...a baritenor...baritone...haha...and i go as high as F#5....unless a do a Woo!...then, it's an A5...but that doesn't really count ㅋㅋㅋㅋ...
    I think I might underestimating their lower range...bcos they don't proove me wrong...and i'm kinda jealous of their comfortable high i have to be proud with sth..XD...but no, seriously, i think they can go low...I was impressed when Donghae went down to G2 once in a nice, comfortable, they might go lower...but they just usually don' i can't tell, except for changmin, he is a very high tenor...his lowest note was a whispered B2 during Love in The i guess the lowest he can go is a A2...maximum...but..other than that, the rest can probably go quite low...I expect most males to go to the second octave and as high as the fifth with a

    K.Will can go as low as a least, probably down to Ab2...I heard the B2 in 소녀, 사랑을 만나다 with Tiffany and he can go as high as Eb5 with chest voice, he did it live on the radio....he sang My Heart Will Go was scared..and with falsetto, i don't doubt of a C6....but i dunno

    sorry, for girls, I suck at knowing their lower register...I guess she can go down to F3....but on the high range, she goes as high as G5....once she did it in Don't Cha...haha, so awesome....she is awesome!
  • kuropiekuropie Posts: 16Member
    Hy I'm new ,I was searching for the girls vocal range and I found this topic .I would like to know what is Taeyeon's vocal range but I can't find it anywhere can someone help me.
    I want to Know her high notes in chest voice because in the Hush Hush video (pussycat dolls) she's quite impressive.
    So I want to know thank you much!!
  • AhMinAhMin Posts: 37Member
    QUOTE (kuropie @ May 23 2010, 01:32 PM) »
    Hy I'm new ,I was searching for the girls vocal range and I found this topic .I would like to know what is Taeyeon's vocal range but I can't find it anywhere can someone help me.
    I want to Know her high notes in chest voice because in the Hush Hush video (pussycat dolls) she's quite impressive.
    So I want to know thank you much!!

    I did mention it before, but anyways (many of them are live in the radio)

    Chest voice?...She hits numerous F5's and E5's in Because You Loved Me
    She hits Eb5's in Can You hear Me
    Eb5's and D5's in Because Of You
    C#5's and D5's in If
    C5's in Genie
    and she did lots of F5's, E5's and such during Hush Hush...She is a strong voiced little girl...she didn't go higher than this yet I believe, only head voice or falsetto

    do u wanna know low?...Ab3 in Can You Hear Me
    G3 in Stupid like me...

    They don't usually go low or high in korean pop music, it's not a must...but she can surely belt a G5 and surely go down to E3...I'm sure
  • kuropiekuropie Posts: 16Member
    Thank you so much I really wanted to know more specifically ,to know how high she can belt.that's why I asked.
    Do you think she has 3 octaves?

    PS: sorry for my bad English image
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