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Vic Zhou And Barbie Hsu Break Up!



  • j-starj-star the end of sanityPosts: 1,334Member
    from what i read around and watched, supposedly barbie doesnt get along with her fellow stars. image stuck up? perhaps, her role in circle with love looked very convincing. still a fans of hers though. vic just looks out of it most of the time.
  • contraryrhythmcontraryrhythm hunting for inspirationPosts: 25Member
    0_0 Wow... I hadn't followed this couple's news a lot, but it's really surprising that they're breaking up now, after dating so long. I heard about the marriage rumors before, too, and I thought they had a pretty steady relationship. I guess the pressure of the celebrity world finally got to them. :-/ At least they broke up "amicably," as far as we know. *sigh*
  • oohhlalaoohhlala nOwHere 2 b3 fOunDPosts: 779Member


    that sux! .......20 wordsss............. image
  • InconnuInconnu Posts: 6,512Member


    edited January 2008
    Wow, people here are so immature.

    Okay, who cares if Barbie is too old for him? You're not their mother, so dont say stupid
    things like that. Second, they arent compatible with one another? This is coming from
    an outsider's point of view who BARELY knows anything about their private life OR
    even their relationship. Just because you read from the news/magazines doesnt mean
    you know more about them then they know about themselves. Being glad because two
    lovers broke up with one another? Just because you dont like Barbie doesnt give you a right
    to say that she doesnt deserve Vic. Seriously, those who said these things should grow
    up. =___=
  • miss_juniormiss_junior chicagoPosts: 87Member
    awww... thats sad=(
    i thought their will get married in future,,,,
    their are 1 of my favorite caleb couple,,,,.....,,,,
  • mandapandamandapanda Posts: 2,312Friend of Soompi


    AWWWWWWWWWWW! I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO GET MARRY! omg.. that sucks T____T well i hope they'll be friends lmao idk about that but yeah. how long they been together ?
  • heavenlydreamyheavenlydreamy CaliforniaPosts: 694Member
  • meow1203meow1203 howdy 415<--->HKPosts: 932Friend of Soompi
  • michelle_choumichelle_chou Posts: 229Member
    omg i had no idea she was older than him!!
    they were such a cute couple =(
  • kfreakkfreak concrete jungle where dreams are made ofPosts: 6,636Member


    omg really?
    wow, i never knew this gonna happened..
    i thought they would marry any sooner..
  • MichelleysMichelleys ??????? Cerritos, CAPosts: 2,340Member
    That was so totally unexpected.
    I was actually expecting them to get married in the near future.
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  • ngoccyngoccy Posts: 440Member
    AH~ WHAT!!!!!! omg is 2008 the year for couple tp break up or something
    so far alot my fav couple already broken up..
    image image
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  • ivyliveivylive in a bubble...Posts: 539Friend of Soompi


    image Zaizai confirmed the news credit to biebiebie of AF
    The 2 last articles are especially heart breaking....
    I dont really have the heart right now to translate but I guess VB fans need to know so I'll summarize....
    the last article says that for ZZ, the actress he has the most chemistry with is Barbie, he wants to work again with her as she's a very talented born actress.
    When the reporters asked about the rumor, ZZ said " Right, it's true! it's not a small news. The feelings we share, I think it's something that'll last for our whole life, we cherish it very much. I dont want to say that it's a bad change, I'm saying that actually, the relationship we have has been upgraded from man-woman to family. I'll cherish everything She brought to me, and she will also cherish everything I brought to her."
    people keep guessing about the reason and ZZ says " No reason, we just came to an agreement. We felt that we were both very busy, actually, the feeling of caring for the other wont change, on the contrary, the relationship will be easier to maintain that the one of man with woman."
    From he came into the Ent. circle, the one he thanks the most, the one he trust the most is Barbie, but the relationship evolving from lovers to family is something that even Barbie can accept, (breaking up) is a result that both parties agreed on after discussion : " I also love her family, even her pets, including every member of the family, I think they are all wonderful. For the moment, making this ind of feeling evolving into family, for us, it isnt really a bad thing, because I'm completely focusing on my career, wishing for it to be good, that's what it'll be like afterwards. I think after my career has some achievment,, then I'll talk to everyong, then I'll get to know other people. For now, career is my first choice."

    For the second article, ZZ's manager says, "since the female side has admited, there's nothing to hide" but wont tell the reason, " ZZ will tell you but I can be sure that it's not about 'forced marriage' ."
    the manager says that they broke up around new year but ZZ's mood didnt influence his work and he will still promote his album
    Reporters asked why did ZZ fake being all lovey dovey with DaS while promoting in mainland even talking about marriage ? the manager " He didnt say that, he only talked about his view on marriage" " Then what are his veiws on marriage? " manager " ZZ likes kids, he insists on getting married and having kids, after having kids, he wont let them to nannys but want to take care of them, but he is too busy with work so cant get married for now."
    DaS' friend
    a friend of her got interviewed by reporters, he said he knew about it last week and said the reason is " They dont have that kind of feelings for each other anymore"
    there is no forced marriage because " They didnt go that far and never talked about it"
    DaS says in some event yesterday, that she observed her sisters marriage and found out that she isnt fit for it as you need to take care of children, family, in laws, ect... and she doesnt have what it takes
    How will she face her next relationship ? " Leave it to fate" " I wont force it, and will be true to myself, seriously facing everything, relationship or career." she then thanks everyone for their concern and hope people dont worry too much about her, that she's brave enough to face everything that will happen iin her life in the future.
    Show and Vanness when asked about it say that they didnt know about it....

    I actually cried reading this news because it's really heartbreaking to see two people that cares about each other this much go their separate ways. I guess with Barbie's personality she needs to find a man who is strong enough to stand by her side. I'm not saying ZZ is a weakling but he's young and still needs to learn more about life and relationships but the level of maturity he is showing of facing this current situation is already admirable. He did not deny anything and still manage to protect the girl he cares for.
    image ~ image

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  • strawberrynkiwistrawberrynkiwi Posts: 4,157Member


    Although I am not a fan of Barbie, I saw their chemistry in Mars, so I guess it was cool.
    Break up is such a sad thing, but it doesn't mean anything. If they truly are meant for each other, they will probably get together after they retire.

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  • herro dianaherro diana CaliforniaPosts: 2,503Member


    That's sad. They were a great couple. I wish them luck in the future.
  • conzerzconzerz somewhere over the raiinbow~Posts: 3,197Member


    aawwww they were so cute in those 2 dramas! image
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  • JENNY*JENNY* originally unoriginal Posts: 5,059Member


    dang, i didn't know that! they've been together for a while. well, at least it was a clean break.
  • *frutti*frutti Happy is an understatement San DiegoPosts: 1,433Friend of Soompi
    aww i thought they were going to get married too...why did they break up?
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  • Vagabond.Vagabond. girl anachronism. Posts: 2,615Member
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    Wow, this is a massive shock.
    I thought they were gonna get married and stuff.

    I wandered up for a closer look
    And kissed whoever was sitting there.

  • sweetsmilesweetsmile Posts: 2,164Member


    Oh wow... I never thought it would happen...
    They really were a good couple..
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