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Official { D Y E D . H A I R }: Before & After



  • ChouChouChouChou mrs lau <3 UKPosts: 2,782Friend of Soompi


    you don't normally have to bleach it if ya want like a brown/reddish colour or whatever
    her in the uk in the salons, if ya want it like brown/reddish then they say they have to bleach it
    but in places like hk they never do and it always come out real light, even when you have virgin hair
    i think they might use diff dye, like more stronger

    i had to bleach my hair when i went blonde lol
    but thats cuz its blonde lol
  • INSANEINSANE Posts: 3,076Member


    WORTH IT?: YES (for me at least lol)
    Natural Hair type:
    - fine
    - straight but slightly wavy
    - short
    Hair History:
    -Virgin hair previous to this post
    -straightened 3-4 times a week
    -getting dead, but still alive image
    Hair color Before: black/kinda dark brown (natural hair colour)
    Hair color After: i forgot what it was called exactly, but i think it was something like, 'Dark Golden Brown' :s LOL
    Bleach?: No
    Hair Dye: Salon
    Price: $40 on the dot image
    - definitely has texture change especially when i'm shampooing my hair
    - it's not as smooth when it's dry but i straighten it so it gets kinda silky
    Description: - "They dyed it with a bottle and left it for about 30 mins, then retouched it (so it's kinda lighter at the top as you may see) - i also went under that big heater thing, lol"
    Comments: - " I liked the end result:)"

    Now for the pics! HEHE



    i'm sure you know which one is ME! sorry for the weird pics, LOL.



    same hair colour. just different lighting!

    you and me found something pretty neat.
    hi, butterflies
  • eternal.happinesseternal.happiness SUPERsweetLOVE ? TORONTO &#9829;Posts: 4,243Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2008
    AND you don't necessarily have to bleach your hair first.
    ^^ Depends which dye you're using.
    My tip is, to use a hair colour lighter than your choice.
    AND to also leave it in longer than recommended, remember to do roots first image

    WORTH IT?: - YES because I hate my natural hair colour -
    Natural Hair type:
    - medium length hair/layered.
    - straight/wavy at the ends.
    Hair History: -
    -VirginDyed +7 times (too many colours to recall)
    -Straighten my hair on regular basis using hair straightener.
    Hair color Before: - Virgin/natural hair - BLACK
    Hair color After: OLD to CURRENT HAIR COLOUR
    - RED -


    - BROWN-


    - DARK BROWN -

    Bleach?: - No.
    Hair Dye: - Garnier / Herbal Essences / PALTY / HOYU / L'Oreal Nice n Easy / L'Oreal Highlights
    Price: - $ - 9.99-15.99 CDN
    - Damage? None
    - Texture change? None
    Description: - " Recommended time said 20-25 minutes but I left mines in for 40 minutes for better colour turnout " -
    Comments: - " I use conditioner specially for coloured hair and remember to use the conditioner in the package. " -
    ♥ life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous possessive love that grabs at what it can ♥
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  • MizzprEEETyMizzprEEETy Posts: 4,652Member


    ^ your hair is very cute=]
  • destinedisaster00destinedisaster00 USPosts: 470Member
    QUOTE (xNanciix @ Jan 14 2008, 05:58 PM) »
    cool lol lemme see if i have pics X3

    Natural Hair type: straight/silky x]
    Hair History: -
    Just dyed my hair once(i want my black hair bak o.O)
    Hair color Before: black<3
    Hair color After: Redish-Brown
    Bleach?: no
    Hair Dye: Palty

    What color did you use? I'm trying baby strawberry but I can't find any pics ><.
  • l3aby143l3aby143 plutoPosts: 272Member
    being a hairstylist, damaging my hair is a must.


    im sure i'll get something else within a month or so.

    WORTH IT?: it was due to boredom
    Natural Hair type: wavy and short for now.
    Hair History: been through alot.
    Hair color Before: brown all over, with junky blond highlights. it turned orangish about a few weeks
    Hair color After: soft black and junks of blue on this the sides.
    Bleach?: u have to.
    Hair Dye: socolor and chromosilk. it's for pro only.
  • M0GAM0GA Posts: 1,060Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2008
    WORTH IT?: YES [=

    Natural Hair type:
    -kinda long, straight normal hair

    Hair History:
    -mi hair naturally lightens in the summer

    Hair color Before: brown/black


    Hair color After: brown/black with platinum peekaboos



    -techinically speaking, i only used bleach. i did, however, continue to shampoo with a purple toner.

    Hair Dye:
    -clairol born blonde

    - $9?

    mi hair didn't turn platinum blonde overnight. in order to not overprocess mi hair too quickly, i bleached in steps. if you do plan on bleaching your hair, know the stretch of colors your hair must go through in order to reach your desired color.

    make sure the dye stays moist. also, i found that saram wrap helps and blowdrying [heat] speeds up the process.

    i also suggest playing around with clip in extensions until you're happy with the color
  • mzweirdomzweirdo Los AngelesPosts: 532Member

    uhhh..the sequence of hair not really sure. but i just know i use to dye my hair soooo much.
    cause i guess it was the only way to help "change" myself. but now i try not to. i had my hair blue black one..but it didn't really show..haha.

    WORTH IT?: - FSHO! I don't really like plain black hair on me boring..
    Natural Hair type: long, black, i guess silky hair? hah.
    Hair History: I've permed it before..uhm, but before all the was pretty silky.
    Hair color Before: - was highlights..gross.
    Hair color After: - dark brown. image
    Bleach?: - i've done it before..haha
    Hair Dye: - lorreal?
    Price: - $4.99? it was in a box at cvs! image
    Changes: pretty healthy looking now.
    " I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. "
    - Marilyn Monroe
  • ling_lingling_ling United KingdomPosts: 3,678Member
    WORTH IT?: - yeeeeeeeeees image
    Natural Hair type:
    - Strong
    - heavy
    - mid-length right now...
    - dryer at ends
    Hair History: -
    - done to much!!!!
    - dyed
    - bleached
    - permed
    - reverse perm
    - henna
    Hair color Before: - color before - asian black
    Hair color After:
    well....ive been dying my hair since i was like 12 and im 18 so ill jus list all the colors ive had in order
    - mahogony hi-lights
    - reddy brown hi-lights
    - orangey brown hi-lights
    - all over brown
    - all over brown/red
    - all over deep red
    - blue/black
    - dark brown
    - copper brown
    - mid-brown
    Bleach?: - yes....twice
    Hair Dye: - usually use any type
    - my hair usually changes ... i have hair tht adapts to color rly easily even in salons
    Description: - well at home i wrap it up in a plastic bag and leave it on for ten mins longer than it ses so tht color is more rich
    Comments: - love dying my hair and recommed to anyone
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  • NERDSTAR*NERDSTAR* Posts: 2Member
    edited January 2008
    image now image



    image before XD

    WORTH IT?: - YES/NO/KIND OF... - yuppp, ;D butt, then i kinda missed my black hair.
    Natural Hair type: black image JET black.
    my hair was wavy/curlyish so i often had to straighten it.

    Hair History: - it was natural, but i only dyed it about 4 times so far for 2 years. >____>"

    Hair color Before: black
    Hair color After: browny/reddish/purpley
    Bleach?: naaa. don't need to.
    Hair Dye: - i forget, any, i guess. ;T
    Price: £30.00-£40.00ishh.
    - Damage? - really dryy! the second time, but after conditioning it ;D feels better.
    Description: - hairdressers did it. used some paintbrush kinda thing ;D
    Comments: - it was nice image felt different, for a while, but i miss my black hair now. trying to go natural image
  • drella;drella; マトリョシカ a cardboard boxPosts: 1,605Friend of Soompi
    edited September 2009
    ^ your "now" color looks really cute on you :3

    I used the sun in spray thing with lemon which made my hair lighter because I was too lazy to actually dye it x:

    -edit- removed

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  • DarkAngelInLoveDarkAngelInLove Garden Grove, CAPosts: 1,268Member
    WORTH IT?: - Kind of
    Natural Hair type:
    long hair
    Hair History:
    dyed only four times
    Hair color Before:
    When I was a hair dye virgin
    Hair color After:
    First time: I really like the color

    Second: returning my hair color to normal

    Third: it's actually a blackish red, but you can't see it in the picture

    Fourth: this is me now

    the first time yes

    Hair Dye:
    First time: some japanese brand
    Second: Garnier
    Third: Framesi
    Fourth: Garnier

    Garnier was about $4 - 6
    The other two are probably really expensive (i was just their model so I don't know how much they cost)

    The japanese and Framesi dried my hair out
    Garnier really didn't do any damage, it actually made my hair better, I think it's because it actually has natural fruit oils in it

    - Texture change?
    the japanese brand made my hair a lot thinner

    Description: - The Garnier one was a cream so no drips coming to my neck! The other brands were in foils for about a half and hour to forty five minutes

    Comments: - I would suggest Garnier, doesn't cost much and I love it.
  • joongielovejoongielove keep the faith. OT5 USPosts: 2,019Member
    Save spot- Dyeing hair later tonight! image

    WORTH IT?: Time will tell. Dum dum dum.
    Natural Hair type:
    -added highlights, don't like them anymore.
    Hair History:
    -highlighted golden brown, then dark brown, then red.
    -Japanese straightened twice

    Hair color Before:


    Typical Asian jet-black hair.

    Hair color After:

    Bleach?: nope.
    Hair Dye: - First time, Garnier, hope it works.
    Highlights didn't really do much.

    2nd time Japanese straightening sucked. Frazzled my hair a bit.
    Comments: Hope this works.
    keep the faith.

  • mclairepunzmclairepunz Manila, PIPosts: 44Member
    my hair is reddish brown now image
  • elaineeel0veelaineeel0ve OC,CALIPosts: 822Member
    woah this thread is pretty dead. but i have a question!

    to those who have bleached their hair...
    how long should i wait before bleaching my hair if i dyed my hair from dark brown to dark blonde today?
    it was supposed to be light blonde but since i dyed it darker a few months back it didnt come out as light as i wanted.
    any tips? suggestions?
  • witcherywitchery ailurophile Sydney~Posts: 5,011Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2009
    l3aby143: I'm in love with the baby blue streaks! =3 Do you have long hair by the way? Did you get them done all the way to the bottom?

    WORTH IT?: - YES/NO/KIND OF... -
    Natural Hair type:
    - fine/course
    - straight/curly
    - short/medium/long hair
    - etc.

    Hair History: -
    -Virgin/Dyed ___ times - Lost count. Haha
    -Natural/Permed -I got permanent curls before, now my naturally slightly wavy hair's all grown out and I'm straightening my hair everyday
    Hair color Before: - color before -
    Hair color After: - color after -
    Bleach?: - yes/no -
    Hair Dye: - Salon
    Price: Haha yeah not telling =P Pretty pricey but worth it for the experience from a top salon I guess.

    - Damage? Not from this hair dyeing instance alone, no, but from a multitude of things prior to it =X
    - Texture change? ^ Ditto

    I'll just show my most recent dye jobs...

    I just wanted to dye my hair red over my previous hair colour:

    But bleach was only used at the roots and I requested a darker, more cool red so the red turned out much less vibrant than I had anticipated:

    So I got my hair dyed again but they bleached it first this time, and also told me they'd be adding streaks:
    Looks pink, right? It's not just me T____T Haha but it gradually became more reddish rather than pink after a few washes. It was pretty vibrant red but I didn't like the streaks!! >__> it was too emo for my liking.
    And then it faded into a more orange/brown colour which was ok but I still didn't like the streaks! Argh reminds me of the wooden desk in my room.
    image image

    So yeah I'm definitely getting it dyed again, but NOT in streak form. I want an all-over red a shade darker than the really vibrant shade I got.

    wow! The good old redheaded days. Haha it's October now and just found my old post from the front page o__O
    I can't believe how different I look. I've dyed my hair black about 3x in the meantime. Current pictures in 411. Should I go back to red? Haha idk xD
  • missM.missM. Posts: 1,330Member
    edited January 2009
    I have a question: I have dyed hair but my roots are growing out. if i dye my hair by myself, will it turn 2 different colors? coz someone told me if u dyed ur hair by urself with black roots growing out the already dyed part will be lighter than the roots. does that make sense?
  • AutumnAutumn =] B.C,CanadaPosts: 2,738Member
    my hair was a reddish brown but it faded to a yucky orange brown -.-
    i decided that i wanted to go back to black hair, so my roots are like 2 inches now~~anyone know how long it'll take to grow all out (my hairs shoulder length) should i wait for the roots to completly come out or should i just dye it black? ._.
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  • dragyfj123dragyfj123 VancouverPosts: 57Member


    MY HAIr worked out perfectly with palty =]
    mhh a nice caramel brown
  • F00LiiSH x3F00LiiSH x3 loner in the corner 510Posts: 1,345Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2009
    Xcali_loveeX - I suggest you to retouch your root 1st. You can apply the color you want on your new grown hair, the last 5 mins you can go through the rest of your hair then rinse.

    WORTH IT?: - YES/NO/KIND OF... - yes, i'm happy.
    Natural Hair type:
    - fine/course: fine/medium
    - straight/curly: little wave
    - short/medium/long hair: long
    - etc.
    Hair History: -
    -Dyed , lost track.

    Hair color Before: - color before -

    Hair color After: - color after -

    Bleach?: - yes
    Hair Dye: - pigment in purple & green P.u.r.e
    Price: - 5$ each tube of color + bleach
    - Damage? a little
    - Texture change? no
    Description: - " I lightened my hair in foil and wait till the desirable level then put pigment on (semi permanent) for about 30 mins "
    Comments: - " I liked the end result, but the green fade real fast " -
    Union City, Bay Area
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