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Is Eating Too Many Cough Drops Bad For You?

bluenettebluenette I <3 my Shih-TzuDong Bang LandPosts: 2,180Member


edited January 2008 in fitness & sports
Is eating too much of cough drops bad for you? I eat it even though I don't have a cough or sore throat. It is very refreshing when my throat is dry. Are there any side effects of eating too much? Yea, I know I'm weird image

edit: i don't mean like ten at a time. probably like one every half hour/hour


  • iPandaiPanda Posts: 885Member
    edited January 2008
    I don't know, but I REALLY HOPE NOT. I've been having the coughs lately and inhaling cough drops like a monster.. LOL.
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  • iAD0RKABLESiiAD0RKABLESi hammie ? poo PennsylvaniaPosts: 1,133Member
    edited January 2008
    eating alot of cough drops is BAD
    cause it has menthol in them and too much menthol in your body is bad
    i ate 3 Halls in an hour, and then i had to vomit the next hour (btw, i only had a sore throat)
    everyone's body is different of course
    but i'm just warning you.

    i searched around and this is what someone said:

    Yes, menthol can be toxic if taken in large amounts, just as any drug can. More importantly, I am surprised you didn't wind up in the bathroom after eating so many cough drops- they are meant to be used at the rate of one every couple of hours, NOT 4 an hour !!! Menthol is a product which is produced from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree- the same tree which koala bears eat the leaves of in order to survive. In addition to its being the main ingredient in most cough drops, it is also used in things like mentholatum, Vick's VapoRub, and Vick's inhalers. Breathing menthol in small amounts is soothing to irritated nasal and sinus passages, but it is not intended to be ingested in large amounts. Your digestive system is not set up to handle it- too much will mean a trip to the toilet, which is far worse than any sore throat you might have, and it may teach you a valuable lesson.
  • VannieVannie Posts: 101Member
    if youre looking for a refreshing taste, use mints. cough drops are afterall, medication and contain active ingredients that can be harmful if consumed in big quantities (well, like if you eat 6 bags of them at once...) 2 or 3 everyday won't harm you, but its better not to eat them for no reason.

    If your throat is dry, drink lots of water image
  • x0_saturn_0xx0_saturn_0x I'm heart sick; heal me; be crazy; can't let you go~ Posts: 4,299Member
    edited January 2008
    menthol is toxic if you take in too much, just like any other drug..
    i dont think ur digestive system is not set up for handling so much menthol.... i think if you continue to eat so many cough drops, you're gonna pay a very long visit to the toilet or vomit or something o__o
    i'd suggest you find some mints like tic-tac or something to pop in your mouth rather than cough drops and drink lotsa water!
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  • chromeheartschromehearts Posts: 1,373Friend of Soompi
    i remember reading on the label that you will vomit if you ingest too much
  • plumeriasplumerias myao .. ( ???)??? PhiladelphiaPosts: 1,526Friend of Soompi


    Depends what the active ingredient is.
    If its pectin, you can eat as many as you want. Yay luden's throat drops~ image
    Menthol will make you sick though if you eat too many.
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  • JustalilodreamerJustalilodreamer no tax for mePosts: 6,914Member


    edited January 2008
    consuming A LOT of anything at once is bad for you, so yes, eating too many cough drops is bad. Its alright to take a couple a day, just dont eat them for no reason or gobble up a bag a day. Last year i ate like 5-6 cough drops within 1.5 hours because i had do a speech on stage..nothing happened to me haha
  • jliu6190jliu6190 USAPosts: 478Member
    yeah, i think you're not supposed to guzzle them down because..aren't they kind of like medicine?

    anyways, mints are good. or hard candy.
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  • watcherwatcher Dubya A. Teacher city of angelsPosts: 5,829Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (bluenette @ Jan 6 2008, 11:27 AM) »
    Is eating too much of cough drops bad for you? I eat it even though I don't have a cough or sore throat. It is very refreshing when my throat is dry. Are there any side effects of eating too much? Yea, I know I'm weird image

    read the label, and if it says ask your doctor, then ask your doctor image
  • ordinarydaysxordinarydaysx Posts: 330Member
    if u eat so many they wont work anymore


  • VivskiesVivskies &#22825;&#19978;Posts: 1,380Member
    Well I ate them like candy when I had a sore throat.
    ^ But yeah, like they said, they'll stop to work because the bacteria become immune or something like that.
    Thanks mama_gir1!

  • sussus AussiE lANdPosts: 3,213Member
    i use to eat it cos it taste nice haha
    but i reckon u should just eat mints instead...

  • HANAo1HANAo1 cutie utopiaPosts: 1,337Member
    i think its bad for yuuuuu
    cuhs you get high off it sometimes o_o;
    getting high off of anything is bad bad bad!
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  • charricharri &#10084;Posts: 365Member
    thank God for this thread O_O I had no idea.
  • AntzAntz 211107 ? Perth, AustraliaPosts: 16,953Member


    whoa omg. i always eat cough drops when i'm not sick, it's yummy ROFL. but only when it's available to me~
    but four in one hour? whoa. O_O i just have one at least once an hour. :/
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  • JoannaJoanna ☆インテツ☆ Posts: 10,102Friend of Soompi


    i barely eat them but i think they are bad if you eat TOO Much of them. as long as you drink lots of water and drink your medicine?
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  • x_shirleyx_shirley Posts: 1,778Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (ordinarydaysx @ Jan 6 2008, 06:11 PM) »
    if u eat so many they wont work anymore

    what my mom says about all kinds of medicine

    i guess it is bad for you because it's medicated... and if you dont need it, you shouldnt take it.
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  • joolee.joolee. Vancouver, BCPosts: 11,345Member


    I never knew they were that harmful to you, I usually eat quite a lot when I have a sore throat.
  • addickshunaddickshun ?:emki. &#9829;:hidden location.Posts: 12,449Member
    QUOTE (ordinarydaysx @ Jan 7 2008, 12:11 PM) »
    if u eat so many they wont work anymore

    cuz' that's when your body gets immune to it.
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  • oooroosayoooroosay Posts: 1,648Member


    they have "dietary supplement" halls now. eat those. 

    and girl i feel u! i eat the ish like candy 'swell. 
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