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2 Month Old Gochujang - Still Edible?

비빔밥☆비빔밥☆ StockholmPosts: 20Member
I bought 2 month old gochujang on sale. D:
They told me it's still edible & if I don't like it I could come back to the store...
I'm so stupid because it wasn't that much cheaper & otherwise I NEVER eat anything old, not even 1 day.
And TWO monts old, I can't believe I bought it. D:
So I don't wanna try it, lol. I was recently sick & puked all night so now I'm really conscious of what I eat.

So my options are;
1) Go back to the store and beg them to take it back.
(I don't like this idea so much, because the people @ the store were so nice to me.)
2) Throw it away & buy a new one at another store [more expensive].
3) Try it anyway.

Anyway, my question is, have anyone here eaten old gochujang?
Does it taste alright? Did you feel sick afterwards?


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