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Product Recommendation Thread



  • 1XXBEBE1XXBEBE canadaPosts: 160Friend of Soompi
    FULLNSOFT by maybelline is amazing.

    MAC powerpoint eyeliners never fades from their color.
  • PinkcloudsPinkclouds Posts: 8Member
    MISSHA 's face powder is really good!
    their mascaras are also very good, no clumps!
  • bao baobao bao Posts: 164Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(asiancandie @ Oct 6 2005, 02:26 PM) »

    can someone recommend good face washes for combo skin?

    same question image
    also mositurizer for combo skin?
  • hershy kissezhershy kissez FloridaPosts: 1,671Friend of Soompi


    i hear cosmetics made from rice is really good for your skin.
    anyone tried anything made from rice?

    some natural remides i can think of is wash your face with rice water.
    so when your washing your rice, use that water to wash you face and it shuld leave it feeling smoother and looking cleaner.
  • acorns&Loveacorns&Love 626area, CAPosts: 22Member
    i like bare minerals products
    they are kinda pricy though
  • cindel25cindel25 The Church of Skush Skush's HeartPosts: 2,336Member
    Bath and Body Works Creams and Lotions. It makes your skin so soft and smooth.
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  • itadakimasu_^_^itadakimasu_^_^ Posts: 217Member
    loreal double extend- that really gets ur lashes long, curly and thick ^__^
  • AliceAlice Posts: 2,051Member
    Iope for face care. Dove for skin care.
  • AzngelAzngel zBanned Posts: 4,888Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(asiancandie @ Oct 6 2005, 02:26 PM) »

    can someone recommend good face washes for combo skin?

    i wish that Great Beauty Thread was back image

    basis cleaner clean face wash. it gets rid of the oils in the t-zone but doesnt over dry your cheeks. afterwards your skin just feels really clean and smooth. i love it
  • xx_jsxx_js HK IS LOVE :)Posts: 1,305Member
    anyone can recommand hair straighteners to me? hopefully is some brand get get in HK... image
    btu whatever! just leave which brand is cool lol thankies!
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  • midnitestarsmidnitestars Posts: 6Member
    - Desert Essence Jojoba Oil is 100% pure jojoba oil that can be used for hair, skin, and the scalp. It removes makeup well and declogs pores. For the face, massage the jojoba oil for at least 60 seconds to get a deep cleansing.

    - Organic honey soothes inflamed skin, softens the skin, and adds a glow.

    - Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub gently exfoliates and deep cleans the skin.

    - Johnson & Johnson No More Bedhead detangling spray removes pesky tangles in hair.

    - L'oreal Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum reduces frizz and makes hair feel silkier.

    - MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Gentle Coral adds a nice coral tint to the lips.

    - MAC lipstick in Sandy B., La Mode, and Petal Lure are nice shades in the peachy-pink range.

    - MAC eyeshadow in Surreal, Shimmermoss, Meadowland, and Metamorph are pretty aqua and green shades.

    - Milani eyeshadow in Silver Bullet, Garden Mist, Atlantis, and Illusion are pretty shades with good quality at a very affordable price.

    - L'oreal Color Juice lip gloss in Strawberry Smoothie is pretty peachy-pink-bronze shade.

  • flyawayflyaway peach lover Stanford '11!!Posts: 3,552Member
    pin this pleaseeeeeee
    i love shiseido =)
  • embolembol when dreams die Posts: 1,098Friend of Soompi
    Palty Temporary dye color.
    Does it work? Do you know what the blonde and purple turn out like??? I really like it, and there's a girl that's selling it, but I want to know if it works.

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  • k_lynnk_lynn Posts: 25Member
    Cetaphil cleanser
    Neutrogena - Ultra Sheer sunscreen
    Christian Dior - Dior Kiss lip gloss
    Prescriptive's foundation
    MAC or Bobby Brown's eyeshadow
    Dove body lotion
    Dove Brightening Moisturizer with SPF 15
  • sweetddalkisweetddalki I ♥ 유아인 Posts: 999Member
    Bert's Bees LipBalm ^^V
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  • clairdelunedclairdeluned Posts: 2,410Friend of Soompi
    Hello hershy, m'dear image

    I always use for my reviews.

  • supermonkeysupermonkey Posts: 225Member
    i found Nurimetics Clear for acneic skin worked wonders for me
    i have combination skin in the extremes... but its only avali in Australia and Newzealand =S

    MM also, for ppl in asia, theres a produc called Rochelle for acne skin, its even better than clear.. but expensive ... like it was 700hk dollar wen i got the mosituriser, toner and cleanser pack.
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  • deeLOVELYdeeLOVELY Posts: 1,909Member


    basis cleaner clean face wash. it gets rid of the oils in the t-zone but doesnt over dry your cheeks. afterwards your skin just feels really clean and smooth. i love it

    where can you get that?

    someone pin this!
  • ohJOYohJOY Hello! CAPosts: 2,725Friend of Soompi
    ^ Rite Aid or right? for Basis cleanser I believe.
  • junyjuny 샤방샤방☆ Posts: 2,086Friend of Soompi
    edited October 2005
    --The Face Shop Toner & Emulsion
    The emulsion has a milky texture and it's light but moisturizing at the same time. But I'd recommend using a cream after for dry skin types because it might not be moisturizing enough. I'm combo, so it's perfect for me to use emulsion alone after toner on summer days, but during the winter, I use cream after for further hydration.
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