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thyunthyun New York CityPosts: 1,163Member
edited December 2007 in beauty & fashion
Does anyone have any consumer complaints with like are they expensive, bad customer service, slow shipping, etc.?

how much do u need to spend to actually order? do you mind the bulk minimum?


  • eunhee_lemonadeeunhee_lemonade Posts: 976Member
    edited December 2007
    yesstyle is faaasst~
    but not too fast cause you're usually buying things in bulk to get fast shipping
    and it takes awhile because of its size, not because yesstyle is slow. XD

    spending the limit, is really worth it.
    cuz then the free shipping super-helps @_@
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  • VivskiesVivskies 天上Posts: 1,380Member
    Everything as Yesstyle is super expensive.
    Thanks mama_gir1!

  • oohdioohdi Posts: 1,065Member
    it took me a month to get my stuff.. i was getting unpatient
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  • StacyStacy 韩庚 ♥ Bay Area, CAPosts: 9,239Friend of Soompi


    edited December 2007
    I think they're expensive, but I like their stuff. Their shipping is true to word, but the 7-14 days wait thing prior to them actually shipping the items (because they don't have it yet) is killer. It has taken ~3 weeks for me to get my order, but it's not like they're lying to you, since they clearly stated that you have that long of a wait. Their "stuff" goes out of stock a LOT. However, their packaging is very neat and professional, you can totally recycle them.
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  • chifunichifuni ★☆★☆★☆ CaliforniaPosts: 4,843Member


    It's way too expensive.... :| But the shipping is really good.
  • regretlessregretless CaliforniaPosts: 2,077Friend of Soompi


    yeah they're expensive
    but they're very professional.. everything i got was wrapped like twice with tissue paper
    and man there was a LOT of tissue paper.. which came in hand cus i just reuse them for future gift wrapping ^^;

    they take a long time to ship b/c you're buying from different sellers and stuff
    they don't have all the items in stock in one place... like sechuna and 59seconds for example
    if you order something 1 shirt from sechuna and another from 59seconds through yesstyle, yesstyle will then place an order with sechuna and 59 seconds (who will ship to yesstyle) and yesstyle will ultimately forward it to you ^^; which is a process that takes up to a month :/

    the only thing they did that pissed me off was that they had this one shirt where the color options were 'cocoa grey and chocolate beige' which made me go wtf cus i can't tell the difference so i ended up ordering the wrong color. i should have asked before ordering but i was lazy. :/ so yeah, check your colors lol..

    oh, and make sure your body size is within the freesize range.. b/c most of the stuff is freesize ^^;

    you don't need a bulk min., but orders over $125 get free shipping .. otherwise it's like $15 shipping i think
  • StacyStacy 韩庚 ♥ Bay Area, CAPosts: 9,239Friend of Soompi


    edited December 2007
    ^ It's over or equal to $150 to qualify for free shipping. $12 shipping for US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Macau, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. $14 shipping for Canada, UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Ireland and Netherlands.

    They're so organized: <3
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  • unwritingyouunwritingyou Posts: 1,556Member


    their stuff is gorgeous though.

  • flyxme.flyxme. ???????? Posts: 6,750Member


    i really like the clothes, but its so expensive except for a few things
    they take a long time to search their suppliers too -.-
    i order this some stuff, and they took over a week to search supplier
    and then later i found out that my order was canceled because they were out of stock
    i got pretty inpatient and then pissed off

  • PoiPoiPoiPoi Posts: 13Member
    edited December 2007
    am i the only one to think they are pretty cheap? xD;;;;
    i mean..... compared to stuff here in scandinavia hahaha. (it's like our H&M prices?)
    it's pretty much the same price, but the clothes at yesstyle is nicer ;P
    and since the shipping is free to sweden (if you buy at least $150 or $125... dont remember) it's even cheaper ^^;

    but yeah. just ordered a bunch of stuff from there and the package should arrive on monday :]

    v---- yeh, i mean, i dunno about the us, but the swedish us has a pretty huge variety in prices atm =X. it's like "classy" vs "street". and yesstyle has the same prices as the "classy"-section at h&m xD;;;
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  • junkmanjunkojunkmanjunko Pennsylvania [Philly]Posts: 319Member
    ^ h&m prices? O_O

    I'm glad my h&m isn't so expensive.. lol
  • xxgingerxxginger Posts: 8Member
    honestly look in the local malls, stuff is the same price. this yesstyle stuff is just...
    i only shop on here. and i get the express shipping for US it's actually only $9.99.
    P.s. if youre going to shop there, which I highly recommend, I would become a member, because you get points!
    Getting their stuff is very exciting (i know this because i've bought already 7 shipments) and their clothes are very soft and modern Asian.
    but for the lotions, and BB creams, you can purchase the same ones on Amazon for WAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper (ex. NOT 70.00 but 4.99) true story! Just saying!
    But as far as the clothes go, THEY are very cheap considering they're the same price as your local mall.
    And they sell hair dye and Circle lens as well. Oh and mens clothing.
  • 19011901 Posts: 333Member


    Way too expensive for me :s

    A lot of their clothes are taken from Taobao shops and resold at like a 200% markup

    For example, OrangeBear, one of the plus size brands, is easily found on Taobao
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  • Kskano713Kskano713 Posts: 838Member
    i LOVE yesstyle.. but i haven't ordered anything yet... T>T
    try the brands 59 seconds and Orange Bear, or even Tokyo Fashion, it's the cheaper but still great quality stuff there. :)
    quick question: is there any other reliable online asian/korean/japanese/etc. fashion shops beside yesstyle? please tell! :)))
  • vena.cavavena.cava Posts: 88Member


    I actually think, that the things are overpriced.  I'm not saying they are not nice, but I think you can get them for cheaper

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  • AceFonduAceFondu CaliforniaPosts: 377Member


    I think yesstyle is really expensive, but shipping is great. Careful of the # of days it says though. I've had experience where i think i ordered two 21 days one, and they totally canceled both items. I would recommend the 1~2 days or 7~14 days only.

    I mean when it comes to cheap, the material is not great, Viceversa

    Before ordering on yesstyle, look in your local places and see if you can find similar clothing to what you are looking for. You will find some because they basically overprice some like other people said.

    P.S, I've actually found a hole in one of the clothing, but i thought it was pointless to complain. =[ so becareful ^-^
  • witcherywitchery ailurophile Sydney~Posts: 5,011Friend of Soompi


    edited December 2011
    I've found a few gems on Yesstyle, but I do agree that at the same time there are a LOT of overpriced items. Some brands (especially the Korean ones) might charge $100-$300 for a jacket, and although some of the cheaper brands (especially the Taiwanese ones like Tokyo Fashion) might only charge $10-$30 for a top, the quality could actually be pretty poor and not worth the price anyway.

    You could actually find a lot of similar stuff on various different Asian websites such as Taobao (as 1901 mentioned) and Taiwanese auction sites for cheaper prices, but I think Yesstyle just makes it more convenient as all the products from the different brands are right there, and the site is in English and easy to order from. If you're keen on paying extra for convenience then Yesstyle would be worth ordering from.
  • RitaRita Posts: 253Member


    I've only ever ordered one thing from Yesstyle, and I'm 100% happy with it.
    Shipping was fast, and the prize was good (on sale). However, shipping price is kinda meh, I should have bought more stuff. lol

    But if you think you want to pay their prices, then I recommend it. :]
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  • meimoo*meimoo* Posts: 2,843Member
    yesstyle is very expensive
    sometimes their pictures aren't true to their clothing/quality
    However I never have problem with shipping time frame
    Their estimates are very correcet.
    I bought 5 items from them TWICE
    both of those time I received it on the estimate time they given me

    I do agree their customer service are very very poor
    I called it uncounted of times before gave up on trying to have a mutual understanding btw them
    luckily I card with pp and they was able to get the $$ back to me

    Never buy from yesstyle again
    1. overprice
    2. poor customer service
  • xAmandaTuxAmandaTu Posts: 142Member


    Hi~ I have a question about the sizing >< Is it normal for their free size to be extremely large, for example 76 inches for the waist? The original size section doesn't mention anything about being plus size so I was just wondering is it possible that they've made a mistake? Like instead of inches, they meant cm? I've never ordered from here before so I was just kinda nervous that I'd get something way too big for me >< And I don't really understand how they do the sizing here =/

    Here is an example:

    And also, how would you know if an item is sold out and what happens if it is? o:
    Thanks :D
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