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Songs About M A K E U P!

ovaltinejenkinsovaltinejenkins Posts: 5,588Member
edited November 2007 in entertainment
yknow.. beauty products and such :]
i don't know if this is in the right place or not. or if there's another topic like this... so be patient with me

HI! I know it's a pretty weird topic, but I'm genuinely curious about songs related to makeup OR other songs that make you feel good about how you look

for example: Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" and Lil' Mama's "Lip Gloss"

... and I'm also doing a project related to makeup xD

BUT SERIOUSLY! I wanna know so please share image



  • #SHINAI#SHINAI Posts: 1,428Member
    HAHA when I saw the topic title, I immedietly thought of lil mama and her lip gloss song
    .. well since you listed that, um
    destiny's child - bootylicious?
    (old old songgg XD)
    it's a song that makes me feel good
  • capsulecapsule SpokanePosts: 55Member
    I once made a song called, "Make-Up Your Mind"'s about a girl who attempts to kill in the chorus i say..."Make-up your mind;try to cover up the pain"...get it? har har har
  • AsobiSeksuAsobiSeksu ??? Posts: 3,509Member


    iono if this is the kind of song you're looking for
    kinda talks about appearances

    SKIN DEEP- Keke Palmer
  • M0NSTER*M0NSTER* Posts: 718Member
    India.Arie-I Am Not My Hair
    India.Arie-Because I Am a Queen
    <3 They make me feel good about myself hehe
    "I know it sounds cliche, but I really am just waiting to exhale."
  • addickshunaddickshun ?:emki. &#9829;:hidden location.Posts: 12,449Member
    christina aguilera's "beautiful" isn't completely about make-up image
    (includes: Facebook, Hi5, Bebo)
  • Booger FaceBooger Face processed cheese. NorCalPosts: 2,895Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(addickshun @ Nov 15 2007, 11:48 PM) »
    christina aguilera's "beautiful" isn't completely about make-up image

    Anything but lol.
  • ovaltinejenkinsovaltinejenkins Posts: 5,588Member
    HI! I know it's a pretty weird topic, but I'm genuinely curious about songs related to makeup OR other songs that make you feel good about how you look

    READ IT. geez.

    okay. anyway, thanks for those that helped.

  • michelle smellsmichelle smells ???; ????. Posts: 1,518Member
    maybe it's maybelline?!?
  • PH4TPH4T & we can dance forever .. ♪ IMAGINATION :)Posts: 3,184Member
    QUOTE(michelle thinks 강인 @ Nov 16 2007, 06:39 PM) »
    maybe it's maybelline?!?

    image LOL! Smart idea..

    Yuna Ito - Urban Mermaid
    ...Not an English song, but it's about feeling beautiful and what not.
    whatever. true story, bro.
    (pronounced hwot/hwuh/hwuht-ev-er)
    n. ¹ anything and everything that is ;
  • NotFromThisPlanetNotFromThisPlanet ★★★Milton Teagle Simmons★★★ 892 MOMONA ST, HONOLULU, HI 96820Posts: 3,211Friend of Soompi

    they both specifically have the words makeup in them.
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  • festofesto Posts: 73Member
    Damn Girl by Justin Timberlake

    "Don't need no Maybelline
    'Cause you're a beauty queen
    Don't need no L'oreal
    'Cause bittch you're bad as hell"
  • koreangirl143koreangirl143 ??.Jihoo, UR my man.?? BIGBANG.ISLAND.Posts: 2,979Member
    "maybe its maybelline" from the commercial.. haha lol

    i dont even know any song with make ups.. image i know im such a loser but i dont get to listen to english music nowadays.. its always korean and chinese.. hehe:)
    fOur.One.One.&BEAUTY BLOG
  • lucky*13lucky*13 CaliforniaPosts: 3,035Member


    That is so weird, what's with composers and cosmetics?
  • jheajhea phiLiPpinesPosts: 1,441Member



    em not sure..
    h0pe dat helpz..

    |__~.+ jHeA +.~__||__~.+ jUn Ki +.~__||__~.+ ji hYe +.~__|

  • age_of_aquariusage_of_aquarius Posts: 152Member
    tamia's song called 'smile'. it's a really sad song =(
  • nicolexrnicolexr Posts: 1,145Member
    Oh, oh!

    Unpretty - TLC

    You can buy your hair if it won’t grow
    You can fix your nose if he says so
    You can buy all the make-up that mac can make
    But if you can’t look inside you
    Find out who am I, too
    Be in a position to make me feel so damn unpretty

    Cr; Shenlu@Soompi <3
  • 0oyokisuo00oyokisuo0 ? ?MUSIC? ? La JollaPosts: 5,124Friend of Soompi
    boa's new song lose your mind includes makeup in it...^^""""""""
    god the lip gloss song....*cover ears*
  • yum yum dimsumyum yum dimsum toombaktooPosts: 996Member


    Sugababes - Ugly

    If I'm ugly then so are you

    jeonjihyun + uniform + katana =
    B L O O D : T h e L a s t V a m p i r e
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