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Cardcaptor Sakura

strawberrii chuuustrawberrii chuuu ㅜㅜ Posts: 1,300Member


edited September 2013 in Japan
Card Captor Sakura

This is one of my FAVORITE anime's of all time... it's just too cute and adorable to resist, and even though it's uber old... it's still has got to be one of the best anime's of all time!

I'll edit back with some information and pictures, so check back!


 The story focuses on Sakura Kinomoto, an elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book they had been sealed in for years. She is then tasked with retrieving those cards in order to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world.

Published by: Tokyopop and Dark Horse Comics
Anime Episodes: 70 + 2 Movies





  • KidISHKidISH Posts: 23Member
    Tee Hee Hee
    IPB Image
    credits to JENNY*
  • StrawberryStrawberry ♥grrr. Posts: 558Member
    Oh My... IT's my favorite MANGA! I love the pictures, soooo pretty!
    Anime was more kiddish tho, but still good ^^
    ...EXCEPT the American version! They used totally weird voices and messed up the orders of the series, but the ones aired in jap/korea versions ROCK xD
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  • ~fantasygurl~~fantasygurl~ do not expect if you do not want to ever be disappointed Posts: 1,681Member


    this is one of my fav. anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love it so much
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  • simpleandtruesimpleandtrue Posts: 21Member
    Really enjoying it too =D

    I'm re-watching them all.. As of right now, I'm watching the 42nd episode and only have them up to the 50th..
    I dl-ed them off of at solid07 but the member that posted them up stopped at 50 episodes and disappeared T_T!!

    Praying that someone will link me to a way to get the next episodes ^^

  • MisaoMisao zBANNED sj, caPosts: 3,299Member
    Haha, I used to watch it a lot. xD
  • nalitonalito Posts: 52Member
    This is a cute anime. I didn't read the manga though. I liked the second movie. XD Syaoran (sp?) was so cute. >_< lol
    --more at <3
  • remorse_angelremorse_angel Posts: 550Member
    edited October 2005
    I read that manga. It's pretty darn interesting. A short series but it was good. Touya and Yukito DX~
  • goodvibrationsgoodvibrations beyond the skyPosts: 1,781Member
    OH MAN. Cardcaptor Sakura was the third anime that I went ABSOLUTELY gaga over (Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing being the former XD).

    Oh mannnnnnn. Syaoran and Sakura's gradual relationship is adorable. I love Touya and Yue/Yukito's relationship. I love Kerobero and his constant pigging out. Eriol Hiiragizawa was seriously hot. Like. Very very hot. And Spinal Sun....gawddddddd. MEMORIES. The second CCS movie was LOVE. SakuraXSyaoran <3

    [/rambling] <3<3
  • DivineXDivineX Posts: 108Member
    hehe.. it's one of the first few animes that i watched. Kerobero is so kawaii~~ image
    not forgetting Touya & Yue/Yukito... *drools* hehe.. image
  • >.^v adorkable>.^v adorkable Posts: 147Member
    WAH! cardcaptor sakura! lol one of my fav animes! lol shes so cute lol and syaoran! lol hes the most adorable anime boi ever drawn lol >.< their like one of the most cutest anime couple lol ive seen the whole anime series and movies (have almost all the episodes) , read all of the manga (have the whole manga), and am watching and reading TSUBASA! cant get enough of them lol >.^v
  • MelyxciousMelyxcious Diego Fainello ? Las Vegas, NV.Posts: 3,454Member
    CCS!!!!! <333
    I absolutely adore all the characters in it
    especially touya and yukito XD

    kekeke :x

    i <3 the manga yayaya XD i wanna own it all now T.T

    clamp <333
  • JudY-JudYJudY-JudY West Of EarthPosts: 349Member
    She always has cute outfits, but I don't watch this show anymore wish I did!
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  • sookanakaboosookanakaboo fait accompli behind you. boo :)Posts: 1,182Friend of Soompi


    it's still one of my fav. anime!! gotta love sakura and Lee's shyness/protectivness around her ...
  • AcousticAcoustic Posts: 116Member
    Post #123.

    I remember watching it on TV with horrible dubbing. image
    But one of my friends, whose favourite series is actually "Cardcaptor Sakura" lend me the completely Japanese DVD set (with English sub).
    I must admit, it became a lot more enjoyable to watching.

    Oh, and the movie, I must say, was wonderful.
    I was so glad it ended the way it did.
  • A Y U M IA Y U M I L.A, CaliforniaPosts: 50Member
    I use to be crazy about this anime!
    My friend and I were so addicted to it and when the movie was about to come out, we went so crazy about it..
    haha..the old times...
  • RococoBabyRococoBaby New York CityPosts: 500Member


    i looove this!!
    where can i dl the manga/anime?!
  • 5imply_5wt5imply_5wt Posts: 3,064Friend of Soompi
    ccs is soo goodd ^^ i luv S/S stories =)
  • cappuccino_xbearcappuccino_xbear Posts: 34Member
    i love love absolutely LOVE the manga! i'm still in the process of watching all the anime eps. -__-;; i'll finish them one day! it's good though, i'm enjoy 'em. XD
  • strawberrii chuuustrawberrii chuuu ㅜㅜ Posts: 1,300Member


    QUOTE(RococoBaby @ Oct 8 2005, 09:54 PM) »
    i looove this!!
    where can i dl the manga/anime?!

    well, it'll be realllly hard to find it... since it's been licensed waaayy back.. xD why don't you buy it? or ask someone to upload it?
  • shionshion SingaporePosts: 328Member


    i love ccs!! i agree that the american dubbing for ccs is terrible. image
    syaoran is soooo cute~ image
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