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Rabies From Cat Scratch?

chromeheartschromehearts Posts: 1,373Friend of Soompi
edited December 2007 in fitness & sports
i woke up early today because i was hungry
i looked out the window and i saw a cat
it looked hungry so i fed it some meat (ham/chicken/balony) from the window
i went out to pet it and feed it some more
it was too scared and left
but it slowly came back when i showed it the meat
i had to throw the meat on the ground so it would come closer to me
but the meat (juices?) made it stick to the ground and it had trouble eating it
so i held up another piece over it's head to save it the trouble of clawing at it on the ground
but it scratched me
i washed my hands with soapy water (oripan soap; don't know if that helps) and some rubbing alcohol
my brother laughed at me and screamed it has rabies!!!
i researched it and went to yahoo answers and found out that it's possible to get rabies from scratches
i panicked even more once i realized that it is indeed a fatal disease and death is certain once i show symptoms
if i want it to be tested the examiners will have to behead it to examine it's brain
plus i don't have health care because my parent's are making "too much money" for the government to see that we don't need insurance (private health care is about $25,000 a year)
where do i go from here?
it has very long whiskers and claws so i'm assuming it's feral

it's mouth isn't foaming and it's not acting crazy
but it can still carry the virus
should i be worried?

i think it's pissed because i brought a camera instead of food


  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,458Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2007
    if you've never got tetanus shot, yeah, u should be a bit worried, the cat might not have rabies, but it might carry other diseases, since you don't know if the cat was ever vaccinated or not.
    ur parents should have given u one once every 10 years.

  • sayuri43sayuri43 Posts: 3,910Member
    Well, okay, first you can read this:

    secondly, why the heck were you feeding a random cat that could possibly have diseases o_O
    just don't do it againnnnn
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  • kittnkittn adelaide!Posts: 378Member
    in my opinion, that cat doesn't look homeless. it's well-fed, and it's very well groomed.
    people shouldn't cut cats whiskers, as they use it to judge height/width whilst squeezing through tight spots! so that would explain the long whiskers.

    do you have a photo of your scratch? just keep disinfecting it.
    it was really sweet of you to feed the cat! most people would try and kill a possible stray..
  • smiilesmiile ?????? quahog rd islandPosts: 2,884Member
    ive been scratched by stray cats many times when i was a stupid kid trying to pet them.
    dont worry, just put a bandaid on it.
    you can optionally use neosporin.
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  • tungywungytungywungy OklahomaPosts: 84Member
    You don't have to worry about tetanus. You can't get tetanus from a scratch, it's highly unlikely unless it's a really deep scratch. But if you haven't had a booster shot within the last 10 years then go ahead and do it anyways. Hopefully you cleaned up the scratch with some rubbing alcohol to get rid of the germs. Rabies are also unlikely since it's a scratch. But it may be possible if the cat had licked its nails right before it scratched you, So if you see that cat within a couple of weeks then you are fine but if it's dead tomorrow or within a week, I would go immediately to the doctor and bring the cat with you. But if you are really concerned then go see a doctor as soon as you can.
  • tangerine_kissestangerine_kisses ManilaPosts: 2,053Member
    edited October 2007
    don't have second thoughts about going to the doctor.
    just go and don't think about what you have to pay since it's for your own health.

    yes i think it's possible to get rabies from scratches since cats do lick their paws to "clean and bathe" themselves.
    and get an anti-rabies shot as soon as possible.

    everytime i walk alone in streets and i see stray animals (which is really really annoying), i try to speed-walk or avoid it.
    or walk to the other side of the street.

    lesson learned: never ever go near stray cats or dogs.
  • lee-chanlee-chan beautiful horizon Ibaraki-ken, JapanPosts: 3,946Member


    I have cats at home. I get scratched once in awhile. As long at its not bleeding so much or anything dont fret. If it makes you feel better, go and have a doctor check on it. Im sure that wont cost a lot.

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