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School Newspaper Article Ideas!

Carmen.Carmen. Posts: 4,424Member
So recently, I joined my school newspaper club. It's published every couple of months, and I hope it'll be fun.

I love writing, but I just don't really know what to write that would be like "appropriate" for a newspaper.

So I was wondering what kind of articles I can write about. Because I don't want to sound like an idiot, but I want something people would look forward to when reading.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  • cidre7cidre7 Posts: 339Member
    Write about anything that is going on at the school. As the newspaper is being printed every couple of months, your stories are going to have to be in, you may not want to write about things that are going to be old news by the time your paper comes out.

    If you want to write about what you think, you can write an editorial. Christmas is coming up, so maybe a story about religious holidays/gifts? Depending on what exactly it is you write about, and your school's demographic, you can make a story really controversial (just not too controversial that your newspaper might get confiscated, happened to me/us).

    Listen to the people around you and pick up on the things that people are talking a lot about and you can turn that into a story.
  • moonk379moonk379 washingtonPosts: 1,248Member
    i was in newspaper club kind of thing. but yeah i just wrote about sports can't go wrong wit that =] and i think other ppl wrote bout like people in rock bands in school and movie reviews and types of cars ppl drive.
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  • fallenbrokefallenbroke ? K {DBJRI-BBWG} . <3 &#9829; world of DBJRI-BBWG &lt; 3Posts: 1,386Member

    Hmmm , check up on what people like to read about !

    And probably update your schoolmates on what's coming up . What's in trend . Personal feelings phrased in a politically correct manner . LOL ! image

  • bitter SOOweetbitter SOOweet ??? ???? NOVAPosts: 5,497Member


    school sports team!

    local stuff going on -- like new restaurants opening or events taking place at the mall near by or w/e



    stuff going on in school -- like clubs / programs doing something cool, reinovation matters

    student related stuff -- how many hours of sleep everyone gets a night. that kinda crap

    haha some random ideas from things that were in my highschool newspaper
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  • emceejemceej beach, californiaPosts: 6,429Friend of Soompi


    oh . cool.
    what i love about our school newspapers is :

    the editorials- students write about what the school should change etc.
    top 10 movies and music- very intresting.
    restaurant recommendations etc.
    embarrasing moments.
    things going on the world.
    sports section.

    you know ?
    you should put things people are intrested in and something that applies to them.
  • songielovesongielove .. Love and trust~♫ Posts: 4,306Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2007
    I was in Journalism with my high school last year. Very interesting and fun class.^^

    Our newspaper came out every month and we usually wrote about past events or upcoming events. We'd have editorials and reviews. And even polls and opinions of students on topics or changes relating to the school/community etc. Then we'd have featured teachers, clubs, and athletes. There are all sorts of fun things to write about. You can even write about fashion and the new trends for fall or something.. even the fashion on your campus. image A bunch of things. =) Fun fun! It's much more fun if you are free to write on anything. We had to pick/be assigned sometimes. >_< haha. But nonetheless, it's great to write. One of the classes i enjoyed most in my senior year. =) Have fun! image

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