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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Around The Eyes?



  • purexorangepurexorange Posts: 1,258Member


    hmm. can you get rid of eye bags you've had since you were little? doesn't this mean it's hereditary and you probably got it from one of your parents. i think thats my case. i've got bad eyebags and i look at my mom and she has them TT_TT

  • Simply_suZSimply_suZ CaliforniaPosts: 1,136Friend of Soompi


    Dark circles can be hereditary or caused by allergies also. Sleeping, drinking lots of water, eating healthy can help BUT it won't make it disappear. Better to fight the cause of it. If it's allergies you can go to the doctor to get it under control can be the first step. For now you can just use yellow concealer to hide it. Putting Vitamin K around the eyes can reduce the darkness too. Products that target dark circles are your best bet like Nulexin, Hylexin, Vita-K, etc. For dramatic results laser treatments are the way to go. I suggest going to the dermatologist if it's really bad, or just look it up online.
  • prettyprettyy88prettyprettyy88 Posts: 2Member
    Something for you here.. you can visit this web site . This blog provides quite number of information about dark circles including some video clips on how to conceal dark circles, home remedies and eye cream reviews. Quite informative though. image You can probably start with natural ways to reduce dark circles
  • rikuurikuu 싱가포르 !Posts: 1,208Member
    QUOTE(kimchi hana @ Oct 30 2007, 11:36 AM) »
    Eat broccoli!
    Seungri from Big Bang recommends it on Manwon Haengbok. ;D
    It also helps constipation. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

    Seungri!! <33 Sorry.
    Really? I didn't know. -.-"
    But I don't like broccoli.
    But for the sake of seungri, I will eat it.

    QUOTE(purexorange @ Oct 30 2007, 01:46 PM) »
    hmm. can you get rid of eye bags you've had since you were little? doesn't this mean it's hereditary and you probably got it from one of your parents. i think thats my case. i've got bad eyebags and i look at my mom and she has them TT_TT

    Oh, finally.
    Some people don't believe me when I say eyebags can be hereditary.
    I got it from my dad.
    Its kinda depressing. ): But oh well.
    I hope my children don't get it.
    I'll still love them though, but hey! [:
    I reckon I just have to cover them up with make up or something.
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  • kiplingkipling Posts: 248Member
    You guys, I think the spoons remedy is for people who were crying and don't want poofy eyes... well that's what I've heard.

    I have dark circles. I know that Avon has a cream that gradually gets rid of them (I saw their commercial). I'm not sure it will get rid of it 100% as I've never tried it, but check it out.
  • kfreakkfreak concrete jungle where dreams are made ofPosts: 6,637Member


    sleep more or... cucumber...
    just sleep more if you dont wanna get it again..

    lol, panda eyes O-O
  • IntriguedIntrigued Posts: 87Member
    edited November 2007
    Shiseido's Eye Revitalizer
  • soyoung<3soyoung<3 Posts: 55Member
    well sleep helps (obviously) and also cold potato slices, or grated potato in cheesecloth to place on the eyes because potatoes have an enzyme called catecholase that supposedly helps lighten the skin color

    and working out also helps because it increases bloodflow through the body (helping the blood circulate so you won't have dark circles)

    hope that helped image
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  • L e e B o R aL e e B o R a Posts: 124Member
    sleep, but could be genetics. image
    in that case. makeup.
  • Here is a great free eye serum for dark circles that I found recently ( for US only though). You can get Hydroderm Eye Serum Anti-Aging Eye Complex ( value $60 Free with only $3.6 for S/H.
    And if you have wrinkles, Hydroderm Patented Anti Aging Free Trial ( ) would be a good choice as well.

  • mikiko.mikiko. Posts: 307Member
    i know there are a lot of products that say it will reduce eye circles, but none of them actually work. instead, soak a teabag in hot water, cool it out for a while, then put it under your eyes. it saves money and the caffeine gets rid of your bags (well, not instantly.. but youll see results!)
  • joolee.joolee. Vancouver, BCPosts: 11,345Member


    I suggest you start sleeping more before it gets worse, lol.
  • korenskorens Posts: 2New Member
  • celesterccelesterc Buenos AiresPosts: 46Member


    You could try Kryolan dermacolor, it changed my life. Yes is THAT good.
     I have a nasty case of dark circles under my eyes, so I used to wear a lot of concealer without flattering results ... until I discovered kryolan awesomeness!

    Is also good to cover rosacea or these damn tiny veins around the nose, and lasts the whole day.
  • mariSmariS Posts: 44Member


    1) Get at least 6 hours of sleep per night
    2) Drink plenty of water, at least 2L a day
    3) Sleep lying face up!!

    I tried all of them and my horrible dark puffy circles still wouldn't go away - turns out it was caused by iron deficiency. I started taking iron supplement tablets (recommended by my doctor) for a week, and it improved A LOT. If yours are REALLY dark and it's not caused by genetics, ask your doctor for a blood test for iron levels. 

    4) Cover it up using concealer. I love the K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer in 01 - it's hydrating, doesn't crease and best of all, it has medium-high coverage ;) It was also pretty cheap. 
  • lasereastlasereast Posts: 57Member


    Don't wash off the paste from your face too quickly, no matter what! you should keep the sandalwood paste on your face for at least an hour or longer i would suggest that you apply the paste on your face.
  • eunbyeol3141eunbyeol3141 Posts: 57Member


    I have permanent eyebags and I have no idea how to get rid of them either...
  • harepinxoharepinxo Posts: 29Member


    If it's minimal dark circles, usually putting a spoon in the freezer for five minutes then gently placing it on the dark circle works ^^
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  • jolive213jolive213 Los angelesPosts: 351Member


    I agree with all who suggest sleep, water and cucumber.

    I'll further add the quantity of water. It is 3 liters/day for men and 2.2 liters/day for women. 

    Also if you have serious issue (I mean very dark circles) then visit Jarvis Cosmetics. They will provide you clinical trial. Their Cream & Serum; Jarvis Cream & Serum are miracle. Unfortunately these are not available at stores...
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  • kauishkauish AustraliaPosts: 59Member


    The obvious method would be more sleep (i don't do that), but some helpful methods would be putting two metal spoons in the fridge the night before and then placing one on each eye in the morning. It depuffs the eyes. 
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