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Pimple On Side Of Nose?

yeahjusmehyeahjusmeh Posts: 571Member
edited June 2010 in fitness & sports
I have this wart looking pimple on the side of my nose. At first there was nothing there but when I poked it, it would hurt. But it's gotten redder and has even grown into a big pimple. (its not a whitehead either) What do I do to make it go away? It looks ugly. I feel like its gonna grow a mouth and two eyes and start talking to me. <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="<_<" border="0" alt="dry.gif" />

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  • PockoPocko Posts: 45Member
    OMG...WHAT A COINKY-DINK! I TOO HAVE THAT DISGUSTING WANNA-BE-CYSTIC-PIMPLE-WITH-NO-HEAD-FOR-ME-TO-KILL BACTERIUM INFESTING THE SIDE OF MY NOSE! It's better today but the past 3 days...GOSH! TALK ABOUT PAIN! It hurt just to touch it. I didn't do anything to worsen the situation though. I just dabbed the topical cream/gel my dermatologist prescribed for me and it slowly started to fade. I trust it'd do you the same justice. Just don't pick at it.
  • xjleexxjleex y u lyk dat fwend? Posts: 1,009Member
    Use a pin to poke a hole and then squeeze out all that stuff?
  • yeahjusmehyeahjusmeh Posts: 571Member
    edited September 2007
    ^ Its not that easy though because theres nothing inside but blood (im guessing) and plus I hear it can scar that area. It hurts too :X

    Pocko ; Oh thats what its called. Cystic pimple? Right now I've been applying some benzoyl ointment. But don't know if its working.
    It has been 2 days so far, and its grown.

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  • vietfobulustvietfobulust Bay AreaPosts: 59Member
    Benzoyl is only for blackheads and whiteheads. For those kinda pimples you just need to wait it out.
  • xkrn4lyfxxkrn4lyfx Za Zam! CA, LAPosts: 2,998Member
    lol i've gotten... i think 3 of those on my nose, hate Hate HATE it!! just wait a day or 2 and then the white head will show, but if you're too... you know can't wait then get a pin and pop the suckers with it, dunno bout scarring, been lucky thus far and the brown mark disappeared all 3 times now, but they had me freaked out cuz one of them lasted for like 2 weeks
  • xx_melodyxx_melody Posts: 794Member
    I've had a pimple there too before and it was horrible! It was giganticcccc. Whatever you do, DON'T POP IT YET! At least not until you see the white puss clearly. If you pop it right now when it's still "not ready" (lol), you'll just get it more irritated and force more germs in there. Also, it will look more inflamed and like it expanded. And it'll leave a big nasty scar that you can't hide with makeup. Trust me, I learned that the hard way...lmao. I don't see a scar thankfully though...but I wouldn't risk it. Good luck!!
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  • kumi00kumi00 AustraliaPosts: 291Member
    If you're feeling dramatic, then you can get a needle and kill it. And end up with a gross-looking semi-scar.

    Soap instantaneously dries up skin! (Who cares about the consequences? T^T)

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


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  • kwokkwok B& ont., canadaPosts: 2,158Friend of Soompi
    uhhh, i wouldn't pop it right now if i were you. it'll just cause even more irritation because there's nothing for you to really poke, except blood but that's obviously not what's creating that cystic pimple. so wait it out til the white head shows.

    also, benzoyl(assuming you're talking about benzoyl peroxide) is not only for blackheads and whiteheads. not sure where that came from but BP is used to treat mild-moderate acne.
  • chifunichifuni ★☆★☆★☆ CaliforniaPosts: 4,843Member


    edited September 2007
    Give your face a nice scrub 2 times a day. ^o^ (Use a product, I don't mean rub a towel on your face o_o) That worked for me.
  • looneyloonaylooneyloonay Posts: 154Member
    that really sucks..i had that and it took me 2weeks and a half 2 finally get rid of it image
    AhnSoHee <3333
  • dreamsicledreamsicle ?? just push play Posts: 1,356Member
    I got one a few months ago. I did not touch it or anything and one day after I washed my face it just exploded.

    If you feel one coming, aka if your nose hurts when you flare it, treat it with acne med immediately! It prevents it well. I don't think it's possible to scar on your nose. I mean, mine popped on its own and it didn't scar.
  • joolee.joolee. i <3 l e e h y o r i ! Vancouver, BCPosts: 11,349Member


    Ew, it I hate those kind of pimples!! image I know the pain you're talking about. T^T Usually I just wash it with soap and it goes away faster. I know, soap isn't the best product I should be using for it.
  • isabelchangisabelchang GermantownPosts: 83Member
    yeah...i have one of those too. doesn't it just suck?! i've been putting on clean & clear stuff;productpos=480 <==== that. it works pretty well. it SAYS that the pimple starts fading in 8 hours, but since it's a monster pimple and not just a normal pimple it takes a while. i think i've been using it......four days now? and it's def. gotten smaller. the stuff is really strong! i put it on w/ my left index finger, and today i notice that the skin was really dry and almost starting to peel off.

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  • ur AD0RkABLEur AD0RkABLE San JosePosts: 374Member
    lol. i had a pimple like that on my forehead. and then i popped it. and then it became this disgusting ginormus scab! then it looked soo bad i paid $150 dollars to try to get it removed with an acne facial. i learned the hard way. DONT POP PIMPLES!
  • xchuchanxxchuchanx Posts: 806Member
    edited September 2007
    DON'T TOUCH IT with dirty hands! If you attempt to poke it, wash your hands with soap and water first!

    You totally made it worse by poking it! and DON'T POP IT! The open skin will be more vulnerable to bacteria, therefore making it WORSE. An unpopped pimple will go away faster than a popped one. And, if you pop it, it will scar.

    Buy tea tree oil from your local health food store and dab it on your pimple when you get it, do it again at night, and morning if it's still there.
  • ur AD0RkABLEur AD0RkABLE San JosePosts: 374Member
    edited September 2007
    lol. i had a pimple like that on my forehead. and then i popped it. and then it became this disgusting ginormus scab! then it looked soo bad i paid $150 dollars to try to get it removed with an acne facial. i learned the hard way. DONT POP PIMPLES! bezoyl peroxide does work for all types of pimples. the bezoyl peroxide goes deep wothin the pore to create an enviroment full of air. and since bacteria cant survive in an air full enviroment, then it dies, and that is when you pimple starts to heal. if u want it to go away fast ask your nearest dematologist for some perscription medication. over-the-counter acne medication use a crystal form of benzoyl peroxide. the perscribed one uses a liquid form of it. you can prolly get it for like $120 for a 3 month supply(:
  • HEROsarlehHEROsarleh the village where heroes live :]Posts: 837Member
    gaah a pimple on the side of the nose is the worst .. it hurts so much!
    i dont know how to help to get rid of it though ..
    i usually just wait till it goes away, or put a bit of pimple cream on it ~
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  • chineseducklingchineseduckling MemphisPosts: 2,570Friend of Soompi


    ah, i feel you. i just got mine this past sunday. its been a couple a days now and its not red, it doesnt hurt and its not a bump anymore! i used like some disinfectant cream that i put on every night. i make sure i wash my face alot to get rid of oil and i wipe it with rubbing alcohol? doesnt really sting that bad. it really really sucks. lol. my whole left side of my nose was like red. i looked like rudolph or something. it was soo embarrassing.
  • jesskaax3jesskaax3 Posts: 22Member
    omg LOL i have one right now! xDDD well it was a zimple (zit and pimple) i use clearasil and it works a little. you should try it image
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