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Good Korean Food Recipe Site(in Korean Or English)

pinkch33kspinkch33ks Posts: 121Member
I'm away from home for school and would like to learn how to cook korean food on my own since I can't really subsist on sandwiches everyday. I'm having trouble finding a good website with lots of recipes.

I want to learn how to make various banchan, soups(gooks), and things like jjapcahe, bindaedduk, etc.

Post some up!


  • vkimvkim Ontario, CanadaPosts: 80Member

    you can check that site out...i ran across it awhile ago and it has a good variety of recipes.

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  • jinkzzmecjinkzzmec Ji Hwan & Yoo SoCalPosts: 7,521Member


    you can also check out this website:
    image image
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  • viviennexloveviviennexlove Posts: 1,227Friend of Soompi
    there's a great website on xanga. this person is a pro ^^

  • HaLee_SakuraHaLee_Sakura Posts: 4Member
    i would suggest and

    Both these women are awesome cooks and have constant updates. I've also tried heaps of their recipes and they never fail me - so check 'em out ^^

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  • LOVEclothLOVEcloth Posts: 34Member
    edited August 2011
    I agree with HaLee_Sakura. is a popular youtube cooking guru for her Korean cooking skills. Her recipe looks amazing. I've only tried one recipe and was thrilled with it. Delicious and easy to make. is also one of my favorite (not to mention her adorable little son, Bryson). Her recipe are also easy to follow and looks yummy.

    Just realized that the thread dated back to 2007. Nonetheless, I hope this little information will be useful to whoever wants to cook Korean dishes. =)
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