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ChiosterChioster Where Chioster HappensVancouver B.C. CanadaPosts: 2,697Member
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Soompi Official NBA Thread
Training camp has just started. But most transactions are still going like just today, Rafer Alston was traded to Houston for Mike James.

So talk away about the NBA


this will be the NBA Offical Thread



  • lxxFumoffuxxllxxFumoffuxxl MarylandPosts: 135Member
    Ed Curry got traded to the Knicks For Tim Thomas and Mike Sweetney.
  • EYJAYJAYEYJAYJAY Posts: 3,236Banned
    knicks will be soooo messed up if curry goes down.
  • gjak1117gjak1117 Posts: 207Member


    another bloated contract that'll bring us down if he goes down.... I just hope the guy doesn't die.
  • DOVAHKIINDOVAHKIIN smash! Posts: 6,028Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2005
    Raptors Add Mike James in Exchange for Rafer Alston

    October 4, 2005

    ST. CATHARINES, Ont. (CP) -- Rob Babcock made his point, loud and clear.

    The Toronto Raptors GM traded hot-headed point guard Rafer Alston to the Houston Rockets in exchange for guard Mike James on Tuesday, ending a tumultuous time in Toronto for Alston.

    With Babcock's focus on rebuilding, the swap rids the Raptors of Alston's sizable contract, plus restores some peace in the locker-room.

    Mike James joins the Raptors after stints in Houston, Boston, Detroit, Miami and Milwaukee. (NBAE/Getty Images)
    The move comes after Alston, 29, was involved in several controversies last year. He threatened to quit the team and the NBA after a Dec. 3 game in Boston, and was suspended by the Raptors for two games after he walked out during a practice. He regularly quarrelled with head coach Sam Mitchell.

    Babcock, though, insisted the deal had nothing to with Alston's attitude.

    ``Things didn't go as well as we would have hoped last year, but I was very optimistic that would have been turned around based off our discussions and the way things were going with our workouts,'' Babcock said after Day 1 of training camp at Brock University.

    ``Rafer's attitude has been terrific, and he's worked very hard, learned a lot from last year. He had a great attitude coming in here, so that has nothing to do with it at all. We feel this is a basketball trade that addresses our needs for the future and our plan moving forward.''

    With veteran guard Alvin Williams still on the mend from knee surgery _ and his future in the NBA a question mark _ the point guard position will be one of the most intriguing storylines of the pre-season. James is an NBA journeyman who's never had a consistent starting job in the five teams he's played for, but he comes with a good reputation as a tough defender and decent shooter.

    ``He's just tough ... he plays extremely hard, he's played for some good coaches, and he's a good player,'' said Mitchell. ``I've talked to Larry Brown (who coached James in Detroit). Larry thinks the world of him, he's never had any problems anywhere he's played. We're hoping that improves our chemistry.''

    Sharing minutes with James will be Jose Manuel Calderon, an NBA rookie who played the last six seasons in Spain.

    The Raptors still have Croatian guard Roko Ukic on the backburner, their No. 41 pick in the 2005 draft who opted to head to Spain to play. Babcock figures Ukic will join the team for the 2007-08 season.

    The Raptors' pocketbook definitely benefits from the trade. James has two years left on his $10.2 million US contract, while Alston still had five years owing on the $26 million deal he signed with Toronto last year.

    ``We signed Rafer to a six-year deal last year without any really healthy point guards other than Milt Palacio. Things kind of changed over the summer,'' said Babcock. ``Rafer still would have been a good fit for our team, but we felt this was a better fit and certainly gives us more flexibility down the road in regards to the cap.''

    The $16 million in savings will go a long way in securing young star Chris Bosh to a long-term deal, which will be Babcock's top priority in the 2006 off-season.

    Alston arrived at camp intent on mending fences with Mitchell this season, saying he had spoken with the coach numerous times over the summer and they had put the past behind them.

    Mitchell wouldn't address last season's issues with Alston.

    ``We're moving forward,'' said the coach. ``We appreciate everything Rafer did for us, and he worked hard, he's a good guy and we wish him well, but we're in the business of trying to do things to help us improve as a team.''

    Babcock said the deal had been in the works for a few days and was finalized Monday night. Alston was informed Tuesday before practice in St. Catharines. The 29-year-old guard rode the exercise bike while his former teammates practised before leaving for Toronto to catch his flight to Houston.

    ``It's always a shock when you hear of a trade, especially at this point,'' said Williams. ``It was a little tough for him here at times, but he's a good dude. He's just emotional. He played well for us, and he's going to a good situation, so all the best to him.''

    James was expected to arrive Tuesday night. The six-foot-two, 188-pound guard has played in Miami, Boston, Milwaukee and Houston. The 30-year-old went undrafted by the NBA, and played three seasons in Europe and one in the CBA before landing his first NBA job with the Miami Heat in 2001.

    In 248 career games, James has averaged 9.2 points, 2.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists.

    The six-foot-two, 170-pound Alston averaged 14.2 points per game in 2004-05 with 3.5 rebounds and 6.4 assists.

    Veteran Jalen Rose regularly butted heads with Alston last season, but he said Tuesday the two got along.

    ``The biggest misconception is that we weren't on the same page,'' said Rose. ``I think a lot of times in being a voice and a leader of the team, it's not that I dislike a guy, I dislike an action, I dislike the situation.

    ``We always got along personally, right? Last year we hung out, this summer we hung out, we're homeboys. You've got to be a pro about it.''

    Rose was asked in jest Tuesday how he and Calderon will get along on the court, since Calderon speaks Spanish.

    ``I'll learn how to communicate with him, don't worry about that,'' said Rose. ``He'll find me even if I can't speak his language.''

    I'm disappointed about this trade because Rafer is still good regardless of his attitude, and to be honest me and several guys at school today were discussing this trade and we all said "who's mike james!?"

    what are your comments on this deal?
  • JTHJTH Big J =] TorontoPosts: 349Member
    rafer was over-rated

    trust me, i LOVED HIM when he joined the raptors with that 10 day contract thing, but when i heard about the big Richard Simmons deal

    i knew he wasnt worth it...
    when i watched him played, i just didnt feel he could carry the team as the starting point guard

    i think the raptors only real true point guard was alvin williams, he always gave 110% way more then alston
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  • gjak1117gjak1117 Posts: 207Member


    put it in the NBA thread next time?

    I think it's dumb on Toronto's part, I mean, Mike James is good, but i think Alston's better. I suppose they don't want any problems behind the scenes this year, but they could've gotten better for alston...

    Playing on the Rockets and behind Sura's gonna decrease his fantasy value too...
  • EYJAYJAYEYJAYJAY Posts: 3,236Banned
    sura is probably going to retire cuz of the surgery though. thats wat he siad
  • gjak1117gjak1117 Posts: 207Member


    really? did not know that...
  • thelivinlegend21thelivinlegend21 Posts: 225Member
    I really like this move on Houston's part. With the addition of Rafer Alston, they have a younger, more athletic line-up; something they didn't have last year in their disappointing loss to Dallas in the first round. I'm really interested in Houston at this point. After adding Stromile Swift to the team and now Alston. They're going to be quite the contender.
  • Choiza23Choiza23 Posts: 47Member
    All I know is that Mike James' fantasy value just went up a lot!
  • JinJin Posts: 181Member
    edited January 2006
    <EDIT:> Retracting all statements made earlier last year.
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  • Mr Boo BooMr Boo Boo RedBuster Detroit, MIPosts: 1,229Member


    there is a NBA thread...i am gonna merge this thread with the offical one
  • aznboy78aznboy78 aka kimchee2go SeattlePosts: 3,529Member


    QUOTE(JDizzle @ Oct 5 2005, 07:08 AM) »

    knicks will be soooo messed up if curry goes down.

    they have jerome james. image image

    KTH <3
  • heartbreakkidheartbreakkid Posts: 234Member
    My hometown Bucks should be more interesting this year. Bogut/Gadzurich, Smith, Mason, Redd, and Ford along with Simmons should be an interesting group. But of course, its most likely going to be Pistons/Heat vs Spurs in finals.
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  • ChiosterChioster Where Chioster Happens Vancouver B.C. CanadaPosts: 2,697Member
    Houston has a nice starting line up and has lots of experience on the bench.


    Bench- Mutumbo, Barry, Sura, Howard, Wesley, Head, (Bowen image)

  • garygary Rocking the Mic! F-TownPosts: 1,125Member
    ^ pretty decent starting 5, backcourt has no defense, but van gundy will make them play. can compete with anybody

    but the bench consists of one really slow guy and 9(hundred seems like) guards. They don't have anybody to play either forward positions in a backup role.

    I also don't believe that t-mac enjoys the 3 position. I think he's lazy on defense and doesn't want to guard the bigger players that sometimes play the 3. I think he likes to use his length on defense and play against smaller 2's.
  • epark1281epark1281 JerseyPosts: 2,346Member
    QUOTE(Jin @ Oct 5 2005, 10:18 PM) »

    Jin's Analysis of NBA Teams for 2005-2006 Season:
    (Shall be updated on a if-i-feel-like-it basis)

    Washington Wizards
    With the acquisition of Chucky Atkins, Antonio Daniels, and Caron Butler alone, the Wizards have had a successful offseason (not to mention newly drafted "Bulletproof" Andray Blatche). These three more than make up for the loss of Larry Hughes.
    IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
    Not only did the Wizards get rid of the unproductive and disagreeable child-man known as Kwame Brown, their potential defensive stamina has increased three-fold.

    The Wizards have had multiple players with, if not long-term, persistent injuries including Jarvis Hayes' leg problems, Antawn Jamison's knee injury, and Etan Thomas' adbominal problems. With the three having plenty of rest and training during the offseason, they see themselves at or about 100%. Along with their superstar, Gilbert Arenas, I envisionize an exciting season for the 'Zards and even more exciting for fans to see their team actually executing efficient defense.
    Expect to see a final season record of 50-32.

    To be continued...

    don't expect them to just rebound from the loss of Larry. Huges was a big part of their offense, and defense. Caron Butler is a prototypical underachiever, you have to believe there was a reason why the lakers bounced him, atkins is gettin old, so you don't know how long this guys is going to be productive. The best that the wizards got was Antonio Daniels, who's probably a natural PG, and with Arenas and Daniels both in the backcourt, i'm not sure who will get what sorta duties. Arenas's allstar year last season was mainly due in part to his back court counter part, Larry. Because huges and arenas could play off double teams, and since huges and arenas demanded so much defenseive attention, at any point in the game, either one of them were wide open for jumpshots. In addition, interior post play and defense was invisible, Etan Thomas will never be mistaken for Jermaine O'Neal. And with the Cavs, Pistons, Bulls (that songalia move was TIGHT, and under the radar), and the Heat all in the same conference, i don't see the wiz going further than the first round. Their only saving grace is their biggest division rival is...the magic, can we say putrid?
  • rdn23rdn23 Posts: 45Member
    edited October 2005
    wizards will need luck

    like when Arenas shot that AWESOME last second 3 pointer (in playoffs? i forget)

    i hope wizards do good, then i can watch them at MCI sometime
  • nara jjangnara jjang phillyPosts: 518Friend of Soompi
    be prepared for the sixers this season....i am hoping for a good run...but i think there bench is way too young they dun have any veterans to guide the players
  • jurassic5jurassic5 Korean Abdul-Jabbar PhillyPosts: 2,293Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(nara jjang @ Oct 6 2005, 04:53 PM) »
    be prepared for the sixers this season....i am hoping for a good run...

    i hope you are right. i think it's just gonna be another philly season. barely get in the playoffs (if lucky enough), then get swept. get a lower first round pick, draft him, he plays here for 2 years or so, then he is off to a new team via trade etc. it's a never ending cycle for philly teams.

    webber seems to be healty, AI is coming off his best season as a pro, AI 2 is gonna have a another solid year, Dalembert better play well for as much money as he got, Korver just better continue making 3's, the high school kid just better try to make the team, lee nailon should be solid 10 and 10 guy, then from there....i dunno.
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