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Jyp's 2 A M (투에이엠) Offical Thread

starry_nightsstarry_nights California, USAPosts: 429Member
edited April 2012 in k-pop
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➟ 2AM seems to be quite protective of AJ which probably comes from the fact that AJ trained for 4 years in JYPE
➟ Mario loves hanging out with the Oneday boys as evident from his frequent pictures of them together and special appearances
➟ 2AM seems to love disrupting making special appearances on other people's stages including Mario (Superman), SNSD (Gee), Super Junior (Gee) and AJ (Dancing Shoes)
➟ 2AM loves to stand behind the MCs during the ending of Music Shows because they're camerawhores
➟ Super Junior seems to enjoy 2AM's company (and vice versa) as seen from Heechul's cyworld entry, AM always hanging out with Shindong, etc.
➟ Men's Health, the magazine, named 2AM the winner of the Cool Guy Award given each year to cover guys. They're the first idol group to win it. =]

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➟ "Hotblood" Predebut series
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➟- "Family Needed Season 3" JUNG JINWOON ONLY.
➟ "Idol Show/Idol Army/Here She Comes" SEASON 1 (EPISODE 8), SEASON 3 (EPISODE 4), SEASON 4 (EPISODE 5)
➟ "2AM News" BTS Series
➟ "2AM Day"

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Cube Entertainment
UFO with 2AM

Official Fancafes:
2AM Fan
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What is the meaning behind 2AM?
2AM refers to 2a.m. in the morning when you're awake thinking back on the previous day, remembering the thoughts and feelings you had.
Wasn't Im Daehun suppose to be in 2AM?
I need sources for this, but from what I know, Daehun felt that he wasn't ready to debut, and he ended up leaving JYPE later because of family issues.
Was Changmin in Hotblood? I don't see him!
No Changmin wasn't in Hotblood with the other boys. He joined JYPE after Hotblood was filmed.
Was Changmin in the army?/ Did Changmin already do his army duties?
Yes, Changmin has already completed his required 2 years in the army. He was accepted at JYPE the very day he finished.
How long did Jo Kwon train for?
He trained for 2567 days, close to 7 years after joining JYPE.
Are 2AM and 2PM going to be one big group called Oneday/2oclock?
There are rumors saying this, and fans would love it if this happened, however there is no official indication from either company that this big group will happen at all.
Are they under PlayCube or JYPE?
They are under both. JYPE is their talent agency, in which they're managed. PlayCube is their label, which they release albums under.
Wait! I thought it was Cube not PlayCube!
Both are the same company. It just happens to have many names.
How come for the second single, 2AM is listed under JYPE?
It seems that 2AM will be releasing future works under JYPE.
Hold on a minute, they're under Big Hit? I don't understand!
Just like before with Cube, Big Hit is their label. They are still part of JYPE. If you want to get technical, Big Hits is a subsidiary of JYPE.
Are Jo Kwon and GaIn dating?
We can never know if they really are unless they release a statement saying so, but presently, they are not dating. They were on We Got Married, a variety show based on pretend married couples. They are also acting in the sit-com, All My Love, together as siblings. Other than that, they are friends and colleagues.
Do the boys still live in the same dorm as the one shown in their "3 out of 4AM" Behind the Scenes series?
As of May 2009, from what was seen in their "2AM News" series, it seems that they have moved since the "3 out of 4AM" time. Whether this is JYPE spending more money on them or they simply moving from the Cube dorms to a JYPE dorm, nothing is certain.
As of 2010, the boys have moved to a new dorm, it seems. All the boys seem to have their own room. (As seen in WGM and 2AM News)

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Teuk ELF whom we love - you struggled a lot because of us, didn't you? but... we haven't left anywhere, as a moment goes into eternity, we will always remain with you and try our best to be a hardworking super junior.

(I AM - 나는 AM이 있어 존재한다.)
2AM - Time for Confession
cjhr1Fae Lorenzana


  • M2421M2421 Posts: 297Member
    yayyyyy they're finally debuting =)
    and yeah the mod will probabaly close this until they're released. =b
    이특 희철 한경 예성 강인 신동 성민 은혁 시원 동해 려욱 기범 규현
    슈퍼주니어 forever

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  • energywenenergywen ___☆kahi☆ [YEON!]`sgPosts: 2,166Friend of Soompi
    im looking forward to their debut
    heard that they could speak couple of languages
  • cubyropcubyrop Posts: 415Member


    edited August 2007
    O.O omg~~~~..... another group that is big ><''''
    i'm anticipating for their debut then...since it's JYP xDD

  • x_muhshisuhx_muhshisuh Posts: 97Member


    i look foward to it even though i'm not digging the whole 12 member thing.
    jyp usually picks by talent so yeahhh :]]
  • KenKen Mr Brain USAPosts: 2,158Member


    Seriously? SUJU rivial huh? this ought to be good. I can't wait to hear something from them.
  • ZealainZealain Posts: 275Member
    O____O cuties~~ x3

    hehe.. im glad to finally see some debuts closer to my age.. image

    and it's awesome that they have some international talents as well... =]
  • 25522552 BaltimorePosts: 856Member


    Maybe this time I'll try to memorize their names.

  • |300|3L355|300|3L355 i belong on a body ~Posts: 454Member
    NICE!! I have this thing with big groups LOL
    suju snsd <3
    I hope they'll be successful because SUJU is pretty famous right now XD <3 i love suju
  • pp226pp226 MarsPosts: 1,222Member
    I can't wait for umi, khun and dae hyun!!!!!!

    credit: banner: asia 17 and avatar: mellerz

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  • *kyuhyunnie**kyuhyunnie* B3@n t0wNPosts: 1,138Member


    Ahh!!!They're hot!
    Hotter than SM's boys.
    If their music is good then I support them esp. Khun.
    Jay is still here in our heart.

    Will Always Love Cho KyuHyun of Super Junior.
  • chrissejinchrissejin Sunny CaliPosts: 1,761Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(xsimply juicy @ Aug 7 2007, 08:52 AM) »

    +taken from yuuu of soompi forums & edited by me.
    __this thread will probably get closed till their debut...

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  • cookieremixcookieremix kihwan AmericaPosts: 738Member
    There was already another thread for the group. But Edward gave me permission to create another one for them, to be opened when they release an album. Since the starter of the last thread hasn't been active in a long time.

    // Rules
    All korean music and global rules apply
    If you haven't read them yet, please do so. If you haven't read them in a long time, then please look at them again.
    Rules Thread

    Please DO NOT Spam
    I'm sure we all know what spamming is. But in case you don't, it's basically one-liners or just short posts.
    "Thank you!"
    That's okay to say, just don't leave it at that. Add some meat to your post.

    No bashing of the group or the members!
    There's people going around talking about how this is the "wannabe suju" or just because one of the member's name is Kim Junsu, he's copying DBSK's Xiah Junsu.
    THIS IS NOT TRUE Not all 13 members will debut together. The netizens will vote on who will stay in the group based on who they like and who has talent. So we don't know if it'll be 12, 8, or even 2. You'll just have to wait to judge until they debut.
    Also, Kim Junsu is not the most uncommon name in the world. Anyone can have this name, not only DBSK's Xiah Junsu.

    No hotlinking

    Do not quote pictures, without taking out the image tags first!
    I've seen this happening in many threads, so lets not make it a big problem for us.

    Please credit anything you post here
    We don't want any trouble with not crediting. So please do the right thing and credit your source.

    Don't post direct download links
    Direct links like clubbox files are not allowed. Youtube links are fine.

    // About the Group
    This group does not currently have an official name. That is one of the things that the netizens will vote on. Currently, there are 13 JYP trainees competing with each other on their new MNet Documentary, Hot Blood, to grab everyones attention. They made their first on-screen debut on January 25, 2008. Their official performance debut date has not been decided yet. Before, there were 11 confirmed trainees, but Yangbum (taiwan) had to finish high school first, according to JYP. So he was unable to be in the group. Then, they added 3 more trainees, which makes 13.

    // The Trainees
    Park Jaebum (박재범) 1987.04.25
    image image

    Jung Jinwoon (정진운)
    image image

    Hwang Chansung (황찬성) 1990.02.11
    image image

    Lee Junho (이준호) 1990.01.25
    image image

    Nickhun (닉쿤) 1988.06.24 (thai)
    image image

    Im Seulong (임슬옹) 1987.05.11
    image image

    Yoon Doojoon (윤두준) 1989.07.04
    image image

    Im Daehun (임대헌) 1986.01.23
    image image

    Ok Taekyeon (옥택연) 1988.12.27
    image image

    Li Shi Qi (리스치) 1990.05.27 (chinese)
    image image

    Jang Wu Yeng (장우영)
    image image

    Jo Gwon (조권) 1989.08.28
    image image

    Kim Junsu (김준수) 1988.01.15
    image image
    Credit : Mnet website &

    // Photos & Caps
    Hot Blood Episode 1 Caps
    image image image image image image image image image image
    image image image image image image image image image image image image imageimage
    Credit :

    // Videos - Hot Blood Documentary Preview - M.Net Hot Blood Episode 1 - Part 1 of 3 - M.Net Hot Blood Episode 1 - Part 2 of 3 - M.Net Hot Blood Episode 1 - Part 3 of 3 - Khun in Spash CF - Khun and Taek Dance Practice - Khun on Ja Mook Mod + Showcase Clips - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060601) Part 1/4 - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060601) Part 2/4 - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060601) Part 3/4 - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060601) Part 4/4 - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060701) Part 1/4 - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060701) Part 2/4 - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060701) Part 3/4 - JStudio with Nich Khun and Taek Yeon (060701) Part 4/4

    // Links
    Soompi Photo Thread
    Mnet Hot Blood Page
    Raonjena International Fanbase

    All Information Credited to
  • dianaaarrdianaaarr Posts: 1,505Member


    edited January 2008
    They sound interesting 8D Who knows, I may have space in my heart for another group >D
    Thanks for creating this thread, Kim!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Nickhun. I've been hearing a lot about him since 2006 :x
  • I<3SunSunYeMiI<3SunSunYeMi Posts: 4,411Member


    edited January 2008
    i always like to see khun with taec together haha xD
    now go to watch jstudio again! lol image

    guys,please watch jstudio!
    they are so funny! image
    JYP Smiley Girlz
    Min Sun Ye - Nam Ji Hyun
  • sookyungsookyung Posts: 125Member
    watched the documentary.. really awaiting their debut performance.. wanna know how they will all sound, singing together..
  • NukeNuke Posts: 181Member
    Oh man. Just from watching bits of the first ep, I already have favorites: Taekyeon and Jiwoon. XD
    I hope they make it.
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  • chewy_gurlchewy_gurl Posts: 174Member
    go Nickhun ! ! !
    i always love him ................

    I really want to know what kind of image does JYP plans for them !?!?
    im lookin' for something new from this group .....
    hope that the image won't be the same as other boyband ! !

    lookin' forward to hear more from them<3
  • heartdropsheartdrops 신화짱 Posts: 7,053Friend of Soompi


    Aaww no Yangbum? =((
    ^ Yeah, I'm wondering about their image too! Do netizens get to vote on that too? lol
  • WaWa*WaWa* Posts: 205Member
    I cannot wait for Chapter 2 and I heard that it will runs til March 31st, still not sure if it's true or not.
    After watching them on episode 1, I would love to have all of them debut in one group ^^
    I love everyone of them but my current fav. are Kwon & Khunnie for now hehe
  • nkaozouahernkaozouaher =) Hongki's Heart!Posts: 116Member
    I can't wait!!!
    OMG man That's sad!!!
    i thought they'd debut as a group i guess not!!
    how sad!! but im not sure im getting confuesd here
    uhh yeah but already my favorite is Ok Taek!!!
    HE's MINES YALLSS!!!! image
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