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Which Language Would You Choose?



  • touche`touche` Posts: 6,709Member
    edited August 2007
    I personally find French a fun language to learn. =) ahahaha It's just so darn sexy! image

  • ima_robotima_robot cheeseburglar (: boston (;Posts: 1,324Member
    japanese =D

    ! but their both derivatives of chinese so i guess tier both gonna be a little hard

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  • onewhite lieonewhite lie Posts: 2,479Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2007
    I want both!
    But I'm leaning towards Japanese right now.
  • desertseatingoceansdesertseatingoceans ????? Toronto, CanadaPosts: 6,584Member
    If it was a new language, probably Japanese. I'm not fluent in Cantonese though I wish I was.
  • PhaeocisePhaeocise nyc bay bay ;]Posts: 149Banned
    Chinese is the most important so make sure you get that down good before you start on anything else. As for Japanese and korean go for japanese, korean is 100% usless i guarantee you that.
  • -trang--trang- lovingyou <3 Posts: 1,479Friend of Soompi
    i think that japanese is the most commonly taught language compared to korean.. so i'd say learn korean and be different image
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  • PYRITEPYRITE Posts: 15,216Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2007
    i know all the languages i ever wanted to speak. the rest i could care less about image ...

    unless you meant, choose between japanese and korean to learn. i'd learn japanese.
  • monchichimonchichi ?Muh-muh-muh My Shirota? Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 3,494Friend of Soompi
    I'd choose Korean since I've studied Japanese and been to the country already...

    Korean sounds really unique to my ears...
  • lhdn1994lhdn1994 Posts: 1,726Friend of Soompi


    Even though i love to learn korean i would choose Japanese..
    the language seems very hard....
    the writings,the pronunciation everything!

    and since Japan is like the place where all those advance technolody is coming from maybe if you know Japanese and go to japan in the can actually work there and make money?ahhaha
    and Japan seem to be similair to Korean so i would choose the harder language first...

    Korean seem easy to learn though...
  • Bk.Bk. 16 KoreaPosts: 2,151Friend of Soompi


    since i know korean..i would pick japanese..
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  • XyeunXyeun zBanned USAPosts: 4,105Member


    Korean, because I'm already learning Japanese. image
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  • j00nj00n Soompi Staff (Retired) KoreaPosts: 2,000Member


    Korean's reading and writing system is loads easier to learn than Japanese. Speaking is about the same.
  • kirstiekirstie NiiNJERR xD sacramento, caPosts: 2,191Member
    edited August 2007
    i have the same dilemma. ive always wanted to learn japanese. but kpop and korean dramas make me want to learn korean instead. haha. but then again im still learning french in school so i dont know which to pick. or if i should even try to take on another language image

    if you can only pick one then i suggest you choose japanese. it's more "universal" per say. and applicable. you could get more out of it than korean. and the characters are similar too so it might be easier for you to learn[if you already know how to read chinese chracters].
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  • katamarikatamari dat ass sassin TORONTOPosts: 763Friend of Soompi
    Korean! Then I'd understand all the eps of X-Man, New X-Man, and Love Letter.<3
    semi-hiatus from hardcore schoolin' ; A;

  • XxSwt Lilo LuverxXXxSwt Lilo LuverxX Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 1,742Member


    i want to learn mandarin =] , then japanese then korean .
  • Chocopiex3Chocopiex3 ? ???? &#24425;&#34425;~&#9829;Posts: 649Member
    You should choose Japanese first because that will be a very helpful language for you in the future. image
    But you could study both at the same time if you like. I'm currently taking Korean class...-I'm too addicted to stars. xD
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  • juiceboxjuicebox potassium <3 hydrogen with the fairies.Posts: 1,873Friend of Soompi
    i would choose. both XD
    but korean over japanese. ^^" so i guess my choice is korean lol
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  • tranced_azntranced_azn Honolulu, HIPosts: 624Member
    From your choices, Japanese. More useful and in my opinion not as complicated as Korean. Even though Korean is easy to write, sentence structure and expressing yourself can get quite difficult. But Japanese writing and things like counter words can get a bit complicated too. In the end, learning a new language will always be a bit difficult, but if you have the drive for it, then it's a-ok. Right now I have Japanese class but I think I want to go back to learning Mandarin when I go to college or something. The Chinese at my school is kinda dull, but the teacher is really nice and funny ^^"
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  • hkedhked ~xioble Sydney...your homePosts: 1,133Friend of Soompi
    well....atm i kno mando, canto, i would choose to learn korean or japanese

    hsc 2008 ~ =|
  • BabyKBabyK CaliforniaPosts: 4,147Member


    I'd really like to learn Japanese and Korean^^ But I'm SLOOOOOOOWLY teaching myself XD
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