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How Does Ross Get Clothing?

WitchGoddessWitchGoddess ???!Posts: 4,829Member
The Department Store
I always wondered how Ross got its clothing. Why would the major brands give them their merchandise and let them sell it for a cheaper price. Also, I have noticed that the products they sell at Ross seem different than the ones they sell at the actual stores. Like a bought a fossil wallet today and when I got home I found a small hole in the front and the plating was scratched. This never happened to the products that I actually buy from Fossil stores.

Anyone else experience this?
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  • chairyachairya SOUTHPosts: 974Member
    DUDE I WONDER TOO! they have $100-worth GUESS bags selling there for only $30!!!

    if anyone finds out, tell me!
    i am vietnameseeeeeeeeee!
  • ehytee7ehytee7 CT,USAPosts: 1,227Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2007
    is ross like marshalls??? marshalls do sell signatured bags for like $20-30

    probably they are overruns, like those that have like small defects, or the ones that weren't able to pass the standards of the company in terms of quality. so in order to get rid of them, they sell it to other people for much cheaper price. hehe..idk..just my two cents..
  • WitchGoddessWitchGoddess ???! Posts: 4,829Member
    ^ thats what I was thinking too.
    Or maybe they are the returned items from the stores?
    I don't see another reason they would let Ross mark their stuff 50-75% off.
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  • -Pandaa--Pandaa- somewhereePosts: 177Member
    QUOTE(ehytee7 @ Jul 25 2007, 09:42 AM) »
    is ross like marshalls??? marshalls do sell signatured bags for like $20-30

    probably they are overruns, like those that have like small defects, or the ones that weren't able to pass the standards of the company in terms of quality. so in order to get rid of them, they sell it to other people for much cheaper price. hehe..idk..just my two cents..

    that's what i thought!
    But i just wasnt suree image
  • ShukumiShukumi San Diego, CaliforniaPosts: 157Member
    I think when companies have items with small defects in them or items that are refurbished, they sell it to stores like Ross and Marshalls and such.

    And/or they get their stuff from wholesale companies.
  • ovaltinejenkinsovaltinejenkins Posts: 5,588Member
    edited July 2007
    haha when i was young i thought the managers just went to the stores and bought a whole bunch of the same clothing image

    DUDE! i saw a dooney and bourke purse there O____O

  • loveletters4Uloveletters4U Seattle, WAPosts: 903Member
    one time I bought a pair of keds and birkenstocks there, also some bedsheets, hehe. Nothing was wrong with them, so I guess I got lucky. That place was so hard to shop in though, but I sure did get a deal there
  • easilyboredguheasilyboredguh VA, USAPosts: 167Member
    They mostly sell stuff from older seasons too. Stores need to make space for their new stuff so they sell their old stuff to Ross and Marshalls and TJ Maxx for cheaper.
  • dolce.vitadolce.vita 408, BAY AREA (:Posts: 1,543Friend of Soompi


    TJ MAXX, Ross, and Marshall's are supposed to have last season merch..
    and maybe also the damaged stuff..

    But I saw a Free People top there for $30, and it was online @ UO's site for $

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  • p a r q u e.p a r q u e. Posts: 2,367Member


    I heard they're defect products/refurbished.
    But is Marshalls like Ross? I'm curious also.
  • __In Lust`__In Lust` nn 2008.. Posts: 1,382Friend of Soompi
    ^ yeh thats what it is.. everything ross getss is from the original retailer.. but they're defects... like theres someting wrong.. like a couple of stitching's missing.. or some mistakes...

    It's just life.
  • regretlessregretless CaliforniaPosts: 2,077Friend of Soompi


  • justanothergirljustanothergirl CaliforniaPosts: 725Member
    the clothing is about 2-3 seasons old or are factory defects.
  • mellybeanmellybean Soompi gave me carpal tunnelPosts: 951Member
    well, sometimes the tags will say something like "irregular." but...even while looking closely, i didn't see anything irregular about the stuff. as with any shopping place, you have to check your items before you actually buy it. and although you may see past seasons' stuff there, you also find current season things there...for example, one time i went to express and they were selling a pair of jeans for $48. i went to a ross right after, and the exact style was $12...i have also seen michael kors, marc jacobs, buffalo, etc at ross. you just have to be lucky and patient! i think it's just like what that other poster said...stores have overruns/irregular stuff and they make room for new merchandise by selling to ross. but, it does make you wonder, if ross can sell something that, to the human eye, seems perfect for such a low cost... much is stuff actually worth?
  • chickerychickery Q O O never♡LandPosts: 1,483Friend of Soompi
    Department stores don't sell 100% of the clothing they carry in stock.

    When there are annual sales, the dept store are just trying to get rid of what they didn't sell... then sales go on clearance.

    The clearance items are all gathered up after a certain amount of time. Since they're so old and out of season/won't sell in the dept store, they're sold to Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross, Filenes at a bundle price. That way these discount stores get new stock and they at least get some money off stuff that would have taken up needed space in their warehouses.
  • silentxtearssilentxtears soompi.landPosts: 4,370Friend of Soompi


    edited July 2007
    Ross is too cluttered.. seriously. I think there are more defects in their stuff than in Marshalls. Ross = cheaper, but Marshalls has so nicer stuff.. maybe a little bit more money, but still cheap ish..
    I think Ross just gets clothing that are out of season (from dept stores) and resell it..
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  • mizcaramelmizcaramel CaliforniaPosts: 31Member
    I think it is the clearance stuff or just left overs that they need to sell out n sold it to Ross for cheaper price so they can sell it to us for a cheaper price too.
  • stylistikstylistik ChicagoPosts: 647Member
    WHAT IS ROSS? If it's anything like TJ MAXX or Marshalls, I'll pass. I can hardly ever find anything good. I seriously have to dig around and search incessantly among the scattered/messy racks for something I like. Even though it's designer clothes for less, I usually don't ever find anything that catches my eye.
  • pachi_Apachi_A ? ? ? ? ? in the city of treesPosts: 3,381Member
    i always thought companies/department stores would just send them the products that were kinda messed up or something.
    sewed wrong, tag is too long, ect.
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    i think its like clothes that are returned or not sold
    and they get em or something lol
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