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Is It Better To Get Braces Before Or After Your Wisdom Teeth Appear?

bebe9wishbebe9wish Posts: 400Member


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Please answer my questions and help me be clear on this.
Let's say after you get your braces and straighten out your teeth before your wisdom teeth appear, then your wisdom teeth are appearing pushing all your other teeth making them crooked. So wouldn't it be a waste to get braces and straighten out your teeth before waiting for all my wisdom teeth to appear? That's what my mother told me.

So I listened to my mother. Plus, I didn't want to go through pulling 4 teeth out and moving my jaw (which my dentist told me I had to in order to get braces). Now I'm 22 and all my wisdom teeth have appeared. As all my wisdom teeth were appearing, they were pushing my teeth making them look even more crooked.

Now I'm thinking of getting braces. Is it better to get my teeth straighten out sooner (before my wisdom teeth appear) or later (after wisdom my wisdom teeth appear)? I get the feeling if I get braces now, I need to have them on longer than most people.

How long do kids need to have their braces on compare to adults? How long do adults usually have their braces on?


The last time my dentist told me about getting braces was ten years ago. All my wisdom teeth have already appeared causing the rest of my teeth to become crooked. I refused to get braces because I didn't want to go through moving my jar. Now I regret it since my teeth look so much worse than my teeth when my wisdom teeth hadn't appear. If I pull out my 4 teeth and get braces now, how long would it take to fill the gaps and to straighten all my teeth?


  • AestasAestas Posts: 2,282Member
    edited July 2007
    i'm not an expert. so don't take my word as 100% accurate. but here's my story.

    i've had braces twice. first time was when i still had baby molars because my dentist said if i didn't get them then, it would be harder to correct the underbite later. I think had been in 5th grade at the time... 2nd time i had braces, all my molars came in and my teeth were so crowded (they began to get really crooked) i had to get 4 of the smaller molars removed when i was a Freshman/sophomore in HS. And then when my wisdom teeth came in after i had already taken my braces off, i had to get those removed too BEFORE they would affect my other teeth.... on my 20th birthday. Yes, wisdom teeth would probably make your teeth crooked again if you don't remove them, but that means, remove them before they make your teeth crooked!

    if your teeth are really crowded, you'll have to take your wisdom teeth out for sure or else there won't be room to straighten out your teeth. i don't think you should wait for your wisdom teeth to appear. mine were taken out when they were still under the gums because they had been growing at an angle and my dentists said if you allowed them to grow out, my back molars would be under so much pressure they'd break.

    i don't know about different times for kids vs. adults with braces. but depending on how much work your teeth need to have done, will determine how long you have your braces on. for my underbite, it took 2/3 years... i was young so i don't really remember how long. but to straighten and pull back my teeth to close the gaps (because of taking 4 teeth out) it took 2.5 years and i had heavy duty metal braces... not the colorful rubber ones that other people had just for straightening and which was used for my underbite.

    if you are going to be taking teeth out AND straightening, its definitely gonna take 2-3 years.

    have you talked to a dentist about this? as always, each person has different situations and only a professional would be able to give you the best answers.
  • justanothergirljustanothergirl CaliforniaPosts: 725Member
    talk to your dentist. i had to pull out four of my teeth before i got braces. my dentist/ortho told me that i needed to do so in order to make room for my wisdom teeth (which i now do not have to pull out).
  • sircesirce Posts: 498Member
    My opinion:
    Get the braces before pulling out the wisdom teeth. But only if you have to pull other teeth too (usually 4 or less).
    Because if you have the spaces then your teeth shift and maybe you won't even have to pull out your wisdom teeth.
    If there really is no space at all, then pull out the wisdom teeth too.
    In then end you could have pulled out 8 teeth or less. It's sounds alot, but it's actually not that rare. It depends on your teeth.

    My sister is 5 years older and would like to have braces, but she doesn't want to, bcause she already pulled out her wisdom teeth. She's always saying how she wished that she got braces before pulling out her wisdom teeth.
  • bebe9wishbebe9wish Posts: 400Member


    Aestas, did you have to move your jaw since you said you had an underbite? If you did, then how did they do it? Was it painful enough to make you suffer?
  • klx13klx13 CA, USAPosts: 1,952Friend of Soompi


    Well I got braces in high school, and I had 4 adult teeth pulled before I got the braces. Later, after I got the braces off, all 4 of my wisdom teeth grew in. I know my teeth have definitely shifted, also because I didn't wear my retainer image, but it's only slight and mostly for my bottom teeth (which no one is going to see anyway). But I'll have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out eventually, and I think after that, I'm going to consider getting braces again (invisible ones this time though-- invisalign?). Although my teeth are pretty straight already (even before I had braces), I still want it to be more perfect.

    Oh yea I'm 22 also. The older you are when you get braces, the longer it'll take for your teeth to shift into place. I have a couple of friends that got braces for the first time in their 20s, but depending on how bad your teeth are (or how good), you might not need to have them on for very long.
  • nikkunikku Posts: 11Member
    I got braces before my wisdom teeth came out. Then when i took off my braces i got my dentist to surgically remove the wisdom teeth before they came out or else they would have crowded my teeth. You don't have to wait for your wisdom teeth to actually come out of your gums before you take them out.
  • AestasAestas Posts: 2,282Member
    QUOTE(bebe9wish @ Jul 24 2007, 06:51 PM) »
    Aestas, did you have to move your jaw since you said you had an underbite? If you did, then how did they do it? Was it painful enough to make you suffer?

    no, i don't think my dentist ever mentioned needing to move my jaw. but don't forget, i was only in 5th grade when i had my underbite and they were able to correct it early. i remember my parents thought i was too young but they said it would be easier to do it earlier. if they had waited though, it would definitely had been harder to correct.

    ... i've had a lot of teeth problems over the years... now that i read my own post... image
  • <3goesDOKIDOKI<3goesDOKIDOKI Posts: 6,159Member
    get your wisdom teeth pulled
    then put on braces to straighten out your teeth.
    probably take like 1 to 2 yrs. maybe more depending on how crooked your teeth are.
  • xsmittenxsmitten <3 Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,691Member
    i got braces before my wisdom teeth appeared.
    i pulled out my wisdom teeth while i had braces.
    LA LA LA
  • atalamarche10atalamarche10 Posts: 1,156Friend of Soompi
    my wisdom teeth are impacted,but they havent appeared yet
    i've had braces off for about 1 yr now
    i wish i removed them before putting my braces on because i think
    there wouldve been more space
    im getting them out soon though..sigh.
    wish we all just had two shiny white bars, wouldve saved lots of $$
  • _BeLLe*_BeLLe* Posts: 515Member
    in my own case i had braces and got them removed long before my wisdom teeth appeared. but my dentists and orthodontists kept close watch of the wisdom teeth and i got them removed before they could mess up anything. i think that's what happens to most people. hmm but in your case i'd remove the wisdom teeth first and then get braces. but yeah getting braces at an older age will make you have to wear them longer..
  • loveofloveof ??????? CanadaPosts: 2,005Member
    edited July 2007
    this is what's happening to me..
    i have two baby teeth on the bottom row..
    and i have to get those pulled out.
    then i have to get braces to push my wisdom teeth forward. image
    that's my situation which i don't really understand. O_O
    i'm getting them in november and i'm super nervous!
    but i don' think it would really matter if your just straightening your teeth.
    it really sucks when you still need braces even though your teeth is straight.
    arg ima go crazy. lol

    your question confuses me. xD
    but anyhoo.. you have to pull out your wisdom teeth twice? image
  • bebe9wishbebe9wish Posts: 400Member


    QUOTE(loveof @ Jul 24 2007, 07:06 PM) »
    your question confuses me. xD
    but anyhoo.. you have to pull out your wisdom teeth twice? image

    When I was eleven, my dentist said I had to pull out my 4 adult teeth before getting braces. That was before my wisdom teeth came along.
  • lil_tallishlil_tallish KoreaPosts: 53Member
    you should probably listen to your dentist, he`s the expert in this case..
    i got my braces when i was 12 or 13. i`m 15 now &my teeth are very straight!
    plus, i also got three of my teeth pulled out. it`s no big deal, just get braces =/
  • swtaznbunnyswtaznbunny Cali~Posts: 460Member
    definitely ..listen to your dentist.

    for me, when i got braces i had 4 teeth removed..then when that was done, i got my wisdom teeth removed about a year later. but the difference with my wisdom teeth was that they had not grown out..

    so if your wisdom teeth are impacting your teeth right now and causing pain and havoc in your mouth, you should have them removed first before braces. otherwise, it'll get complicated with all that metal in your mouth and then having your wisdom teeth removed.
  • soominiesoominie CanadaPosts: 2,848Member


    well my sister got braces before, and she just took the wisdom teeth out before they appeared, like they were still in her gums, not out yet, so she had to have surgeries to cut open her gums and take it out. apparently, it's better to have braces after they're out, but it's good to start early! ^-^
  • luckycloverxdluckycloverxd Posts: 10Member
    you should've gotten your braces first and then pull out your wisdom teeth. that's what i did and it turned out fine. however my wisdom teeth didn't show yet. the dentist removed them by cutting my gums. um if you wait for your wisdom teeth to show you'll be older already. however since your wisdom teeth already showed you should get them taken out now and then get braces. it doesn't take that long for them to heal. like a month for me
  • Ethereal_MemoriesEthereal_Memories =] Mmm, wouldn&#39;t you like to know?Posts: 192Member
    edited July 2007
    Well in my opinion, you should've gotten the braces before your wisdom teeth ruptured through your gums. When you're younger your teeth shift easier than when you're older. Also, you could've just had your wisdom teeth surgically removed before getting braces(like someone else said - you don't need for them to appear in order to remove them.) That's what I did; it didn't hurt at all, and the healing time afterwards wasn't horrible. It took about two weeks for the gums to heal decently and about a month for it to go back to normal. My swelling took about three weeks :[.

    Also on time needed for braces, consult your orthodontist *most dentist don't handle braces; however, some do Invisalign*. The time varies between patients. Some of my friends had their braces on for as little as a year and as long as 4 years.
  • wokkiiwokkii on the moon =]Posts: 129Member
    edited July 2007
    aww i think u shoulda gotten ur braces sooner in ur preteen years =[ cuz if u get braces early, they'd guide ur teeth to grow straight and correct any overbites and underbites. plus u wouldnt have to deal w/ the self consciousness of having braces in college. when ur wisdom teeth come in, ur other teeth may move a teensy teensy bit but wont make them crooked i think. it'd just get crowded in ur mouth and that's where the extractions come in.

    cuz ur gonna be straightening ur teeth now, i think it'd take much longer than it would've if u did it when u were 12. also, i think that instead of having just 4 permanent teeth extracted then, u might have to get more removed + ur wisdom teeth.

    i got my braces in 4th grade and i just had to get my upper teeth straightened and it took til the summer b4 6th grade. to get braces, i had to get 2 of my bicuspids extracted =[ but now im 16 and my teeth and nice and straight image

    my mom , who's a dentist and does early braces treatment for kids, says it's not because of ur wisdom teeth that ur teeth are crooked. you should really go visit an orthodontist to get their opinions. the sooner u get braces the better. and abt the length of time you need to wear braces, it just depends on the person and how bad one's case is.

    the advantage of getting braces early:
    reduction of the ned for extraction of permanent teeth
    reduction of treatment time in teen years [most likely]
    reduction for the need for patient cooperation [in some cases, headgear might be needed. i had to wear one for a while because my lower jaw was protruding too much because i had a cross bite]

    hope that helps and good luck. talk to ur dentist soon =]
  • PH00F-PH00F- HERE.Posts: 261Member
    it doesn't really matter if you get your wisdom teeth extracted before or after. I mean if it's really irritating for your jaw and your whole mouth then might as well get it extracted. But a lot of people in my office that are in treatment gets their wisdom teeth extracted after they get their braces off. i'm the same age as you are and i still have my upper two third molars & planning on getting them extracted after treatment. it's never too late to get braces, to tell you the truth our oldest patient that had braces is a 90 year old guy (:
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