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  • kkkkkkkkkk Posts: 1,130Member
    i was going to say i really like her eyes. but then i realised i also like her nose and her mouth. and her face. and her hair.

    she is really good looking.
  • Vino de JerezVino de Jerez Depp Thoughts HonoluluPosts: 4,813Banned
    i dont think she is mixed, is she? cos, in some photos, she can look REALLY VERY CHINESE. but i think with the help of MAKE UP, she looks mixed.
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  • MoMo_85MoMo_85 superFOB LA babyPosts: 244Member
    QUOTE(stylistik @ Jul 6 2007, 07:22 PM) »
    sorry you guys, I didn't know she was considered a "net idol" or ulzzang; otherwise I would've posted in that thread. I just thought she was a model. I found out somewhere that she's 167cm and 45kg (~99lbs)! tiny!

    and regarding cecilia cheung..yea she's 1/4 british from her mom side

    no no, it´s ok ^^. i didn´t mean to say she shouldn´t get posted here. i just wanted to let people, who want to see more of here know, that she´s all over in the netidol thread ^^
  • love-yunlove-yun where i belong Posts: 2,999Member


    yeah, she looks more ulzzang-y
    but still very pretty image
  • im` l0vEdim` l0vEd x3 CALiPosts: 2,573Friend of Soompi
    yayay! a net-idol owns a page in the celeb area. hahaha. i wonder what's her xanga. i LOve angelababy, and janice!! woot woot!
  • chubzzychubzzy healing process Somewhere in my own fantasy world...Posts: 7,557Member
    so petite and pretty~
    but she looks more like a japanese and some eurasian blood mixed...
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  • Green_LuverGreen_Luver Posts: 61Member
    Dunno who she is but she is very pretty!!
  • conzerzconzerz somewhere over the raiinbow~Posts: 3,197Member


    woww shes so pretty =D " love her legss~
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  • dbsk_stardbsk_star The Lost and Found.Posts: 3,390Member


    def. one of my favourite hk models
    she has become so successful in hk
    yeah she is not full chinese
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  • hI^slyerhI^slyer Posts: 354Member
    she has nice eyes image is she mixed? because it looks like it
  • lovelyvietgirllovelyvietgirl Posts: 250Member
    QUOTE(*.:StarryEyeSurprise:.* @ Jul 7 2007, 02:09 AM) »
    she has some dutch blood I think, somewhere in her genes
    she wears coloured contacts btw

    dutch? i read that she is 1/4 german in couple of websites or is it dutch? forgot heheh
  • ユンアユンア Posts: 18Member
    angelababy is GORGEOUS
    love her mixed look~
  • kissez*kissez* YEAH OH YEAH Posts: 8,252Friend of Soompi


    She looks very Eurasian. Beautiful girl.

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  • MichelleysMichelleys ??????? Cerritos, CAPosts: 2,340Member
    She's really really pretty! (:
    She doesn't look full chinese though.
    She looks pretty w/o make up too.
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  • animageletanimagelet NYCPosts: 618Member
    =} kekekeke
  • miyukimiyuki Posts: 536Member
    i love angelababy she's just so gorgeous
  • Mae!Mae! San DiegoPosts: 945Member


    She's absoloutely gorgeous.
    I would LOVE to have looks like hers.
    Flawless skin though.
    So young too

    credits to Caroline

    April <3 Black Coffee
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    apparently she's a member here but iono im kind of skeptical bout it
  • wee33wee33 Posts: 1,487Member
    i've always thought she is one of the most gorgeous girls i've ever seen in my life.

  • Rainie_DaysRainie_Days United KingdomPosts: 3,156Member
    She looks mixed to me image Really pretty, love her eyes image She reminds me of Amanda S.
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